From: Bandraptor ( Subject: Re: [PW!] PC Crashers Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-06 23:54:49 PST Andrusi-All your dog are let out wrote: >It wasn't much later that Joy called Nori to the counter to pick up the >now-healed Cerberus. As she took back the Pokéball, her brain finally made a >connection. She remembered a transmission she'd recieved from TRHQ back when >she was working in Kanto... "Attention all Rockets. We have two escapees: >Andy Renev and Enimuram Yortsed. Stop them at all costs." But this was Johto, >a whole country away. It had to be a coincidence... *Quit being stupid,* her >brain said back. *How many people named Enimuram Yortsed are you likely to >meet ANYWHERE?* "So, these guys are wanted criminals." Nori whispers to Set, who is gasping for air, because she has had him clutched in her fist for quite a while now. "Odd. They seemed nice enough. Well, that just goes to show, you can't trust anyone these days." She wanders back to the couch where Anubis is sitting, mumbling under her breath the whole time. Andy doesn't think anything of this, because Nori seems pretty spacey to him anyway; and Enimuram doesn't think anything of it, because the whole of his concentration is being devoted to refolding their Town Map. "These are the Magnemite worshipers that Ted Brotlov's been chasing," Nori explains to her Pokémon. She doesn't usually give much thought to her fellow Rockets or their assignments, but Andy and Enimuram's warrant is long-standing, and even someone as jaded as Nori is apt to remember a trainer with a talking Electabuzz. "They're wanted for...oh, what did he put on the dossier? 'Sins against the noble race Electrode, and heresy in the face of our lord and savior, the almighty Voltifer'." "Natoooooo!!!!" Set begins to hop about in marked agitation, because everyone is mimicking his dialect as of late; and a Pokémon sidekick without an unusual gimmick is like...Cyndaquil. "Toooooo!" Even without a sense of empathy, Nori is able to deduce that her Pokémon is upset; and since Set is of a holy race, she assumes that his reaction has something to do with the prospect of heresy. She raises an eyebrow, "I think it's ridiculous, wasting funds and resources on so-called heretics. Religion has no place in business--people should keep their beliefs to themselves, period. I can't stand those bible-thumping missionaries who think it's their duty to 'save the soul' of anyone whose belief system isn't completely in sync with their own. I'd rather go to Hell, than to a heaven that's ruled by an intolerant god--" She stops herself, realizing that she's beginning to rant, "Anyway, it seems silly to battle over the virtues of Electrodes and Magnetons, when Jolteon is so clearly superior to both of them. After all, it learns Dark-type moves." "Tu..." Set bristles, because he thinks that he should be the only one who can use Dark-type moves. "Well, I suppose it doesn't matter what I think. Giovanni wants that pair caught, and that's all there is to it." She grins wryly, "You know, these guys've evaded Brotlov for over five years. If we catch 'em, Giovanni will give us anything we want! We can get the keys to the DDR machine in Rocket Lounge!" Her grin quickly fades, "But speaking of Brotlov, he always has about a hundred Voltorbs on him. If those two have managed to stay ahead of him, they must have at least twice that many Magnemites. That could pose a problem..." For a moment, Nori seems lost in quiet contemplation. She is confident that she can take out three Magnemites single-handedly, maybe even four--but there's no way that she can defend against the army she suspects Andy and Enimuram of having. Cerberus doesn't stand much chance either, due to its Type-weakness. "What I need," she says thoughtfully, "is a really good Ground-type. Or a Pokémon with Ground-type attacks. Too bad Giseisha isn't here. Giseisha could stop those Magnemites cold with an Earthquake attack..." Nori becomes a bit melancholy at the thought of her former teammate, "Akuni's Dynamic Punch would do the same. Or Magmar's Flamethrower..." "Natu?" Set looks at her questioningly. Up until a few hours ago, when Nori had shown him Cerberus' Pokéball, he had thought that he and Anubis were her only Pokémon. Now she's talking about martyrs and demons, and lava beasts; and the prospect of her having Pokémon beyond the three of them upsets him greatly, because he's afraid that one of the others might show him up, and prove him to be dispensable. "<The house of NATU will champion thy cause; so feel no pull to conjure thine heralded allies from yon Gaia spheres.>" Nori stares at him for a minute, then shrugs, and stretches nonchalantly. "I'm making things more complicated than they actually are. Those guys don't know what we're up to, and as long as we don't arouse their suspicions, we won't have to fight those Magnemites at all. Let's just trail them for a while, and bash their heads in while they're sleeping." She strides over to where Andy and Enimuram are standing. Both teens are a bit distracted--Andy is getting his Pokéballs from Nurse Joy, and Enimuram is trying to wrestle a Pixy Stick away from his Aipom (you do NOT want to see those things on a sugar high)--but they still notice Nori when she approaches. Enimuram has no clue that Nori's plotting against them, but she did threaten both Andy and David, and she does share attributes with Dark-type Pokémon, so he doesn't consider her especially trustworthy. He is about to tell her so, but Nori speaks up first, "So, when did you guys arrive in Johto?" She asks politely, "No offense, but it's obvious that you don't quite know your way around yet. I still feel bad about the shoddy way I treated you earlier, and to make it up to you, I'm gonna escort you to wherever it is you're going. Where are you going, anyway?" Andy begins to respond, "We're headed to Oliv--OW!" He's cut off when Enimuram stomps on his foot. Enimuram shakes his head rapidly, to indicate that they shouldn't tell Nori any more than she already knows. "Olivine, huh?" Faster'n you can say, 'Hey, I just finished folding that!' Nori snatches the map from Enimuram's hand, and begins to examine it. "It looks like we can take Route 36 north to Ecruteak, and continue west from there. It's a two or three-day journey, though, so we'd better stock up on supplies before we leave town. And you might as well get your Gym Challenge out of the way; your Magnemites should make short work of Falkner's Flying-types." "That's okay," Andy responds, "I'm not on a badge collecting journey. BBB takes up all of my--OWW! Enimuram, would you CUT IT OUT?!?!" He hops up and down, holding his injured foot. "Neither am I," Nori shrugs, "but the Johto Gym Leaders are complete pushovers. I battle them whenever I'm low on cash." 'And if I can persuade these guys to do likewise,' she thinks, 'I can relieve them of their winnings, before I turn them over to Giovanni.' "Pushovers?" Andy frowns, "Even Jasmine? But we were counting on Jasmine to help us fight the Power Plant Electro--OWWW!!!!" "Can I talk to you for a minute?" Enimuram takes Andy by the arm, and leads him to the other side of the room. "Doesn't she strike you as just a *bit* suspicious?" "Well, yes." Andy admits, "But we run into suspicious people every day, and we always come out ahead. Frankly, I'm more concerned about the people who *don't* seem suspicious. You never know what to expect from them. Besides, it's not like we're dealing with Team Rocket or anything. What's the worst that can happen?" Enimuram shakes his head, "I'm afraid to even guess." 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