Subject: Re: [PW!] One Week Later Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > Once Sarah's past the Sudowoodo, Barbie snaps out of her frozen state > and chases after the shepherdess. Both make pretty fast progress towards > Ecruteak City until they see a group of people gathered in the distance. > This stops both of them in their tracks. It's as if time has stopped > around the four males and one female gathered a bit further up the > Route, but in reality, it's just that Barbie and Sarah are both equally > afraid of large groups. Sarah notices that one of the males is kissing > the female present. It seems like everyone witnessing this event is > waiting for the female to respond to the kiss, now including Sarah and > Barbie. About one week after bumping right into his mother in Goldenrod City, and spending a couple days at home, Bob is more than halfway to the next city, Ecruteak. When sitting in the road, there's a tall Sudowoodo right in the way. The Sudowoodo stretches one arm forward, thenm says in a deep voice "This here's a Toll Road. And I'm a Toll Taker. You gonna pay me, or what?" He extends one arm forward. "I'm sorry, we don't have any money, but I can offer you a song." Bob says, praying that it will work. He pulls out the pokeball containing his Blissey. The pokeball opens in a flash of light and this ridiculously happy Blissey pops out. "BLISSEY!" "Blissey, can you sing to the Sudowoodo?" Bob asks nicely. "Blissey bliss!" Ignorance the Blissey skips over to the tree-like pokemon and starts singing. After about 30 seconds, the sound of a snoring Sudowoodo could be heard. Bob, Raffy the Girafarig and Ignorance tip- toed past the "Toll Taker" and walked on towards Ecruteak City. The little threesome are walking. Ignorance, as usual, is acting ridiculously happy. It sees a flower, it's happy. It was cheering and carrying on over seeing a Berry tree swaying in the bush <<If Ignorance gets any happier, I think that I'LL get a cavity>> Raffy projects to Bob. <<I know the feeling, but that's the way the breed acts. Deal with it.>> Bob replies. As the two of them stroll along, they see Sarah and Barbie and a crowd of people in front of her. Forgetting about Sarah's timid nature, Bob approaches Sarah. "What's up?" Bob asks. Meanwhile, Ignorance the Blissey, seeing the timid twosome, goes into hyper happy mode. This throws everybody off kilter, especially Barbie, arah's somewhat paranoid Mareep. TBC