From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Opening A Can O' Wooper Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-24 18:35:33 PST Rob wrote: > Mimic nods, agreeing with Sarah's reasoning, but also curious as to why she's > so nervous about that proposition, "Why Sarah nervous? Sarah say trust > Mimic..." > > "I do..." Sarah glances up into Mimic's currently hazel eyes for a moment, > before looking back down at her feet, which she's shuffling around on the > floor, "I do! It's just... just... well, you can Transform, and... well, I > don't know if you like sleepin' like... as a man... but I... I think that if > I wake up... and there's a... and I see a..." Sarah chokes up and covers her > face with her hands, afraid that she's not being a very good friend to one of > the few beings who have ever actually befriended her. Mimic shrugs. "Is no problem. Mimic sleep like whatever Mimic sleep like." He flashes, then dissapears, though his voice is still very close to Sarah. "Could even sleep like this, though Mimic no prefer: smother possible if Sarah turn in sleep." Sarah frowns, trying to localize Mimic's voice, then pulls out one of her hairs just above her forehead. "Almost. Close enough." Another hair flashes, then Sarah's double reappears. "Trust Mimic. Mimic only do what Sarah fear once, and that form wanted at time. Mimic no gain if do it now, so have no reason do it since it offend Sarah." Sarah's eyes go wide. ", with another ditto, right?" "No. With human. Do different with ditto." "..." "Mimic knew ditto couple once. Rarely enjoy each other exact same way twice, though common theme most times." "..." "Mimic pretty sure most ways they try no physically possible with human, at least without major injuries." "!!!" 'Sarah' lays a hand on Sarah's shoulder. "Forget said. Remember only: Mimic promise no take advantage of Sarah that way." "Umm...right." She nibbles on the tip of her tongue before fear and curiosity can prompt her to ask which way Mimic does intend to take advantage of her. "Though Mimic wonder why nervous about male but no about female. Mimic seen females just as attracted in that way to females as to males." Sarah quite abruptly becomes intensely aware of every detail of Mimic's touch, of how Mimic's fingers are spaced just so, of how the pointer finger is nestled at the base of her neck and the thumb lazily hanging down and pointing right at her "YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!" Sarah turns around and bolts, running into an obstruction and knocking herself out before clearing two meters. This display immediately attracts Nurse Joy's attention, but before the nurse can say anything, Mimic smiles and pre-empts, "Think maybe should get Sarah to bed now. *Long* day." Nurse Joy frowns, but nods in acceptance a few seconds later. "Take room 69. It'll be the last one on your right. I'll take the pokemon, including your Wooper, over once I'm done with them." Mimic blushes a little, picks up Sarah, and mumbles, "Of course be 69." As he wanders off, he does not see the shining column that Sarah ran into open its eye, float off the ground, and follow, wondering for what reason Sarah yelled out its name. TBC?