From: Newton P. Haights (newhaights@aol.comanyte) Subject: Re: [PW!] Rememberance Newsgroups: Date: 2001-01-14 08:59:59 PST LordLocke wrote: >"Damn it. And the one of us with the best odds just HAD to go to the >damn tower." Gads picked up the Phone and dialed the operater. >"Lavender Town Pokemon Center, please." Gads waited for the operater to >connect. > >"Come on, Andrew, be there. We need you back here NOW!" *sigh* Andrew stayed there, kneeling. He wanted to get up, but...the memories just kept him there...oh, the memories...he collapsed on the grave, sobbing again. Behind him he heard another sigh, almost mirroring his. He snapped up and, collecting his emotions turned around find a saddened Haunter looking at him. "Uh...h-hi," he stuttered. The Haunter just "stood" there. "Well...uhm...sorry to have disturbed you..." Andrew started to get up, worrying that he angered the ghost somehow. He wasn't scared -- he had grown used to ghosts ever since James started bringing him here; he loved the tower, and indeed that's WHY he was buried here -- but he worried, out of respect. After all, it was his tower, not Andrew's. "I was just...uh...paying respects." The Haunter nodded, and approached the grave. He floated above the grave. "You must be the, uh, person -- er, Pokemon -- that takes care of everything around here...I guess I'll be going then." "Haunt." It zipped around Andrew, stopping him before he could leave. "Haw, haunter." It pointed to itself, then towards the grave. "..." It pointed again. "What are you trying to say?" Again. "You...that grave...are you trying to say..." It nodded. "YOU'RE MY GRANDPA?!" It facefaulted. "No, huh?" It shook its head. It then made another gesture. It pointed evocatively, first touching Snicker's ball, then at Andrew; then, toward himself again, and at the grave. ".........OH. You of his...oh my goddish." It nodded. "Wow." He collected his thoughts, tried to take it all in. "So...why have you waited until now to . . . uhm . . ." "Hawn...haw haunt..." It put its hands over it's head, then pointed at Andrew and made a running motion with its hand. "You mean, you were afraid that I would get scared?" It nodded. "Oh. Well, uhm, it was...nice...talking to you." He shook its hand and left. ***downstairs*** The setting sun was strangely visible as Andrew came downstairs. The rain had completely stopped. It cast a slightly happier light on the first floor than there had been as he came in. "Andrew?" The receptionist saw Andrew as he came downstairs. "You have a message." "Hrrm?" "Someone named Gads Trisan called looking for you. He left a really urgent message." "Uhm. Ok then." He recieved the message from the receptionist. "Oh, and another've got a Haunter following you." "Hrrm?" He turned around, and sure enough, there it was. "What are you doing down here?" "Haunt." "You don't want to stay in the tower?" "Haunt." It shook its head. "And you want to come with me." "Haunt." It nodded. "Ok then." Andrew took the code for the message over to the phone on the wall and entered it. 'Andrew, it's Gads. Get to Saffron NOW. Mara's feeling overconfident and just went over to Sabrina's to battle. You're pretty much our best hope. *beep*' "Oh geez...they really don't stand a fighting chance...literally." He turned to the Haunter. "Well, it's a good thing that Ghosts are strong to Psychics...I you want to help me?" It nodded. "Great!" Andrew ran off to the west, the sun in his eyes. "I hope that I get there in time..." *TBC* -- NewHaights: NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION