From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: [PW!] Opening A Can O' Wooper Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-19 13:33:35 PST Rob wrote: > Soon the Wooper have formed a loop around Sarah, Barbie, Cyndaquil, and > Mimic, and they continue to sing their weird song, "Woopa, Woopa..." > Sarah looks up at Mimic from the muddy ground she landed on after being > soaked by Wooper. Her eyes are watery when she says, "Barbie's > Thundershock doesn't work on these Pokemon and Cyndaquil's scared of > water, so neither of them can do much. I know you don't like fightin', > Mimic, but is there any way you can help us out? Please?" Then she notices that Mimic seems to have spaced out. She waves a hand in front of Mimic's face, getting no response. "Uh oh..." Fortunately, this is because all of Mimic's attention is on the song, to the point where he has actually detached his senses from his current eyeballs, letting himself go blind for the moment. <Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. Never a thought for anyone else. Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. Drinking us dry, letting us fry. Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. You drunk from our lake, so we'll drink from your corpse. Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. Now give back what you stole!> The song pauses as the wooper begin their attack, but Mimic interrputs, <This lake no belong just to wooper.> Sarah raises an eyebrow when she hears her double speaking in Wooper, but when the circle begins singing again, she resumes her search for a way out. <Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. This is our home, not your own!> <So, wooper curse sun for evaporating water?> <Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. The sun is the worst! A thief we can't touch! Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. But you we can stop, so stop you we will.> <What about rain clouds? Wooper reward clouds for refill lake?> <Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. The clouds are our friends. They give but want not. Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. They give and we live. We'd help if we could. Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. They come and they go. We wish we knew where.> <What, wooper no know sun create clouds from ocean?> <Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. We've heard that before. We know it's a lie. Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. A thief does not give. It ain't Wooper Hood.> <So what wooper think sun do with water?> <Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. You drink it up, so does the sun. Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. We know not why, just that we die.> <Wait. Wooper saying no enough water for all wooper?> <Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. Among thieves you are bright. You see our plight. Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. Too bad for you, mercy we can't do.> <Hmm...what if were less wooper here? If some wooper elsewhere?> <Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. We've searched all 'round, no lakes to be found.> <What talking about?!? There plenty of lakes elsewhere.> Mimic points a thumb back the way they came. <Mimic see one just over hill. That probably closest, though no nearly large as this.> <Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. We dare not leave sight of this pond. Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. We might not come back, if we're gone that long.> <Hmm...what if show where new lake is, and promise provide water for wooper who follow?> <Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. Now you take our kin. Was water not enough? Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-HOLD IT!> One of the wooper hops out of the flock, and turns to face them. <I do not BELIVE you all! He's actually offering us a way out, and you're so stuck in your ways you can't see the bubbles of hope for the stream of tradition? Forget it! I'm tired of being a stick in the mud. And with me gone, that makes up for the water they drank.> <Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. The insane one speaks. She's a wierdo again. Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. She wants their lives spared. She's crazy like that. Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. Let her see her error. Maybe she'll come back. Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. And if she stays gone, it's no loss to us. Drin-king, drin-king, al-ways ta-king. Get out of our sight, you miserable wench! (Mis-er-a-ble WENCH!)> With that, the circle opens, leaving a path leading directly away from the lake. Sarah and company do not need to be told to run; they are already outside the circle and gaining distance, with their new friend following at a close distance, by the time Mimic restores his eyes and follows. TBC? [Rob: not sure if you'd want Sarah to have one or not, but the post seemed to write itself after the first few lines. We can ditch the wooper easily if you don't want it.]