From: Bandraptor ( Subject: Re: [PW!] PC Crashers Newsgroups: Date: 2001-04-25 03:15:06 PST Andrusi- All your dog are let out wrote: >Andy broke off in midsentence, glanced at Nori, and followed her gaze to Set >and Electron. "Oh, no..." "Aw, cripes. It's too early to be startin' fights..." Nori mumbles, oblivious to the fact that it's mid-afternoon. She nudges Anubis, who is curled up on the couch beside her, and points in Electron's direction, "Anubis, Ember that thing for me, will ya?" Anubis looks up from the magazine he's eating long enough to hear his trainer out, barks twice in response, and completely disregards her order. When Nori sees that Anubis has no intention of obeying her, she throws her jacket on, scrambles over to where Set is standing, leaps protectively in front of him, and wordlessly backhands the offending Magnemite out of the air. Electron bounces twice, and rolls to a stop at its trainer's feet. "Maaaag..." "Natu, natu!" Set chirps, "<The false prophet Magnalla hath set his minions upon us! The houses of light and dark must pair swords to smite them, lest they-->" Nori, who probably wouldn't understand any of this, even if it was spoken in English, scoops her Pokémon up with both hands, and begins to reprimand him. "Now, Set. You shouldn't be playing with Magnemites. They're not as powerful as Voltorbs, but they're still pretty dangerous. They can use THUNDER WAVE, and similar moves." "Tuuu..." Set sighs, beginning to get the feeling that he's talking to himself. "Electron, are you okay?" Andy bends down to retrieve his dazed Magnemite, "You shouldn't play with Natus. They're not as evil as Voltorbs, but sometimes their trainers are..." Nori leers at him, "I couldn't help but notice you trying to steal my Natu. I'm flattered that you like my Pokémon, but I just can't stand for thieves. Explain yourself." Enimuram rejoins the group, "Andy, you were trying to steal her Natu? Why would you want to do that? If it were a Quagsire, I could understand, but a Natu? They're as low as Ampharos, for Magnallah's sake." Andy blinks involuntarily. "What are you guys talking about? I wasn't trying to steal that Natu. I wasn't trying to steal anything. And even if I was trying to steal something, I wouldn't be after a Natu, because I already have a Psychic Pokémon" He pulls David's Pokéball from his belt, "It's an Abra, want to see?" Nori bristles somewhat at the mention of a pureblooded Psychic Pokémon, but she swallows her anger, smiles, and responds amicably, "Sure. I'll wring its scrawny neck." "Excuse me?" "I said, 'don't change the subject'!" Nori snaps, "You tried to steal my Natu, and I'm gonna make you pay. Let's battle!" "You want to have a Pokémon battle?" This seems to Andy like a pretty stupid decision on Nori's part, because neither her Houndour nor her Natu appear to be battle-ready, and her belt is devoid of Pokéballs. "You sure about that?" Nori raises her fists, "Who said anything about Pokémon? This is between you and me!" Andy thinks this over, "Okay...don't take this the wrong way, or anything, but are you completely nuts?" He lowers his voice, "You're gonna get us both kicked out of here!" As if on cue, Nurse Joy walks over. "I hope you two aren't planning on using your Pokémon to settle a personal quarrel. I won't tolerate that sort of thing in my Pokémon Center. It's disrespectful to both the trainers and the Pokémon!" "I couldn't agree more." Nori takes the opportunity to proselytize, "People who hide behind their Pokémon disgust me. This guy was trying to steal my Natu, and I'm gonna kick his ass myself!" Joy responds evenly, "Settling disputes by means of force is wrong, whether Pokémon are involved or not. Now, find a peaceful way to resolve this matter, or I'll have to ask you to leave." She nods empathetically, and starts back towards her desk. Nori shoots the nurse an audacious glare, but since she doesn't want to lose her rooming privileges, she grudgingly lowers her fists. Besides, her anger over Abra's existence has abated somewhat, and she's beginning to see a very real possibility. She turns to Andy, and proffers a hand in truce. "I guess you probably aren't a thief. I shouldn't have been so quick to accuse you." She admits, "You know, I think we got off on the wrong foot. My name's Nori, I'm a Pokémon Researcher. Tell me something: That Abra of yours, by any chance, does it know Future Sight?" TBC? -Beth, of the ever changing sig.