From: LordLocke ( Subject: [PW!] Rememberance Newsgroups: Date: 2001-01-12 09:20:05 PST "Mail's here!" Mara waved a stack of mail above her head for a moment before looking through it. "Anything important?" Gads lowered himself from a tree, hanging onto a limb by his tail. A moment later, Monk-chan did the same. They'd been hanging around either the Dojo or the Trisan home ever since Andrew said he'd meet up with them. It'd been a while, but Gads and Mara just shrugged it off, assuming it was really important. "Lessie, bill, bill, bill, postcard, the world needs saving..." "Gimme that last one." Gads eyes lit up. Perhaps there was something to do while waiting for Andrew. "K." Mara handed Gads the flyer. "Bill, bill... hmmm, might was well see what's on the postcard." Gads crumpled up the flyer and handed it to Monk-chan, who bounced it off the rim of a nearby trash can. "Aw, just a damn movie advertizement. What does the postcard say?" Mara began reading it. "It's from mom in dad, from the Orange Islands." "They're STILL out there on their honeymoon. What's it been, six months?" "Well, we can afford it, after all. Anyways...: Dear Children, Your father and I decided to extend out Honeymoon another week. We'll be arriving back shortly, but until then, I assume the two of you can take care of yourselves. Good luck in everything you do. -Mom." Gads shrugged. "Extra week? It's been more like twelve. Ah well..." Mara was busy pulling something off the postcard. "That's not all. It seems mom send something home for me." "What is it?" "I'm not sure, but I think it might be..." Mara reached to her pocket and pulled out a Pokeball. "Swirly, come out." The Polywhirl appeared a moment later. "Whatcha calling Swirly out for?" Gads, under a facade of courage, eyed the Polywhirl warially. Swirly was powerful and loyal, but Mara couldn't control him completely yet. Monk-chan rose back into the tree to avoid the damage. Mara finally got the blue stone unglued from the postcard, then held it out to Swirly. "You want this, Swirly?" The Polywhirl eyed it for a moment, then swiftly grabbed it with one hand. A few moments later, after many flashy light effects and the such, Swirly stood a little taller, a little larger, a LOT more muscular, and had a meaner look in his eyes. "Poly... WRATH!" Gads fell out of the tree. "Polywrath? That was a... a..." Mara grinned. "A water stone." Mara turned to Swirly. "Now, how about we see what you can do NOW Swirly." The Polywrath looked interested. Gads looked at Mara as if she was about to so something he didn't like. "What are you thinking Mara." Mara simply continued grinning. "How about a quick one-on-one? Swirly vs Monk-chan?" Gads didn't like where this was going. Only recently, the Mankey began to even force Swirly to concentrate on the fight. Now, Swirly was a Polywrath... "Mara, Swirly could pound Monk-chan BEFORE, but now..." Gads was suddenly cut off as said Mankey used Gads' head as a stepping stone to the ground. "Key, key!" Monk-chan glared at the Polywrath. "Key!" "Looks like Monk-chan wants to battle. All right. Swirly, Body Slam!" The Polywrath lunged it's entire body at the Mankey, preparing to crush it. "Monk-chan, coutner it with a Seismic Toss!" Monk-chan dodged out of the way, preparing to grab a passing limb. Well, it got out of Swirly's way... if Swirly was still a Polywhirl. However, with the bigger bulk... *SLAM* Swirly stood up from the indent it left in the lawn, an indent of the Mankey digging even lower where Swirly's left shoulder was. The Mankey began to climb up out of the hole. "Swirly, Surf!" "Monk-chan, get MOVING!" Monk-chan shook the hurting out of head and turned to face his opponent... Who was standing in front of a 20-foot tidal wave. "Key?" Monk-chan nearly went limp at the sight. "WRATH!!!" Swirly sent the tidal wave at the Mankey. The Mankey never stood a chance. A moment later, when the wave receeded, Monk-chan was out cold. Mara blinked. Swirly usually beat Monk-chan, but never that badly. Then, she grinned again. "All right! Not only did Swirly win, but he LISTEND TO ME!" Gads, from his safe-spot back in the tree, was amazed as well. "Damn. He's finally listening. I guess all that traning Mara's been doing with her MaChop's paying off. She's a much-smarter trainer then before..." Mara continued her tirade. "Now with the new and improved Swirly, I can take on ANYTHING." Gads stopped marveling and began to worry. It's lines of thought like this that kept getting his stepsister in trouble. "I could probably even take on HER!" Forget trouble, Gads thought to himself. This is T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Let's hope she isn't talking about who I think she is, please... "Sabrina, here I come!" "WRATH!" Before Mara could begin to march off to the Saffron Gym, she was suddenly blocked by Gads. Gads was shaking his head. "Mara, think about this. Swirly is REALLY strong now, but can you honestly expect him to carry an entire gym challenge against Sabrina?" Mara simply nodded. "What happens if Swirly falls? What do you have after that? A MaChop, which Sabrina will outrightly demolish, and two Rattatas. And you KNOW that Sabrina will add one of her infamous "wagers" to this match, especially with you being a Dojo-member." Mara laughed. "What are you worrying about, brother? With Swirly now a Polywrath, how can I lose? Swirly, come on!" Mara and Swirly stepped around Gads and continued on their way. Gads shook his head, turning back to the scene of the fight between Swirly and Monk-chan. The Mankey was still out of it. "Maybe... no. She's getting in over her head. And worse, if Mara loses to Sabrina, she'll be stuck with whatever penalty Sabrina places on her unless I can beat Sabrina and free Mara, and my odds of winning are even lower..." Gads began to go inside the house, over to the phone. "Damn it. And the one of us with the best odds just HAD to go to the damn tower." Gads picked up the Phone and dialed the operater. "Lavender Town Pokemon Center, please." Gads waited for the operater to connect. "Come on, Andrew, be there. We need you back here NOW!" -From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE