From: Bandraptor ( Subject: Re: [PW!] PC Crashers Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-25 02:45:14 PST Andrusi- All your Dog are let out wrote: >"Okay," Andy said, promptly turning on the TV which was very loud and for >some >reason had no volume control. > >Enimuram groaned. *BEEP* Nori swipes her keycard, unlocking the door that leads to her room. She places a hand on the doorknob, swings the door inward, and motions for her Pokémon to enter. Then she stops short. "Somebody's here." The teenage Rocket stands in the doorway, and strains all of her senses in an attempt to locate the intruders. In this case, it isn't very hard. One of them is an Electabuzz, and he's glowing brightly in the darkened room. She flips on the lights, "How did you get in here?" The Electabuzz responds, "Chalk it up to a hole in the plot." "Well, that's convenient." Nori remarks. "Think it's big enough to pull an Onix through? I could really use one." The Electabuzz's human partner directs her to the window, and gestures towards the foundation of the building, where someone has, indeed, dug a large hole in the plot of land. "I don't think so. It was a pretty tight squeeze for the two of us." "Ah." Nori appraises the man visually. "Ted Brotlov, I presume? You're in the wrong room. Renev's two floors up." "He is? Hey, thanks!" Momentarily forgetting their mission, Ted starts towards the door. Cyclonus holds out an arm to stop him. "We are aware of their location," the tiger-striped Pokémon responds testily. "but they're not our priority at the moment. It's *you* that we're worried about." Nori unconcernedly flops down on her bed. "Aw, how sweet. Someone's worried about me. I'm touched. Well, you've said your bit, now get the hell out of my room. I've come up with a foolproof plan for capturing those silly Magnemite fanboys that've been dodging you for so long; and I need to be well-rested if I'm going to act on it. Leave me alone, so I can get some sleep." Ted stomps his foot in frustration, "We're not going anywhere, until you tell us what you're up to!" "We also had a foolproof plan for capturing those Magnemite users," Cyclonus fibs, because that sounds a lot better than their real reason for being at the Pokémon Center ("We were trying to get some shots of Gligirl for a video we've been working on; and when we came to, we were on the front lawn..."), "but then you decided to get in our way. As much as I hate to quote Ted on anything, what in Voltifer's name are you doing?" Nori snickers, "Isn't it obvious? I'm stealing your thunder." Ted prods Cyclonus with his elbow, "Do you even have Thunder?" "Shaddup, Ted," The Electabuzz responds. He turns to face Nori, "Listen, kid, I really don't think it's a good idea to turn this into a competition. Aren't you familiar with POKéMON STOCK PLOT #13b," Cyclonus whips out his trusty episode guide, "where feuding Rocket teams botch the perfect plan as a result of their petty rivalry?" "Nope, sorry." Nori shakes her head. "I don't break the fourth wall very often." She hastily gets back on topic, "So, what are you saying, that you want to team up with me? Nothin' doing. Those Magnemite users have quite a price on their heads, and I have no intention of splitting that bounty. What's more, this is delicate work, and the last thing I need is a couple of screwups like you slowing me down." "Screwups?!?" Ted fumes, "You should be grateful to have a chance to work with someone of my stature!" Nori folds her arms behind her head, and leans back on a pillow. "Giovanni's been wanting to get his hands on Renev and Yortsed for quite some time now, so I'm sure that my capturing them is going to make him pretty happy. Still, he'll be a bit peeved when he realizes that, despite all he invested, you two never came through for him. You're gonna get fired for sure." She grins smugly, "If you ask me reeeeaaal nicely, I might proffer a few words in your defense. Just kidding, of course I won't. But you are teammates, so if you agree to stay out of my way, then I'll promise not to clobber you." Cyclonus raises a bemused eyebrow, "Say what?" Ted snaps, "You can't just horn in on our mission. If you won't back off willingly, I'll pull rank, and force you to step down." "Hahaha. You? Pull rank on me?" Neither Set nor Anubis can find any humor in this statement, but since Nori is laughing, they figure they might as well join in. "That's funny. Apparently, you're unaware of my standing. I don't like to brag about my rank, but suffice to say, it trumps yours." "Enough of this." Cyclonus, becoming increasingly annoyed with Nori's insolent nature, decides to do something drastic. He takes her by the arm, leads her into the foyer, and whispers three simple words in her ear. Nori casts a skeptical eye in Ted's direction, "Elite-Class Executive? No way." "It is so." Cyclonus responds gravely. "He is a holder of the highest attainable rank, surpassed only by Giovanni himself." Nori puts her hands on her hips, "There's no such thing as an Elite-Class. I'm an Executive, and I've never even heard of it. I think you're just making up phony titles so you can--" "Er, it's a top-secret standing, so few people know about it." Cyclonus explains. "You shouldn't even know about it, but given the circumstances, I thought it would be best to tell you." "Elite-Class Executive?" Nori repeats, dubiously, "How do I become