From: Rob ( Subject: Re: [PW!] New Beginnings Blow Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-01 19:02:31 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > Oak smiles. "Transferring this amount of data will take most of the > night, so I'll pay for the long distance charges. It's the least I can > do, for now." > > Elm shakes his head and steps away from the phone, hoping that Mimic > can both absorb data and sleep at the same time. Turning around, he > finds his wife still at the door, as his son, Sarah, and Barbie go up > the stairs. Knowing his son's habits, Elm doubts he will be down for > the rest of the night, and will probably attempt to get Sarah to sleep > in his room - with no sexual activities actually occuring, but giving > him the ability to truthfully, if somewhat misdirectionally, brag to > his friends that he "slept with" her. In the morning, the gentle sounds of Pidgey chirping fill the room that Professor Elm's son sleeps in. "Wake up, Sarah!" The voice sounds different than usual, but Sarah assumes that her brother Teddy is the one who is currently trying to wake her up, so she curls up, clutching her knees, and says, "Not now, Teddy..." "Teddy?" The voice asks, perplexed, "Who's Teddy? My name's..." "Oh! Th-that's right. I forgot where I was!" Sarah opens her eyes, then blinks them a few times while adjusting to the light in the boy's room, "I thought you were my little brother. He... he'd always wake me up really... very early. What time is it now?" The young Pokemon trainer checks the Pokegear that most Pokemon trainers carry as standard equipment, then replies, "It's 11 AM. I woke up a couple of hours ago, to catch some morning Pokemon in the tall grasses nearby, but I let you sleep in. Check out my haul." He shows Sarah some shrunken Pokeballs. Sarah doesn't bother asking why the master's newly caught Pokemon are all tiny and spherical because she is more surprised by the fact that it's 11 AM, "Wow, eleven?! I've never... never ever slept in so late before! A girl could get used to this..." She stretches out in the bed, smiling, "Is it... time... for me to... choose?" "My dad's already at his Lab, so we can go whenever you're ready, after eating the breakfast my mom prepared for us." The master sits down at the side of the bed which he had lent Sarah for the night, having slept on a cot on the floor, "He took that Ditto who was traveling with you too." Sarah stares at the ceiling when she asks, "...wh-what about Barbie?" "Maaa! Maaareeep!" Upon hearing her name, the Mareep leaps up onto Sarah's bed and starts licking her face, "Reeee!" She was sitting next to Sarah's bed since she woke up at sunrise, unwilling to budge until the shepherdess woke up because she's terrified of the strangers surrounding her. She bleats, "Maaa..." Sarah returns the affection by rubbing the Mareep's thick fleece with her hands, not minding the slight electrical shock that it sends surging through her body since it's giving her the same kind of jolt she'd receive if she were to drink coffee in the morning. The male Pokemon trainer in the room grins, "It's wonderful to see the excellent relationship you have with your first Pokemon... Let's go eat breakfast already so we can go get you your second Pokemon. Maybe you'll pick the same one I did." "So... so, uh, which one DID you pick?" Sarah asks, sitting up in bed, curious about what the answer is, especially since Professor Elm told him not to tell her. Professor Elm's son thinks about whether he should tell her or not, then decides to tell her after all, "Well, I had to choose between Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil, much like you're going to have to, and though they all looked like great choices, I knew that the best one, at least for me, was..." "Come down here, kids! It's breakfast time!" Professor Elm's wife calls out from downstairs, in a very motherly way. Sarah makes sure she has all her equipment, straps on her sandals, then heads downstairs with Professor Elm's son and Barbie. Throughout breakfast, the boy tells the shepherdess all about the advantages and disadvantages of each Pokemon she has to decide between. His mother is glad to hear that the only topic her son is talking about with Sarah is Pokemon since she's not ready to be a grandmother just yet, and she sends him, her guest, and her guest's Pokemon on their way after feeding them. When Sarah and Barbie arrive at Professor Elm's Lab, which looks even more spectacular in the sunlight, Professor Elm's son says his farewell, explaining that he has important business to attend to. Sarah thinks that it's impolite to ask people to divulge to many details