From: Rob ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Opening A Can O' Wooper Newsgroups: Date: 2001-06-14 15:37:38 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > <Actually,> the zubat noted, <since he's not at the controls, why > doesn't he count down? That way, we'll both start at the same time.> > > <Good idea. Shall we?> > > "Cyn! Da! QUIIIL!" > > The sound of two motors echoed throughout the cave. That same sound startles a certain Mareep who is quite a distance away from the raceway, causing her to release a bolt of electricity! A Zubat falls to the ground. "Whoa, Barbie, I didn't even see that one. Good job!" Sarah rubs her Mareep behind her ears. Barbie looks confused. Sarah bites her bottom lip, "Uh oh. It didn't hit you with a Confuse Ray before fainting, did it?" Elsewhere, another Zubat is using that move that Sarah just mentioned to confuse a certain Cyndaquil who is sitting in the passenger seat of a racecar that's actually a Ditto, hoping that this will distract Mimic enough to have him slow down. Although the Cyndaquil does indeed get confused and starts hitting himself over the head with his little hands, the vehicle does not swerve off course. A Wooper, back in the most traveled level of the cave, does not swerve off course either as a Sandshrew leaps in front of her and assumes a battle position. She stands her ground courageously, even though she doesn't use Water Gun, because she promised that she'd help get her new friends through this cave. Wooper starts Whipping her Tail around. The shepherdess who has been following the Wooper says, "Some of those Wooper back at the lake used Water Gun on me... I'm sure you have it in you. Jus' concentrate, and maybe you'll be able to remember how to use Water Gun... Barbie's Thundershock won't work, so you just gotta!" "Zubat zu! <You just gotta win!>" The Zubat back on the raceway tells himself as he puts his ridiculously extended foot petals closer to the metal than ever before. The Wooper before the Sandshrew tries to shoot water out of her mouth more than ever before. She closes her eyes and opens her mouth as wide as it can go... ...while Mimic is going as fast as he can go. Since Zubat's car is trailing by quite a bit, Mimic slows down a bit to ask Cyndaquil a question through his speakers... "Are you okay?" Sarah asks the Wooper who is struggling to shoot water out of her mouth. Wooper's face starts to look like that of a constipated Wobbuffet right before she finally does squirt a Water Gun attack in the battle-ready Sandshrew's face! The Sandshrew shrieks, drops on all fours, and starts to run away from Wooper, who has begun celebrating by hopping around gleefully. She beams, "Woopdeedoo!" Back on the finish line, Cyndaquil is hopping around gleefully too, after orienting himself when Mimic asked him if he was okay. He beams, "Cynda Cyndaquil!" Soon after that, Sarah, Barbie, and Wooper arrive at a finish line of their own - the exit of Union Cave. There are a bunch of Wooper and three Quagsire bobbing around in a large pond right next to the exit. Wooper looks up at Sarah, tears forming in her eyes - something that had not happened in years since the mean Wooper in her old pond were so concerned with preserving the water supply. She knows that Sarah won't understand anything she says, so all she does is bow her head in gratitude, then slips away to the pond, where she introduces herself to the Wooper and Quagsire who live there. Sarah and Barbie both smile at the sight. Mimic morphs into a being that can smile - a Gligar he saw hanging upside down from the roof of the cave during the race - and bares his fangs in a friendly way to the Zubat he just won against. They both shake wings and Zubat apologizes for trying to cheat by using Confuse Ray on Cyndaquil... ...while Sarah, who is now standing in the warm glow of broad daylight just outside the cave, apologizes for assuming that Barbie would be scared of Zubat. Barbie blushes and nuzzles up against Sarah's legs, happy to be all alone with her trainer once again. Sarah rubs her eyes, then looks towards the western horizon She sees a town up ahead, with a Slowpoke well built right next to it. A small dirt road below Sarah's feet leads straight to that town, which looks like the last stop for a while. She puts her shepherd's crook away behind her back, trusting that Barbie's going to follow her without prodding since the Mareep was brave enough to handle the latter part of Union Cave, then starts walking in that direction, the bright sun in her eyes. Surely enough, the Mareep follows, however cautiously. It's not too long before Barbie starts bleating however, since it's a hot day and her fleece is rather thick. Sarah's hot too. Beads of sweat begin to appear all over the shepherdess' fair skin, and she realizes that wool might not be the best fabric to be wearing in such arid conditions, so she sighs when she remembers that she doesn't have a change of clothing because she packed her things so hurriedly when trying to escape her boring rural life. She squints her eyes to read a wooden sign placed on the side of the dirt path she's on, "To Azalea Town... Hey, wait, that's where I'm gonna get my first Badge! C'mon, Barbie!" She runs towards the town, despite the fact that it makes her sweat even more, but she takes a break at the Slowpoke Well so that she and her Mareep can cool off. While pumping away at the Slowpoke Well's tail, trying to get water to pour out, she wonders where Mimic and Cyndaquil are... -Sarah