From: Andrusi- All your dog are let out ( Subject: Re: [PW!] PC Crashers Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-07 03:26:48 PST >"Well, yes." Andy admits, "But we run into suspicious people every day, and >we >always come out ahead. Frankly, I'm more concerned about the people who >*don't* >seem suspicious. You never know what to expect from them. Besides, it's not >like we're dealing with Team Rocket or anything. *hehehe* >What's the worst that can >happen?" > >Enimuram shakes his head, "I'm afraid to even guess." Several hundred yards away (yes, you idiot, of course I mean outside), two MORE individuals were making use of the far-overused binoculars gimmick. "What in Voltifers' name is she doing?" Ted growled, inadvertently lowering Cyclonus's ATTACK. "Recruiting them?" "TRODE!" Scourge shouted. This roughly translates to "TRODE!". Scourge isn't the best at conversation. "...Right," Cyclonus said. "Sure. They're known for being vehemently against Team Rocket, and she's going to try to get them on our side. I hate to tell you, Ted, but people have to take an intelligence test to get into TR." "Really?" Ted was bewildered. "They never gave me one of those..." "Well, that explains it." "Explains what?" "Never mind. I say we hold off on stopping the Bashers for now. You know, so we can figure out what she's up to." Cyclonus's reasoning went right over Ted's head. However, about half of it bounced off Scourge and ran in through his ear, so at least he got the basic idea. "Okay." ... Meanwhile... ... "Okay," Andy said, "it's a deal." "Great," Nori replied. "We can start out tomorrow morning. Meet me at the front desk." "Sounds--" Andy started to say, but was interrupted. "We'd like to keep talking, but we should probably get our room now. Come on, Andy." Enimuram led Andy across the room and into the elevator. "ARE YOU AN IDIOT?!" Enimuram shouted as soon as the door closed. Andy considered this. "Never mind. Look, we know she has Dark attributes, we know she's threatened you and David, AND we know she's planning something. [The elevator doors opened.] And you just agreed to a continued interaction with this character!" "Continued... what?" "Never mind." Enimuram swiped the card-key, unlocking their room. "What were you thinking?" "She has cool Pokémon." About 1000 possible responses went through Enimuram's mind, most of them involving physical violence. He finally decided on saying, "Andy, you're an idiot." "Thanks. I was stuck on that question." "Look, just shut up and let me sleep. It's been a long day." "Okay," Andy said, promptly turning on the TV which was very loud and for some reason had no volume control. Enimuram groaned. -Andrusi &&