From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Opening A Can O' Wooper Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-31 14:06:30 PST Rob wrote: > "Never mind." Mimic translates once again, "Wooper say will help us find exit > before settle, to thank for bring her here." > > Sarah smiles at the Wooper and says, "Thank you! That's very nice of you." Wooper > takes the position of leader of the pack. Sarah opens her eyes wide to see better > in the dark as she follows Wooper deeper into Union Cave, gently pulling a scared > Barbie in after her. Sarah's Cyndaquil and Mimic willingly follow her. It is, of course, not long before they come across their first obstacle: an onix lying across their path, apparently asleep from the rumbling snores audible from one end. Sarah smiles at the wooper again and says, "Could you take care of it, please?" "Wooper!" The blue one walks up and does something approximating a tail whip, though it is hard to tell in the extremely low light. "Umm...I meant with your water gun." She pouts. "Woop woop..." "Wooper say water gun knowledge forbidden where from: use up too much water. Apparently only know one attack." Sarah blinks. "Wooper are born knowing it. How can they make you not know it?" "There...ways remove memories." Mimic shudders, unseen by Sarah. "Trust Mimic." "Ok...but how are we going to get past? Cyndaquil and Barbie would be at a disadvantage. I don't suppose...I mean, I know you don't like to fight, but..." "That right. Especially no like fight when absolutely no need fight." Mimic walks up to the still-sleeping onix, grunts, and lifts one of its body sections out of the way. "Hurry. Mimic no know how long can keep up..." Sarah goes first, followed by a still-dragged Barbie, then the pair existing in the anonymous bliss of namelessness. Finally, Mimic carefully steps through and lowers the onix segment back down. "See? Nothing to-" "GWAR!" The onix wakes up fast, looks around, then falls back to the ground. "What that about?" Sarah frowns. "It looked almost like you knocked it out after all." "No possible. Mimic barely touch. Defeat as obstacle, maybe, but..." Mimic shrugs. "Maybe just twitch from dream?" "Maybe. Let's not hang around to find out." Following Sarah's words of wisdom, they proceed onwards...and are almost run over by a car! "..." Sarah, having been in the lead for the moment, rubs her nose where the passing automobile's side mirror brushed off a layer of skin cells, then looks to her left where the vehicle has long since dissapeared into the darkness, then to her right where sounds of metalworking can barely be made out from a long tunnel whose entrance is surrounded by plaques and dark surfaces. Mimic catches up quickly. Upon seeing Sarah's gaze, he walks to the plaques, making sure not to get directly in front of the tunnel, and feels what is written. "Batty Motors Factory #15. Our motto: 'Zu Zu Zu'." "..." "Seem like plaque surrounded by solar panels. But what use panels in cave?" "..." "Unless detect flash, and seal off area while trainers go by so no suspect. Mimic hear rumors of this. Still, Mimic wonder where car go, and why car go in cave without headlights." "Cynda!" Mimic nods at the fire pokemon's suggestion. "Ultrasonic 'lights' would make sense for zubat-made automobile. Sarah want check out or keep going?" TBC?