Subject: Re: [PW!] Not All That Glitters Is Goldenrod Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 06:53:54 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- Newsgroups: Adrian Tymes wrote: > " memories to Xerox. Lay bare, as were. Xerox see if > maybe can find hidden niches, or open doors...see if can do anything > from outside, which no possible inside. No know if is anything; all > Mimic ask is Xerox try, Xerox look." > > "You mean a psychic link, with your powers." > > "And as much as Xerox has, too. Mimic figure maybe help Xerox > research, see things from before Xerox aware - even if suspect due to > Rocket meddling. But more...Mimic hope maybe Mimic know > who Mimic is..." Xerox replies after a long pause, "I must think about this and its rammifications. There is the possibility of discovering a memory that is best left hidden, Mimic." "Tell me about it..." Marvin comments, before Mimic even has the chance to say that he'll take that risk. The golden-tuxedo-wearing magician crouches down, takes another bite of one of his chocolate chip cookies, and explains, "The first time Xerox, Famifax, and I ever went to Maiden's Peak, I fell asleep and Xerox used Dream Eater on me to wake me up..." He removes his crystalline blue top hat with one hand and taps his head with the other, "While up in here, she saw things that she didn't want to see - things that ended up traumatizing her for a while. What you're proposing could end up being more dangerous than using a regular Guillotine when you're supposed to be using a magical one!" Marvin puts his hat back on and gestures over to the Guillotine in his living room. Mimic floats down to the floor next to Xerox the purple Ditto and turns back into his own Ditto form, figuring that Xerox would be most comfortable hearing him say the following in this form, "Mimic understand risk. That why Mimic ask Xerox first. Mimic take risk if Xerox will. Let Mimic know when Xerox have answer." "Come to think about it, maybe I shouldn't keep a Guillotine in my living room..." Marvin stands up straight and strokes his chin while looking at his prop, "I mean, it better not be against the apartment rules, or else heads will roll, but I was just thinking about how someone like your friend Sarah might get the wrong impression if she saw it here. She seemed a bit jumpy, and I don't know if she'll feel comfortable sleeping on my bean bag chair surrounded by sharp blades and pointy objects..." That moment, a blonde rollerblades into the room holding a bunch of packages, to answer Marvin's question, "Hey Marvy, if yer worried about a blonde cutie with a wobbly Mareep - just chill out! I saw her at Joy's pad and she saids that she's, like, gonna stay over theres, so ya don't gotsta pick up yer choppers!" She rollerblades around Mimic and Xerox to greet them, then skates into the bedroom, where her rotating clothing racks are, so that she can put up her new outfits. Mimic asks, "That Famifax, right?" "I sure hope so, but after what happened earlier..." Marvin loosens his tuxedo's collar, "I guess I should go check to make sure! You two just go to sleep whenever you're done playing on Xerox's computer. Mimic, feel free to sleep in my bean bag - it's quite comfortable and Xerox never uses it even though I keep telling her how great it is. Xerox's taken to turning into a pebble whenever she goes to sleep - she says that she learned that it's 'natural' for Ditto. We'll drop by the Pokemon Center in the morning to ask Sarah if she wants to go with us before catching the Magnet Train. Oh, and Mimic, can you do *me* a favor?" "What?" "Please don't teleport, turn into a Pidgeot, or become a huge catapault to take us to Maiden's Peak." Marvin's hands swing down to his cumberbun, where he rubs his belly, "I can still feel the queasiness from the time you flew us from Maiden's Peak to Fuchsia City, so I'd much rather ride the Magnet Train. Don't take it the wrong way, though - it's not that I didn't like what you did for us. Thanks to your speedy delivery, I was able to hold an amazing show for a group called ATR with this beauty..." He walks over to the Guillotine he gestured to earlier, pats it twice, and its blade falls down, slicing a cantelope that was resting in the head-hole in half. Marvin sweatdrops, "I guess the safety wasn't on..." He shrugs, grabs a slice of cantalope, and eats some while entering his bedroom. -Marvin