From: Rob ( Subject: [PW!] Opportunism Meets Delusion Newsgroups: Date: 2001-06-22 15:51:33 PST Nick -New and Improved- wrote: > "Sheesh," the Jenny said, watching Splash run down the hall and bolt > around the corner. "My first day on the job, and I'm lost. I was sure > that that nice looking young man over there could have helped me out. > Now what am I gonna do?" > > Splash found his way out of the station, and franticly ran into the > nearest building. A Pokemon Center... Marcia is startled into consciousness when a pale hand grabs her shoulder and shakes her. The Nurse Joy the hand belongs to exclaims, "Nurse Marcia! I can't believe you fell asleep on the job again! Look, someone just walked into the Pokemon Center. What would this Pokemon Center be if I weren't in charge of it?" "Peaceful?" Nurse Marcia asks bitterly, opening her eyes. She sits up in her chair and changes the subject before Nurse Joy can be offended by her comment, "Of course I fell asleep. You have me working the night shift AND the morning shift, just so that you can get your twelve hours of beauty sleep." Marcia decides against remarking that the sleep isn't working, and instead faces the person who has just entered the Pokemon Center. She immediately recognizes him, "Splash?" "Ahhhh!" Splash screams, afraid that the blue-haired nurse knows his name because she saw it on a wanted poster. He's about to run away, but doesn't because he recognizes the nurse's weary dark brown eyes. In his mind, they don't compare at all with Murasaki's green ones. "Ahh, Murasaki has such lovely eyes. Murasaki..." Marcia lowers her eyelids halfway down her eyes, "Yep, that's Splash all right." "Is this your friend?" Nurse Joy asks with false kindness, holding back her rage. "You could call him that." Marcia replies, then adds, "I wouldn't, though." Nurse Joy crosses her arms, and cheerily says, "You know I don't approve of personal chats during work hours." "I know." Marcia stands up and stretches, "Fortunately, my shift's over." She pulls a clock off the front desk and shoves it in Nurse Joy's face, explaining, "When the little hand is on the eleven and the big hand is on the two, that means it's eleven ten." She drops the clock, leaps over the front desk, and whistles for her Blissey. Nurse Joy fumes, not just over the implication that she doesn't know how to tell time, but also over Marcia's unorthodox way of leaving the front desk, "MARCIA!" Marcia makes a shushing noise, "Not so loud, boss. People are going to think you're Jan Brady." When her Blissey arrives from the back room where she was helping Nurse Joy's Chansey cure hurt Pokemon, Marcia puts her arm around Splash's back and leads the daydreaming teenager out of the Pokemon Center. "Oh, Murasaki, that feels so nice..." Splash says once outside, thinking that the arm around his back belongs to the woman he has been obsessed with for quite a while, "We should go to the movies more often. Though next time, let's go watch one told in the third person. This second person perspective is too weird..." Marcia is tempted to slap Splash to bring him back to the real world, but her decision to be less violent keeps her from doing so. Instead, she decides to take advantage of his delusional state by not telling him that she's not Murasaki so that he'll do anything she wants him to. Marcia figures that as long as she doesn't specifically state that she's Murasaki, she's not doing anything wrong. She's extremely hungry since her last shift lasted seventeen hours, so she playfully scratches the back of Splash's head and says, "I'm hungry, Splash. We should go eat breakfast. I know this wonderful place right around the corner here in Violet City..." "Violet City?" Splash asks the woman next to him, "There's no Violet City. You must mean Lavender Town. That's the only purpleish place I can think of. Other than the hair coming out of your head, I mean... Oh, your wonderful, beautiful, long purple hair!" He runs his fingers through Minax's blue hair, smelling it with a passion. Marcia is surprised how much Splash's illness has affected him over the five years that she hasn't seen him. Not only does Splash think that she's Murasaki, despite the fact that she has blue hair instead of purple and brown eyes instead of green, but he also doesn't know where he is. Another odd thing that Marcia notices is that Splash looks just as immature as the last time that she saw him, as if he's aging very slowly, something that she figures must be related to his lack of mental maturity. She hopes that Splash isn't crazy enough to try to kill her if he realizes who she really is. Marcia did hear some rumors about Splash murdering someone when she was still in Team Rocket. She thinks about checking the database on her Communicator, but remembers that the device has been reconfigured into a Pokegear. Splash is thinking about Marcia's Communicator too. While playing with the hair of the woman he thinks is Murasaki, he was trying to recall how he finally met up with the girl he considers to be the love of his life. He remembered seeing Minax dressed up as a nurse after being teleported from Saffron City, so he figures that he must have asked her to use her Murasaki Finder, she must have done so, and of course the horrifyingly depressing moments before actually finding Murasaki must have been completely repressed the moment she put her arm around his back at the 3-D movie they're watching standing up, "I'm so glad I found you, Murasaki!" Marcia looks over at Omelette the Blissey, and they both shrug. She grabs onto Splash's hand and leads him towards the restaurant she wants to eat breakfast in... -Marcia (NS: Nick - you can come up with the restaurant's theme.)