From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] New Beginnings Blow Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-02 10:47:39 PST Rob wrote: > Sarah commits all the important information to memory, especially the fact that > there's a Gym in Azalea Town, "Thank you, Professor... for everything!" She sets her > currently unnamed Cyndaquil on the floor next to Barbie the Mareep, and then looks > over at Mimic, not as nervous to speak with that male figure as she is with most men > since she knows that he's really just a Pokemon in disguise, "Well, Mimic, I'm > headin' back to Violet City to beat Falkner! Will you... will you come with me?" "Just a moment, please," Elm interrupts. "I need to have a word with your friend here." He takes Mimic aside. Mimic drops his voice, acknowledging Elm's request for privacy. "What up?" "Well...if Sarah won't take a pokedex or pokegear with her, how can we ever enforce The Rules?" Elm queries in a nervous whisper. "...?" "You know, no more than six pokemon at a time, that kind of thing?" "Hmm. Maybe phone ahead and ask Kurt program pokeballs enforce rules?" Elm frowns. "You know Kurt won't go for that. That's one of the reasons he still makes his balls from fruit rather than getting with the times like everyone else: we could regulate his supply of pokeball making chemicals to bend him to our will, but there's no way the public would support regulation on fruit trees, and he knows it." "Maybe...hmm. Elm know how rules enforced before modern technology?" "The honor system." "That is, not enforced." "Well...umm, no gym leader in the league would let you battle with more than six...once the rogue leaders were convinced to join..." "Ah. Mimic see. Maybe just trust Sarah go along?" "*Trust* a trainer? Ha! Yeah, right, who in their right mind would trust a trainer to just do the right thing when it could possibly cost them victories?" Mimic steps away from Elm, resuming his normal voice level. "Mimic trust Sarah." He truns and walks away, not bothering to see the look on Elm's face as he shepherds the shepherdess and her flock out the door. Once outside the lab, Sarah looks around the town, noticing for the first time just how small it is. "So, back the way we came?" "Mimic guess. While travel, might want practice new technique 'catching' pokemon. Mimic no think can catch many with stick, but Mimic think Sarah maybe able get much use out of ancient and powerful technique. Used before pokeballs invented." "R-really?" Sarah's imagination easily conjures images of ornate rituals, arcane magics, and herself as a powerful and evil sorceress. "I-it doesn't involve...pokemon sacrifice or...something like that, does it?" "Far from it." Mimic smiles. "Friendship. Talk pokemon into coming with you, by choice. That actually what pokeballs do, but pokeballs automate it...and Mimic not sure end result is same." (Just like Doppler,) he does not add. TBC?