From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Not All That Glitters Is Goldenrod Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-29 21:00:31 PST Rob wrote: > After a moment of deep thought, Famifax makes a retching noise and sticks her tongue out, > "Eeeewwwww... like, why the hecks did little bro kiss 'me' like that?" > > "Actually, sister, Mimic is not our actual brother, despite your term of affection for him." Xerox > replies before Mimic can even begin to explain his actions, "It is not even certain if the one you > call 'big bro' is truly related to Mimic. During my Cinnabar Island research, I have not found > evidence that states any relationship between the two, but it is still possible." She then narrows > her eyes at no one in particular and adds, "Though you do raise a rather valid question. Care to > answer it, Mimic?" > > A sweatdrop appears on the Magnemite's Steel body, quite an odd sight, and Mimic offers the > following explanation, "Mimic thought Famifax get kick out of kiss?" "And...Mimic feel want coming from Gigolo, though Mimic no know Gigolo not Famifax at time. Feel desire for cute male...and 'what Famifax wants'..." Mimic blinks his one eye. "Maybe Gigolo only date Famifax to steal Famifax dates?" When Gigolo does not immediately defend himself, this only intensifies Famifax's glare towards him. > Xerox, oblivious to Marvin's waiting for her, concludes, "My sister and I were not captured by Team > Rocket when they attacked the Cinnabar Laboratory since we were in Pokeballs that were hidden from > view at the time, nor could we escape for the same reason. Because they realized that Big Brother > was not returning - I believe he spent some time in the form of Mewtwo before abandoning that form > in favor of city-destroying giant Pokemon - and since they were unable to find you, the Cinnabar > Island scientists genetically engineered my sister and myself using a slightly different method to > continue their experiments. Low on funds and not fully satisfied with the results of the experiments > conducted on myself and my sister, they sold us to Marvin, and we've been with him ever since." > > "And boy, am I glad those scientists were broke!" Marvin walks up to where Xerox and Mimic are and > puts the milk and cookies down on the floor, "Hey, Mimic, Xerox forced me to leave Johto to go to > the Maiden's Peak End of Summer Festival for the past two years, hoping to find you there." Since > Marvin is looking directly at the Mimic, who is now facing him, he doesn't notice the blush that > appears on Xerox's face. He takes a bite of one of the cookies he prepared, then keeps talking, "So > I think it would be great if we went over there again! The Festival should start tomorrow if it > didn't start today already. We could all take the Magnet Train over to Saffron City tomorrow and > walk to Maiden's Peak from there. You can even invite your friend Sarah! So, what do you think, > Mimic?" "Mimic think...Sarah maybe no want: Sarah on trainer's journey. No harm ask, though. But Mimic no mind..." Xerox easily hears the worry in Mimic's voice, through his flimsy attempt to hide it. "What are you worried about?" "Way Xerox say history...Mimic remembering...Xerox probably speak first word other than 'Ditto' about time Mimic first k..." "..." Both Xerox and Marvin silently fill in the remaining three letters without prompting. "...that no right. Mimic remember...but that not..." "Is something wrong?" "No...yes. Has been..." Mimic sighs in frustration. "Mimic wonder if could ask favor Xerox. *Big* favor; something Mimic no way can do alone." Xerox pauses. The concept of something she could do that Mimic could not, while certainly logical upon reflection, had not occured to her. "What do you need?" " memories to Xerox. Lay bare, as were. Xerox see if maybe can find hidden niches, or open doors...see if can do anything from outside, which no possible inside. No know if is anything; all Mimic ask is Xerox try, Xerox look." "You mean a psychic link, with your powers." "And as much as Xerox has, too. Mimic figure maybe help Xerox research, see things from before Xerox aware - even if suspect due to Rocket meddling. But more...Mimic hope maybe Mimic know who Mimic is..." TBC?