From: Rob ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Opening A Can O' Wooper Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-23 12:14:32 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > With that, the circle opens, leaving a path leading directly away from > the lake. Sarah and company do not need to be told to run; they are > already outside the circle and gaining distance, with their new friend > following at a close distance, by the time Mimic restores his eyes and > follows. The group doesn't stop running until they reach Union Cave. Barbie the Mareep was in the lead the whole time, not just because she feared the Wooper who were impervious to her electric attacks, but also because she noticed a group of human beings having a fishing contest out of the corner of her eye and did not want to interact with them too. The Mareep's growing ever more paranoid every time someone else joins Sarah, and she's even more worried about what the Wooper who has joined them is capable of than of the Ditto she fears so much. She hides underneath Sarah's skirt when Sarah comes to a complete stop, "Maaa..." "I think... it's too... late to go... into the cave..." This time it's not nervousness but exhaustion that is making Sarah pause occasionally while she speaks. She is hunched over, hands on her knees, and she's breathing deeply while trying to catch her breath, so she doesn't notice the nearby building that Mimic does. Mimic, even though he's in Sarah's shape, is not as out of shape as Sarah, so he says in a composed voice while gesturing towards the building with one arm, "Mimic see Pokemon Center right there. Sarah and friends can stay there for night then go through cave in morning." "Good... idea..." Sarah pulls her shepherd's crook out and leans on it while she stumbles towards the Pokemon Center, leaving Barbie behind. Her exhaustion keeps her from noticing that her Pokemon are not following her until Mimic brings her attention towards the problem by commenting out loud, "Mimic hear of love triangle, but fear triangle ridiculous." When Mimic says this, one of Sarah's eyebrows goes up and she turns around to see what Mimic's referring to. She sees the Wooper who followed them standing at one point, standing ready to attack in self-defense the Mareep and Cyndaquil across from her, who are standing ready to attack in self-defense the Wooper if she initiates an attack. They appear to be frozen in time - well, at least the three Pokemon look cold, since they're all trembling. 'Sarah' shrugs when Sarah looks at 'her' inquisitively, "Mimic no know how fix this. Sarah the shepherdess around here, not Mimic. Mimic just play one for now." Once Sarah finishes catching her breath while pondering what Mimic just said, she smiles and nods, "You're right! I'm a shepherdess, so it's my responsibility to take care of my own flock. Thanks for reminding me of that." She walks over to her Cyndaquil, lifts him off the ground, and places him on Barbie's fleece. She then loops the end of her wooden crook around Barbie's neck and pulls her past the Wooper, who doesn't attack anyone, towards the Pokemon Center. When she arrives at the entrance of the Pokemon Center, she uses her free hand to wipe the sweat off her brow and tells her two Pokemon, "Whew, it's a relief that the Wooper that followed us didn't attack us!" She heads into the building, leaving both the Wooper and Mimic, the latter of whom she assumed was following them, behind. "Wooper? Woop... wooper, woop..." The Wooper's usual grin turns upside down, becoming quite a frown, "Wooper woop wooper?" "Woop!" 'Sarah' shakes 'her' head, comforting the Wooper who thinks that she's been abandoned and thus thinks that she should return to the pond she grew up in, where she knows that she'll mocked once again, "<Sarah just no know you help us. She no speak Wooper. Mimic will explain to her. Come with Mimic.>" The ends of the Wooper's mouth do not curve upward but they no longer are curving downward when she follows Sarah's duplicate into the Pokemon Center. "What the? Hey, how can you be so shocked that my third cousin looks like me if you have a twin?!" The Nurse Joy at the counter asks Sarah, who is still standing with her mouth open since she's so surprised that the nurse at this Pokemon Center looks exactly like the one she saw at the Cherrygrove City Pokemon Center. Sarah furrows her brow, mouth remaining wide open, until she replies, "I don't have a twin! Besides, if I did, it'd make a lot more sense for twin sisters to look alike than cousins. I wonder what it must feel like to know that someone else out there has your exact same face and could trick people into..." Sarah's train of thought is interrupted when she's tapped on the back. She turns around to see someone else who has her exact same face say, "Sarah still wonder what it feel like?" Sarah laughs and shakes her head, "No, you're different. You don't ALWAYS look like me. This nurse has a third cousin in Cherrygrove who looks like her all the time!" Mimic wonders how Sarah would respond if she knew that all the nurses in Kanto look alike, but decides not to tell her in case it would make her head explode, "Mimic need talk with Sarah." He pulls the shepherdess away from the counter, where she's left Barbie and Cyndaquil in the custody of Nurse Joy so that the nurse can tend to any wounds they may have gotten when the swarm of Wooper attacked them, be they physical or psychological. Mimic sits Sarah down and calls Wooper, who has been waiting by the door, over to join them, "This Wooper help us. Wooper want us help her find new home. Can Wooper tag along until then?" "Uhhh..." Sarah thinks about it, wondering if this Wooper really is different than all the other ones who had abused of her Mareep and if she can be trusted, "Well, Mimic, you're the one who can speak and understand Wooper-speak. Since I trust you and you think we can trust her, I trust her, so she can join us for a while. Besides, if there's one thing I know about caves, it's that Rock type Pokemon live there, so a Water Pokemon would really help us get through that cave tomorrow!" "Wooper!" The ends of Wooper's mouth curve upwards into a large grin. She nods at Mimic and Sarah, then heads to a corner to get some well deserved rest. Sarah finds herself sitting alone with Mimic, for the first time since they met. She adjusts her skirt, just trying to find something to keep herself busy with, then when she's done, finds that there's nothing else to do other than talk, "You know... uh, you know... We should get a... a bed together... no sense takin' up extra space... Plus, you could tell me more... about Kanto... and we could talk until we fall asleep, no matter how late it is... and then... uh, then wake... wake up at any time..." Mimic nods, agreeing with Sarah's reasoning, but also curious as to why she's so nervous about that proposition, "Why Sarah nervous? Sarah say trust Mimic..." "I do..." Sarah glances up into Mimic's currently hazel eyes for a moment, before looking back down at her feet, which she's shuffling around on the floor, "I do! It's just... just... well, you can Transform, and... well, I don't know if you like sleepin' like... as a man... but I... I think that if I wake up... and there's a... and I see a..." Sarah chokes up and covers her face with her hands, afraid that she's not being a very good friend to one of the few beings who have ever actually befriended her. -Sarah