From: Nick -New and Improved- ( Subject: [PW!] Return to Saffron City and a Visit to the Gym Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-30 20:04:03 PST Previously, Splash vowed to find Murasaki, what else? ---------------- The light blinded him as he he left the wooded area. Was it always this bright? No, it wasn't this bright. Something was different. Which city was he in. That had to be his first objective. And he accomplished it easily. Several signs shouting out Saffron City's name popped out at him as he wandered around the town. He'd been there before. Back before his life became almost perfect. His life became almost perfect the moment he and Murasaki fell in love. Before that, he had tried to become a Pokemon trainer. Before leaving Cerulean on a Pokemon journey, Splash had trained his Tentacool daily at the gym in order to become a great trainer. When Misty thought he was ready to leavce the gym, he headed off, only to lose to the first gym leader he faced. But he met Murasaki as a direct result of this loss. So, it obviously was a good thing. Wait... that gym leader... Murabrina? No... Her name didn't come close to the beauty of Murasaki's name... that was it. Sabrina. She was a phychic gym trainer. She trained psychic pokemon. She was a phychic. She could tell him where Murasaki was! He didn't need to find Minax or another Rocket member. All he needed was to convince this gym leader to tell him. And he had no doubt that Sabrina would agree to tell him once she realized how important this was to the future. The Saffron Gym was in the northeast corner of town. It took Splash by suprise when he realized that he'd walked to it as he was thinking his wonderful thoughts about Murasaki. Murasaki... She is so beautiful. Splash wanted to see her again. He wanted to touch her again. To let her know just how much he cared about her. Entering the gym, Splash headed boldly towards the room where Sabrina waited; jumping from excitement as he got closer to the answer that he longed to know. Murasaki. Soon... Murasaki... TBC.......?