From: Rob ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Opening A Can O' Wooper Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-30 11:42:09 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > Mimic blushes a little, picks up Sarah, and mumbles, "Of course be 69." > As he wanders off, he does not see the shining column that Sarah ran > into open its eye, float off the ground, and follow, wondering for what > reason Sarah yelled out its name. When Sarah regains consciousness in the morning, she isn't sure where she is, but since she's too tired to open her eyes to find out, she just starts moving her arms around, touching her surroundings. First she feels a comfortable pillow, then a soft bed, followed by smooth sheets, and finally she puts her hand on top of a large slimy head. She's not sure what the head belongs to, so she runs her hand all over it, rubbing it with her fingers. Coming to one frightening conclusion, Sarah screams! The scream is so loud that the Wooper Sarah was touching shrieks herself, "Wooooop!" She leaps out of the bed at the same exact time that Sarah does. "Mimic! How could you...?" Sarah looks on the bed, but doesn't see Mimic there... that is, until the pillow next to the one she was using Transforms into a Ditto. The Ditto blinks his tired little eyes, "How could Mimic what? Mimic behave, like promise." Sarah then scans the rest of the room with her eyes until she sees a scared Wooper in the corner opposite the corner of the room where Cyndaquil is sleeping on top of Barbie, using her thick fleece as a blanket. She blushes when she realizes her mistake and looks down, "Oh, I thought... you had... I t-touched... and... I'm sorry!" The young girl runs out of the room, tossing the room's door wide open, heading to the Pokemon Center's restroom area for two reasons - to freshen up and to escape an embarrasing situation. When the door swings back to a closed position automatically, Eye the Unown is plastered up against the wall next to it. Eye can't believe what has just happened. Eye was just resting there, not in anyone's way, and Eye got slammed up against the wall when Sarah swung the door open. Eye can't blame Sarah for that, though - she must not have known that Eye was there. But now Eye can't be so sure that Sarah is actually a good person. After all, all the Unown Eye knew weren't good beings. Eye proceeds to leave the Pokemon Center so Eye can continue observing Sarah while in hiding... Once outside, Eye waited and waited behind some bushes. Eye saw a few other trainers leave, but Sarah and her friends still haven't come out yet. Eye did not know that females take so long to get ready in the morning since Eye was never in contact with female beings in the Ruins of Alph. If Eye could sigh, Eye would. "Sarah no wear makeup. Why take so long?" Mimic asks, opening the Center's entrance for a thoroughly refreshed shepherdess and her Pokemon crew with a male arm since he's currently assumed his normal human form, a body similar to that of James from Team Rocket but different in subtle ways. Sarah brushes back her blonde hair while she answers, "It's because of super secret girl stuff..." Sarah grins and Mimic waits for an explanation, but she doesn't give him one. She looks ahead towards the entrance to Union Cave, then as she and her group heads towards it, she addresses the Wooper walking beside her, "I'm sorry I scared you this morning, Wooper. Will you please help us go through Union Cave by protecting us from all the Rock Pokemon that are probably inside?" "Woop! Wooper, Woop." Knowing that Sarah's not as familiar with the language of Wooper as Mimic is, she nods her head after she gives her verbal answer. Everyone enters the dimly lit cave and each being in the party reacts differently to Union Cave. Sarah's a little scared by the noise of Zubats rustling around, Mimic's wondering if Sarah would find it lewd and inappropriate if he used Flash to light up the cave more, Cyndaquil wishes he could shoot fire out of his back for prolonged periods of time like other Cyndaquil he knew back at Professor Elm's Lab could so that he'd have a radius of bright light around him, Wooper's amazed at all the huge ponds within Union Cave that have Wooper and Quagsire bathing in them and she wishes she had left the goons at her old pond when she was younger, and Barbie? Her reaction is to run away because the cave is so dark, and she actually starts to, but Sarah stops her with her shepherd's crook. Wooper's mouth goes from merely grinning to being wide open in happy astonishment since she's found a new home, "Woop! <There it is!> Woop! <There it is!>" Mimic understands what the Wooper's saying, so he translates for Sarah and her Pokemon, "Wooper found home. Guess Wooper won't help with Rock Pok-" The slimy blue Pokemon interrupts Mimic in mid-sentence, "Wooper woop. Wooper, woop wooper!" "Never mind." Mimic translates once again, "Wooper say will help us find exit before settle, to thank for bring her here." Sarah smiles at the Wooper and says, "Thank you! That's very nice of you." Wooper takes the position of leader of the pack. Sarah opens her eyes wide to see better in the dark as she follows Wooper deeper into Union Cave, gently pulling a scared Barbie in after her. Sarah's Cyndaquil and Mimic willingly follow her. -Sarah