From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Nurse Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-15 18:23:16 PST Rob wrote: > Sarah blinks at Mimic, surprised that he knows the nurse who was kind > enough to cheer her up. Since she's not sure if Mimic wants to keep > talking to his acquaintance or not, the next thing Sarah says is made to > sound like a question instead of a declaration, "Um... let's head on > over to Azalea Town, then?" Mimic nods. "Perhaps...probably best." He nearly runs out of the pokemon center while Marcia's back is turned, Sarah close behind. "Are you ok?" Sarah asks once safely away from the center. "Did she do something to you?" "...memories. That all." "Oh." "And kill brother. At least, Mimic pretty sure." "..." "No ask. Far too complicated and...personal. Please, no ask. Forget said." "Mmm!" Sarah eagerly agrees, having gotten only far enough to know that she does not like the logical consequences of what Mimic's words imply. After a short walk, they come across a sign: "Ruins of Alph. Unown Hunters wanted, apply inside." Mimic and Sarah look at each other, but fortunately, someone just ahead of them is already bugging one of the archaeologists wandering around, allowing the two to simply overhear. "What's an Unown Hunter?" The archaeologist grins. "It's your chance at fame and fortune, sonny boy! Down in the ruins, there's these scaaaary pokemon known as unown. They look jus' like hieroglyphs - that's ancient letters to you, boy - but they've got some mysterious powers that can-" "I heard the hunters just go down and rile up those pokemon so you can catch 'em, and that about one out of three never comes back." "Well, I, umm..." "My sister Tammy went to be an Unown Hunter, and that's the last I've heard of her for a month." "Tammy? About your height, blonde hair, pigtails sticking out the sides?" "Yeah, that's her." "Poor girl, never stood a chance. The unown swarmed over her-" "I heard she got trapped by a rock slide, and though it would've taken you just a few minutes to dig her out, you left her down there for hours and hours until the unown zapped her away so she wouldn't die.' "Is that so? Then you must really want to be an Unown Hunter yourself, so you can ask 'em where they took her." The two move away towards the ruins, leaving Sarah wide-eyed and Mimic shaking his head in resigned acceptance. TBC?