one?" "It's left to Giovanni's discretion, really." The Electabuzz quickly adds, "But if you ask him about it, he'll deny everything. To throw you off. Since it's top-secret, and all." Nori's having a hard time believing that Ted Brotlov, who wears a Rocket uniform as part of his daily attire, can be part of any Executive class, let alone a covert one. But she also knows that the Boss works in mysterious ways. "I guess it could be true. Someone once told me that Giovanni tends to give his most arrogant, obnoxious, incompetent retainers Executive status, just to get them into the field, and out of his hair." Cyclonus sweatdrops, "I wonder who they were referring to?" "I dunno, but it'd explain a lot about Jessie and James..." "Cyclonus, what are you doing over there?" Ted calls from across the room. "Hurry up, and find out what her plan is!" Despite the revelation that Ted outranks her, Nori still has no respect for him--her admiration is reserved for Giovanni alone. However, insubordination is frowned upon in Team Rocket, and she doesn't want to disappoint Giovanni, by mouthing off to one of his highest ranking officers. She immediately adopts a humble attitude, and addresses her superior, "I know it isn't deserving of your appraisal, but I've come up with a plan that I hope you'll deem suitable. I had intended to lead those traitors as far away from the city as possible, and then..." "...Then?" Ted repeats, needlessly interrupting her explanation. "...And then, I was going to play things by ear." Nori concludes. "A most excellent plan." Ted nods sagely. "It's on par with some of my own." "Oh, I don't think it's that bad," Cyclonus muses. Ted growls, "Neither do I. Isn't that what I just said?" "Same words, totally different meaning." The Electabuzz replies. "As I was saying, that *was* my plan." Nori pipes up, "But then I got to thinking, it's not every day that I get to lead a pair of unsuspecting trainers to their doom. I should have some fun with it. That's when I remembered something about the base in Mahogany Town..." Nori pauses for effect, but this time, nobody jumps on the line. She clears her throat for emphasis. "What about the base in Mahogany Town?" Ted asks. "It's powered by Electrodes. Dozens, and dozens of Electrodes. What better way to get rid of a couple of Magnemite worshipers, than to throw them into a pit of Electrodes? It's simple poetic justice." "No," Cyclonus responds, "If you killed them using Magnetons, THAT would be poetic justice. What you're proposing is just an unnecessarily complex trap that's riddled with potential for escape." "Shut up, Cyclonus," Ted orders, "her plan involves Electrodes. It can't be all bad." "Trode!" Scourge jumps in, practicing his Wobbuffet impression. "How do you expect to get them to Mahogany?" Cyclonus presses on, "Do you think they'll just follow you there? They're not..." he stops to think about this, "...they're not that stupid." "I'm glad you brought that up." Nori turns her head, to conceal the fact that she's anything but, "Ecruteak City is a good distance away from here, maybe two days away by foot. I'll have plenty of opportunity to win those guys' trust, while we're on the road. By the time we reach the Olivine/Mahogany junction, they'll be so reliant on me as a navigator, that they won't even notice when I take them in the wrong direction. The whole thing's so easy, it's almost sickening. They'll be at Giovanni's mercy in no time at all." Set addendums, "<And then there shall be much rejoicing and revelry, for that is the way of things; so sayeth NATU.>" "That last bit was Set's idea," Nori explains, "I honestly have NO idea what it entails, but I'm always open to suggestion." Ted turns to his Electabuzz, "There, see? Her plan's totally legit. Where'd you get the idea that she was trying to recruit those misfits?" Cyclonus sighs, "Sir. If I recall correctly, it was you who--" "Recruit them?" Nori repeats out of genuine interest, "Hey...I didn't even think of that. Those guys are known for being vehemently against Team Rocket, so the best thing to do is to try to win them over to our cause. After all, most anti-Rockets are simply blind to the benefic side of our organization. We entertain people with our casinos, we keep the Pokémon trade alive and well, and we're always there to help victims of insurance fraud..." Ted turns to his Electabuzz, "As I was saying, where'd you come up with such a crazy idea?" "Who cares?" Cyclonus massages his temples, "Look. It's getting late. Let's call it a night." "Fine." Ted concurs, and starts towards the door, because he's forgotten all about the tunnel into the room (to his credit, so has everybody else, including the floor). He addresses Nori as he leaves, "We'll try things your way for now, but I'll be watching you from the minute you leave Violet--and if you mess things up, I'm stepping in!" "Sure, sure." Nori ushers him out the door, and bows politely, "I'm just honored to have the support of an Elite-Class Executive!" Ted scratches his head, as she closes the door behind him, "Elite-Class Executive? I didn't know I was an Elite-Class Executive. Cyclonus, did you?" The Electabuzz groans audibly, and begins to walk away. Ted jogs to catch up with him, "Hey! Don't turn your back on me! Come back here! Is this any way to treat a member of the Rocket Elite?!?" TBC... -Beth, of the ever changing sig.