Subject: [PW!] Runt's Reemergence Date: 21 Dec 2001 05:28:56 GMT From: (TheRunt) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: (For your convenience, a summary of this episode appears at the bottom) Since we last saw him, Runt has grown up a bit. Having spent the last 5 or so years working on his folks Pokémon ranch, he's become a little stronger and a little wiser. Likewise, a few of his Pokémon have evolved while a few have just matured. We now rejoin him on a rather special occasion "Happy Birthday dear Tank," sings everyone. "Happy Birthday to you!" "And many more..." adds Runt. In the middle of the crowd, a tiny Sandshrew blows out the candles on the enormous cake in front of it. Again, the crowd cheers. "Shwew!" it coos happily as it digs in. As the dishes are put away, Tank frolics amongst its new toys while his parents watch contentedly. "Well, it's time," declares Runt as he hefts his bag onto his shoulder. Immediately, the little mouse looks up from it merriment with a look of sheer anticipation. "San shwew?" he asks hopefully. "Yep, you're old enough now. And, as I promised, we're gonna go out on a journey. Come on." Tank hurries over to his trainer as quick as he can. "Shwew san shwew?" calls out Polly. "san," Tank replies "San san shwew?" his mother asks "san," he answers "San shrew san?" Rolly places a paw on his mate's back, "Shwew, shwew san." "Trust me Polly, I won't let anything bad happen to Tank. And besides, Tiny and Roo will be keeping an eye on him as well. Right guys?" "'Nair!" "Kanga!" The sad Sandshrew turns to her mate and he begins to comfort her, taking only a moment to wave good-bye to Runt and his friends. As group leaves the property and starts along the main road, Runt pauses. Tiny looks up at him quizzically. "Something about this seems familiar, but not quite right." After another moment, he shrugs it off and they continue. A little further on the road, Runt sees a small boy approach a young blonde haired woman crouched at the side of the road. The boy crouches to the side, and shortly thereafter she stands up and rips off her dress, revealing a white outfit with a big red 'R' on it. From a nearby bush a dark haired man, with more masculine version of the same suit, jumps out. "To protect the world from devastation" "To unite all peoples within our nation" "To denounce the evils of Truth and Love "To extend our reach to the stars above" "Bonnie" "Clyde" "Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light" "Surrender now or prepare to fight" "I knew something was up," states Runt, "come on guys." As the rocket members start arguing with the kid, Runt and his friends rush to the scene. "That's it!" yells Bonnie as she raises her pokéball in the air. "Tangela Go!" She goes to throw it, but her arm won't move. "What the?!" she exclaims. Looking up her arm, she discovers the reason, a light grey Kangashkan. Roo wags his finger at the woman. She looks to Clyde for help, but Tiny has already put a firm grip on him. Stepping before the two crooks, Runt looks over to the boy, "Why don't you take off, I'll deal with them." The boy silently nods and runs down the street. "What's the meaning of this?!" shouts Clyde. "Oh, don't you remember? You pulled the same ruse on me about...hmm...6 years ago. Now, if you'd like a rematch, I'd be more than happy to oblige." With a snap of his fingers, Roo and Tiny let the two go and return to Runt's side. "Muk, Go!" cries Clyde. "Tangela, Go!" shouts Bonnie "Tiny, clean up the mess -- Roo, you pull the weed." "Tangela! Constrict the kangaroo!" commands Bonnie. "Roo, Bite him!" Tangela then sends it's vines around Roo's body. One, however, gets too close to Roo's mouth and gets a demonstration of his teeth. "Muk! Gas that dragon!" yells Clyde. With that, Muk lets out an awful belch that hits Tiny full force. Even from his distance, Runt has to wave off the foul air. But the Dragonair merely shrugs it off and blows lightly in his adversary's direction. After a few moments, the pile of poison is paralyzed. While Clyde stands there, as stunned as his Pokémon, Bonnie continues to command hers, "Tangela, Mega Drain!" As the wad of grass begins to suck life from Roo, the young Kangashkan tries to punch it off. Seeing this, Runt gets an idea and a smirk grows on his face. "Tiny, Blizzard." The lithe dragon nods in agreement and closes his eyes in concentration. A cloud grows over his horn and soon whips chunks of ice around -- some hitting the immobile Muk, but most hitting the leeching ball of lettuce attack his comrade. "Hey, you're cheating! You're only supposed to go one on one!" screams Clyde. "Gee, and here I thought Team Rocket didn't need to follow the rules," states Runt innocently. "Now do you want to give up, or shall I continue? "Does this answer your question?" asks Bonnie as she pulls out a pokéball. "Tangela, Return!" Clyde follows suit and both run off down the road. "Nice job guys," say Runt, patting his Pokémon on the back. Runt and his friends the take a leisurely walk to the Pokémon Center in Saffron City. "If you could please take care of my Pokémon," asks Runt as he enters in. "Sure thing," says Nurse Joy. "Just give me your Pokémon and I'll make 'em all better. It's late, why don't you go sleep over on that couch over there -- you look like you could use a few Z's. I'll give back your Pokémon in the morning." "Good idea. Guys, sleep well - Tomorrow, we head to Goldenrod City!" With that, Runt lies down and falls fast asleep and dreams of the adventures to come in Johto... <To Be Continued...> Summary: A reintroduction to Runt Cloverwood. Shortly after leaving home on his journey, he stops an ambushed by Bonnie and Clyde (two members of Team Rocket). After teaching them that what goes around, comes around, he proceeds to Saffron City. The Runt _______________________________________________________________ "Slow and steady wins the race."