about where they're going and what they're going to do, so she simply thanks the boy for all his help, then waves as he steps onto his bicycle and pedals away, leaving her alone with her Mareep in the middle of New Bark Town. Seeing some strangers walking down the street, Sarah gets scared, and races into the nearby Lab, her equally startled Mareep chasing after her. "Toto!" A smiling short blue Totodile waddles over towards Sarah the moment she steps into the Laboratory. Sarah doesn't see the Totodile as a cute little Pokemon - she sees him as a ferocious beast baring his fangs, and imagines that he's approaching her in order to bite her toes off, "BACK!" The shepherdess swings her wooden crook out, spins it around, then starts poking at the Totodile with the end of the staff that doesn't have a hook on it, trying to scare the Pokemon away with the same device she usually uses to bring Pokemon closer to her. The Totodile doesn't see Sarah as a threatening human trying to defend herself - he sees a play mate who has a pretty cool toy. In fact, he likes the wooden toy so much that he grabs onto it with his claws and tries to pull it away from the shepherdess so that he can play with it for a while. Seeing that the Pokemon is interested in the crook, Sarah drops it, lifts Barbie into her arms, and runs away, deeper into the Lab, towards a room that has many tropical plants in it. She closes her eyes as she runs, afraid that the Totodile is chasing after her, so she doesn't see the ground when she trips and falls towards it. Fortunately, Sarah had picked up Barbie with her legs forward, so when Sarah trips, Barbie lands on her hooves and cushions Sarah's fall with her fleece, "Eeep!" One who wasn't so fortunate is the Pokemon that Sarah had tripped over - a Chikorita who was resting in the greenhouse area of the Professor's Lab. She stands up on all four legs, dusts herself off using the leaf coming out of her head, and sets her sight on the currently bent over shepherdess who had just tripped over her, "Chiko!" She scratches the grass in front of her with her little foot, snorts twice, then charges towards Sarah with the intention of Tackling her from behind! When she makes impact, the Chikorita bounces off of Sarah's ample posterior and lands on her own back. She flails her limbs around, "Chiko! Chikori!" Sarah looks back to see what had just rammed her and sees the small green Pokemon who's struggling to stand up in order to try again. She stands up straight, and even though she doesn't have a crook to lead Barbie when she runs away, the Mareep follows her anyway, scared that the Chikorita will try to attack her too! The shepherdess and her Pokemon wind up in a very hot room with a lava pool in it next. She doesn't watch her step yet again, and this time, the sole of one of her sandals lands on top of a Pokemon who squeals, "CYNDAQUIL!" The Cyndaquil Sarah stepped on, not having learned how to use Ember yet, releases a quick burst of Smokescreen, which sends Sarah's skirt flying up. Sarah buckles at the knees and presses her skirt down so that no one sees her panties, since she notices that Professor Elm and Mimic are in the lava room before a cloud of dark smoke blocks her vision. When the smoke clears, Sarah continues coughing with her eyes closed for a moment, until she finally opens her eyes. Standing in front of her is a very angry Chikorita, a very happy Totodile who is currently gnawing at her wooden crook with his teeth, and a very sad Cyndaquil who is suffering harsh back pain. Standing behind her is a very scared Mareep. Professor Elm pats Sarah on the back, "I see you've already met the Pokemon you have to choose from. I think Totodile, the little blue Water Pokemon, likes you best. Do you want to keep him?" Professor Elm reaches into his pocket, about to get a Pokemon, when Sarah interrupts. "No way!" Sarah snatches her now gnarled staff away from the Totodile's jaw, showing the bite marks to the Professor before putting it back where it usually rests, behind her back, "Just look what he did to my crook! I'm lucky that was just my crook and not my arm!" Professor Elm looks at the other two Pokemon Sarah has to choose from, "Well, I think you might want to go with Chikorita. She looks really aggressive and ready to fight any Pokemon who stands in her way. That Cyndaquil, on the other hand, just got stepped on and doesn't want to fight back - he's just depressed..." Sarah is reminded of the pain running through her rear end when she looks at Chikorita, and recalls that she wouldn't be helpful against Falkner. She is enraged enough at the Pokemon to temporary lose her timidity, "The Chikorita's