From: Rob ( Subject: [PW!] Nurse Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-13 19:59:23 PST In the Violet City Pokemon Center, one nurse with shoulder-length blue hair is slouching back in her chair, admiring her long dark blue fingernails while the Nurse Joy who usually sits next to her in on her feet, taking three Pokeballs to the healing machine. Nurse Joy pauses for a moment between escorting trainer's Pokeballs around to scold her assistant, "Why are you just sitting there admiring your hands? You should be helping me! We're having quite a busy day, and you should be-" "No, you're right. I'm sorry - it's just that vanity's always been a flaw of mine." The blue-haired nurse puts her hand down and sits up straight, ready to attend to the next person that walks into the Pokemon Center, "Considering some of the flaws I've been able to overcome in the past few years, it shouldn't be-" "I didn't ask for your life story," even when Nurse Joy is being rude, she still speaks in a cheerful voice, "Just take care of the counter while I'm in the back." The not-so-joyful but nice nurse narrows her eyes as the joyful but mean one leaves her alone at the front desk, then sighs and relaxes them again, "Just calm down... She's having a stressful day. I've had quite a few myself. Just remember why you're here..." She stares at the Pokemon Center's doors, and soon enough, a young girl with blonde hair flowing down her back storms in carrying a Mareep and a Cyndaquil in her arms. When the girl races up to her, the nurse can see tears rolling down her eyes as the girl silently deposits her fainted Pokemon on top of the front desk and plops down on a nearby couch, where she cries out loud. The blue-haired nurse is about to tend to the Mareep and the Cyndaquil, but she can't help but feel that she should go over to console that sad teenage girl instead. She reaches a compromise and leaves her Blissey in charge of healing the girl's Pokemon while she herself walks over to the couch where the girl in lamenting, pushing down on the skirt of her white nurse's uniform on her way there, not used to showing off her legs in public. She clears her throat to catch the teenager's attention, then sits down on the couch next to her, "Once upon a time, there was a young girl who cried so much that she ran out of tears. She thought that it was great, but because she couldn't cry any more, she forgot that she was human. It's great to be able to cry, but you've got to be careful not to run out of tears." "What? Wh-who are you?" The young girl's sobbing slows down as she looks up to face the blue-haired nurse, who isn't superficially smiling the way the nurse in the Cherrygrove City Pokemon Center was - in fact, this nurse isn't smiling at all, but her facial expression shows compassion and concern. "M-my name's Sarah..." "I'm Nurse Marcia. I'm pleased to meet you, Sarah." The nurse does smile, but genuinely, then says, "If you don't mind me asking, why were you crying just now?" When Nurse Marcia asks this, Sarah realizes that her previously loud sobbing has now been down sized to sniffing at intervals, "I lost... I lost a Gym m-match against Falkner. Th-this was my sec-second loss, and I... I wanna... wanna be a Pokemon trainer, but I guess I can't... since I... since I..." She pauses, then asks, "Why are you askin' me this? Why do you care? Shouldn't... shouldn't you just be... takin' care of my Pokemon? That's all the... that nurse in Cherrygrove City did..." "I'm not the typical nurse." Marcia replies, watching Nurse Joy and her Chansey run around behind the counter frantically, "Most nurses are raised from childhood knowing that they are going to become a nurse one day. I didn't decide to become a nurse until adulthood. That's why I care. I see you and see myself when I was your age - a young girl, sad and confused, not sure of her calling, feeling that her dream - becoming a Pokemon Master - wasn't for her. I gave up too early and went down the wrong path for many years. Too many. By the time I realized my mistake, it was too late for me to realize my dream. There's still time for you." Sarah is moved by the young woman's words, not sure what she meant by 'wrong path' and not about to ask, "B-but Falkner... he beat... beat me twice..." "Brock, the Gym Leader closest to my house in Kanto, beat me only once and I gave up. Sure, I had other problems, but I shouldn't have given up so easily. Trust me: if you give up now, you'll regret it for the rest of your life." Marcia gazes off into the distance, not focusing on any of the commotion in the Pokemon Center, "There are other Gym Leaders. I'm not familiar with the ones in Johto, but I know there's eight, just like in Kanto. Maybe you'll find the next one easier to beat." Sarah remembers that Professor Elm said something about a Gym in Azalea Town, then sits up on the couch, "You're right. I'll head to the Azalea Town Gym next!" Since Marcia just smiles momentarily and doesn't say anything in reply, Sarah decides to prompt her with a question, "Wh-what's Kanto like? Why did you leave?" "Kanto's great. Now more so than ever. Team Rocket doesn't exist there - something that I can gladly say I'm partly responsible for." Marcia doesn't look directly at Sarah and thus doesn't see the surprised look on her face, "I left for one simple reason: my Pokemon. I made a promise to my Blissey when she was an infant... that I'd never make her cry. I always thought she was happy, until I found out that Chansey don't evolve unless they reach their happiness quotient. I later found out that this was true for Golbat too. I had both a Chansey and a Golbat, and, despite constant training, they weren't evolving, so I finally realized that they weren't happy with what I was doing with my life. I gave up everything for them and came here. Soon after becoming a nurse, both of my Pokemon evolved into their final forms." At that very moment, Nurse Marcia's Blissey cheerfully walks up to the two ladies on the couch, escorting a bright-eyed Mareep and an energetic Cyndaquil, saying, "Blissey! Bliss, blissey - Bliss!" She releases both Pokemon into Sarah's custody, then curtsies... and an identical Blissey right behind her curtsies at the same time. Sarah is sure that the Blissey clone is Mimic, so she stands up and stretches out her arms, "Thank you so much, Nurse Marica. Now that my Pokemon are all healed up and my hopes are high, I'm gonna go beat the Azalea Town Gym Leader!" Marcia's nose twitches, "Ditto." Sarah's eyes widen and a big smile appears on her face, "You mean you're going to go realize your dream to become a Pokemon Master with me? That's so-" "No. Ditto. I smell one." Nurse Marcia raises an eyebrow and stands up. She steps closer to the Blissey behind her own, "...and since Nurse Joy has some Chansey, but not a single Blissey, this must be him." She grabs Mimic's arm and pulls him close to get a better sample of his aroma, "I know your scent. On a beach. In Porta Vista. A beauty contest. A kiss. You're that Ditto. It took me long enough, but I finally figured it out while training near Porta Vista - you're Doppler's brother, right?" Mimic is astounded that Marcia has such a keen sense of smell, but he does remembers that particular day. Since he's skipped ahead through time, it wasn't too long ago for him while it's been more than five years for Marica. The Blissey replies to Marica saying something he finds he's been saying often lately, "Mimic is Mimic." "Your brother. Is he-" "Dead?" Mimic asks. Marcia simply nods. "Mimic thought yes, but not sure now." "But I-" Marcia stops to think before finishing the sentence, "...thought he was dead. He played a major role in my - Well, never mind. I'm a nurse now. I have other concerns. Come on, Omelette, let's go tend to the front desk before Nurse Joy scolds us again." She leads her Blissey back to their place at the Center's front desk. Sarah blinks at Mimic, surprised that he knows the nurse who was kind enough to cheer her up. Since she's not sure if Mimic wants to keep talking to his acquaintance or not, the next thing Sarah says is made to sound like a question instead of a declaration, "Um... let's head on over to Azalea Town, then?" -Marcia