From: syke108 ( Subject: [PW!][NS]Recalling characters Newsgroups: Date: 2001-02-01 18:40:13 PST (( Note from the archiver: I've archived this NS post because it contains information about what happened to Loriana and Ben. )) I hoped I would never have to say this, but I'm not able to write for PW! anymore. Lack of ideas for new stories, and not enough time to continue writing has ruined it for me. Howver, it's only PW! I'm quitting. Im still gonna peruse the newsgroups, commenting on good stories and other posts that interest me. So, here are the aftermaths for my remaining two characters: Loriana: While out on patrol for the Pokémon Resistence, she was captured by a traveling Professor Oak. Shortly after being brought back to Pallet, she was given to a new Pokémon Trainer. She's now happily battling other Pokémon, while getting to see the world as she always wanted to. And despite what she was told, she still has her free will, and uses it to her advantage. (Call her the Vulpix answer to Pikachu, only not as omnipotent) Ben Cajava: S/he decided that being a Pokémon Champion is not in his/her blood, so s/he headed back to his/her home at Evolution Mountain. There, s/he found a note his/her mother had written three days before the latter's death. The letter explained that s/he (Cajava) was born in China, and during that time, his/her mother accidentally washed him/her in the Jusenkyo Water Springs, creating the curse that has haunted Cajava as long as s/he has known. As well, the note told Cajava that there was a cure for his/her problem. With help from his/her newly evolved Dewgong, Seymour, s/he found the cure and proceeded to cure him/herself. Now the man he was born to be, Ben now lives on Evolution Mountain, and helps run Stone Town's Pokémart. Man, that was hard to write. If I ever get my life in order I might try writing a new character in PW! or PW!F, but I doubt it. Thanks to all those who interacted with my characters, and keep up the good work! PW! forever!