From: Amber Foxwing ( Subject: [PW!] Next Thing's First (?!) Newsgroups: Date: 2001-07-15 10:46:28 PST > Narrator: Last time, Amber and Nyara met up with a little girl and her sick > Growlithe "Woofy". Amber agreed to get her an Antidote from CherryGrove, but > on the way there they met up with a Rattata. Nyara, afraid of fighting, was > pushed into battling when the Rattata bit her leg. After defeating the > Rattata, they continued to Cherrygrove, which is where we begin... (OOC: Ok, so Nyara's a very "Unique" Pokemon, who's afraid of fighting. The idea came from "The Magical Pokemon Journey"'s Clefairy.) As the duo walked towards Cherrygrove's city limits, Amber seemed rather exasperated. "Nih-are-uh," Amber said slowly. "Nnnn...iiih...arrrrrr...uh," Nyara replied. "GOOD! You're getting it!" "N-n-nyara." "GREAT!" "Now say this: I feel good." "A-Amber feel good." "No, Nyara feels good." "Nyara feel bad." "Why?" "Cause I'm fraida fighting." AMber had been teachig Nyara how to talk all the way there. It was such a long trip that she managed to teach her quite a bit. "It's ok, Rattata isn't, it could fight for me." "NO!" "What?" "Nyara...Nyara will fight for Amber." "Oh, thank you!" Amber hefted the still-unconscious Rattata uncomfortably. "When we get to the PokeMart, remind me to buy a few Pokeballs." "Kay." When they finally reached Cherrygrove, an old Man stopped them. "Let me see your PokeGear!" he snapped. Amber's eyes widened, and she held out her wrist. He inspected it. Then he looked Nyara over, and petted Ny's head. "Now for having such a cute Pokemon, and for not having a Map Card, I'll give you a Map Card, and my Pokemon. For a favor." "Sure! Thanks! What is it?" "My little girl has a Growlithe, and she named it "Woofy". You know her?" "Yes!" "Well, tell her her ol' Grandpa loves her." "Ok!" "Very well, here. A map card, and three full Pokeballs." "Thank you sir!" "Call me Mishitoni, and here's my number." She registered his number into her gear, and inserted the Map card. She could finally see the route back to her town! She released the three Pokeballs. "Maaa..." "Maaa..." "Maaa..." Mishitoni chuckled. "I used to be a fisherman. I could never get these three to evolve!" The Magikarps flopped around the ground. She returned them, and handed two over to the man. "Here; give 'em to other saps like me. They'll like it." Her first stop was the Pokecenter for Nyara and Rattata. She deposited Magikarp into the PC, and waited at a little booth. "AMBER! YOUR POKEMON ARE READY!" The loud speaker said. She gathered Nyara and Rattata up. She had decided to let Rattata go, since she supposed he wouldn't want to stay. When she got outside, she let Rattata go, who gratefully waved. It smiled and gave her a hug before it left. "Don't forget Pokeballs," remarked Ny. She went into the Pokemart where a man was arguing with the shopkeeper. "YOU SOLD THESE POTIONS TO ME FOR 9.00, BUT I WANTED REPEL! I DEMAND I REFUND!" "We don't refund purchases, but you can sell them back to us." "Fine. How much'll you pay?" "4.50." "WHAT?! THAT'S ONLY HALF OF WHAT I PAID!" "Would you like 3.00 for it then?" The man angrily slammed 3 potions onto the table and walked out. "Ah, er..." AMber said as the man walked past. "WHAT?!" She shook her head and went to the counter and the man greeted her. "Hello, how can I help you?' Buy Sell No Thanks. "I need to buy 2 antidotes and 5 Pokeballs." "That'll be 12.00." She paid and took the items. "Anything else?" Buy Sell No Thanks. She said, "No thanks," and walked away. Now to get back to her hometown. "Come on, Ny. Let's go." "Woofy. Poor thing." So they trekked back to the girl. "Here, an Antidote, and your Grandpa says he loves you." The girl sprayed Antidote on Woofy and the Growlithe stood up. "Grow!" "Woo---" Ny started to say, but Amber clapsed a hand over her mouth. "I have to go now. Have fun," Amber said. "What? Oh, I'm coming with you." Sammy grinned. "Woofy and Sunshine too." Amber shrugged. "Company's good..." TBC (OOC: Looking for someone to play Sammy. Go ahead and help me!)