worse than the Totodile! Totodile may have gnawed on my crook, but Chikorita actually attacked me! Now, this... Cyndaquil, is it? He's not angry at me at all..." She bends down, careful to keep an eye on Chikorita while doing so so that she doesn't get Tackled yet again and grabs the male Cyndaquil under his arms, legs dangling down. She looks into his squinting eyes, "I'm sorry I stepped on you." "Cynd..." The Cyndaquil doesn't try to escape from the grip of the girl who stepped on him, sensing the sincerity in her apology. He responds to her apology with his own apology, saying that he's sorry for using Smokescreen on her, but he says it in a language she doesn't understand, "Cynda daquil cyndaquil, quil." Although Sarah doesn't understand the words, she senses that the Pokemon's tone of voice is apologetic, so she hugs him close and says, "Apology accepted." "That's marvelous!" Professor Elm is astounded by what he saw, "Most trainers don't understand their Pokemon until after spending many months together, or even more than that... I once heard about a Gym Leader from Lavender Town in Kanto who didn't understand his first Pokemon until six years after they first met." Professor Elm sees that Sarah continues to embrace Cyndaquil, so he comes to the obvious conclusion, "Well, I guess you chose Cyndaquil as your Pokemon, then? Very well... Now we'll just have to put him into a Pokeball and you can be on your way." Elm grabs an empty Pokeball and presents it to Sarah. "Pokeball?" Sarah asks looking down at the small white and red ball on the palm of Professor Elm's hand, "Oh, is that one of the Pokemon your son caught?" Elm shakes his head, "No, Sarah, this Pokeball is empty. You can store Cyndaquil in it so you can transport him around easier, especially when he faints." Sarah's brow furrows at what Professor Elm is saying. She looks down at the Cyndaquil, who is happily looking up at her, and then she looks at the tiny Pokeball in the Professor's hand. "Th-that thing's... too small..." Sarah comments sheepishly, not used to disagreeing with people who are older than her. "It gets bigger, of course, like all Pokeballs do," Elm pushes a button on the Pokeball and it enlarges, "But size doesn't matter. Pokemon are transformed into energy when they're stored in Pokeballs... Don't tell me you've never seen this happen! Why, this technology's been around for centuries in one form or another!" "T-tech-technology?" Sarah backs away, clutching her new Cyndaquil close as if his life is being threatened, "I don't... don't like technology. Not at all. Not those weird human washing machines, not those telephone things that Falkner wanted me to use, and especially not a little ball made to imprison Pokemon with!" Mimic, who is currently in a form that resembles James from Team Rocket, wonders if Sarah has ever met Doppler. He then says, "Prison such harsh word. Mimic know for fact that some Pokemon like Pokeball." He pauses for a moment, remembering a Ditto he once knew, then shrugs, "Not Mimic, but to each own." Sarah continues to back away slowly, Barbie backing away simultaneously with her, only because she senses her trainer's fear, "Th-that may be so... But I don't like technology. It's... it's not reliable... It's... unnatural! There's no way I'm going to put my Pokemon in weird little spheres made out of synthetic materials in a factory." Professor Elm shrinks the Pokeball in his hand and puts it away, "Okay, Sarah, don't be scared. I'm not going to force your Cyndaquil into a Pokeball." When the Pokeball is out of sight, Sarah stops backing away. Elm thinks about Sarah's objection to Pokeballs, then snaps his fingers, "Kurt! Of course! Sarah, I really think you should consider using some kind of Pokeball so that your Pokemon don't get worn out from walking all the time and so that they're protected from thieves. Not all Pokeballs are made from synthetic materials. In fact, some are made from a natural resource - Apricorns. There's a Pokeball craftsman in Azalea Town named Kurt who can make natural Pokeballs for you. I suggest you visit him when you pass through that Town to get a Badge in the Azalea Town Gym." Sarah commits all the important information to memory, especially the fact that there's a Gym in Azalea Town, "Thank you, Professor... for everything!" She sets her currently unnamed Cyndaquil on the floor next to Barbie the Mareep, and then looks over at Mimic, not as nervous to speak with that male figure as she is with most men since she knows that he's really just a Pokemon in disguise, "Well, Mimic, I'm headin' back to Violet City to beat Falkner! Will you... will you come with me?" -Sarah