From: Rob ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Shocking Truth! Into the Mind of Pain! Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-07 19:08:54 PST Nick -New and Improved- wrote: > "Yes," Mrs. Psychic smiled. "I am sure." With the clap of her hands, Splash > fell asleep and the lady put the coin back into her purse. > > "However, you will need some help," Mrs. Psychic said as she moved towards the > door. "Your biggest enemy will be coming back into your life. And you need to > be careful." With those words, Mrs. Psychic departed, leaving Marcia and a > sleeping Splash alone. Hours later, Nurse Marcia is thinking about what Mrs. Psychic said, among other things, while sitting on the swivel chair at the front desk of the Violet City Pokemon Center. It's been a slow day - not too many people have come in with injured Pokemon since she took over at the end of Nurse Joy's shift, and that's a good thing in Marcia's opinion. Sometimes she would overhear Nurse Joy tell kids whose hurt Pokemon she had just healed that she hoped to see them again, but she had never gotten around to asking the nurse why she wanted the kids' Pokemon to get injured again. Maybe Nurse Joy is as inwardly malicious as Minax was? Perhaps she occasionally got tips from the kids? Marcia sometimes got tips herself, but they were usually from perverted men who put their numbers on the currency. Or maybe she just didn't want boredom from not having anything to do to set in? With work to do, one's mind wouldn't wander onto unpleasant thoughts... "Doppler." Marcia sighs out the name, closes her eyes, then shakes her head, "She must've meant him. He's my biggest enemy... he's really my only enemy." She opens one of her eyes and its dark brown iris surveys the area. Doppler used to sometimes appear when his name was mentioned, so Marcia is relieved that none of the potted plants in the Pokemon Center melt, that none of the sofas grin, and that not a single clock's face turns into the face of a Ditto. Marcia releases another sigh, this time one of relief, and opens her other eye. Marcia continues to think about her worst enemy until the incessant ticking of one of the non-Ditto clocks in the Pokemon Center begins frustrating her. She reaches for a remote control and uses it to turn on the Pokemon Center's wide-screen television - the same one that Nori watched "Mareeped With Chinchou" on a couple of days ago and the same one that the citizens of Violet City often watched Pokemon tournaments and major sporting events on. The local news is showing. Nurse Marcia is about to change the channel since she's never liked the news, ever since she was a little girl. However, when she sees the rubble of the abandoned warehouse she blew up on the TV screen, she decides to watch the news to find out what happened to Butch and Cassidy, the Team Rocket members who were in the building when it blew up. She's not afraid that they're dead, since she heard that one time on a trip to the Orange Islands, a much larger building exploded and collapsed on them and they only had a few singe marks on their clothing, but she still wants to find out if they escaped or if they were hauled off to jail. On the television, two Officer Jennys and some male police officers are dragging a male and a female, both dressed as nurses, into a police van that has bars on its windows. The "nurses" are actually Butch and Cassidy in disguise. Butch can be heard saying, "...and we would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for that meddling double-crosser and her blasted Crobat!" After showing the two Rocket members being locked up in the police van, the shot pans to Officer Jenny, who speaks into a microphone being held up to her face, "It turns out that their Hypno's Hypnosis was what was making most of the good people in Violet City think the city was on fire and that people and Pokemon were killed. Many thanks go out to a local nurse called Marcia who wasn't affected by the Hypnosis and told us where to find Butch and Cassidy." The shot moves from Officer Jenny to the red-haired female reporter holding the microphone, "Back to you, Frank." "Thanks, Rita." The scene on the television switches to a grinning blonde male anchorman sitting next to his co-anchor, a Jynx who has her hair up in a bun. When she sees the news anchors, Marcia remembers having heard of the gimmick behind the news program - one of the anchors and the meteorologist are talking Pokemon. She's about to change the channel, but she changes her mind once again when the Jynx on TV says, "That's not the only weird thing that happened in Violet City recently." Marcia leans forward in her swivel chair, hoping that the other weird thing that happened in Violet City doesn't involve a certain Ditto. "That's right, Lola." A close-up of Frank, the grinning anchorman, is shown. Next to his head, an image of Articuno pops up, then he says, "The legendary ice bird, Articuno, was seen roosting in Falkner's Gym recently. Our meteorologist, Stone Treeman, believes that strong northwesterly wind gusts carried Articuno to Johto all the way from the Seafoam Islands and that he roosted on one of the tallest buildings in the city, Falkner's Gym, to wait for them to pass. One of the trainers in Falkner's Gym joked that he was going to keep Articuno as his pet. When the winds died down again, Articuno flew away, presumably heading home." Marcia cringes. She hopes that the meteorologist's explanation is correct, afraid that Articuno might've actually been Doppler in disguise. "Now you might be asking: why didn't Articuno roost on the tallest structure in Violet City, the Sprout Tower?" Lola asks the rhetorical answer right before giving her response, "Well, he couldn't roost there because the giant Bellsprout who lives in the Tower's central beam, rumored to be called BELLSPROUTER, was enraged when someone awakened him, so it wasn't a good idea for any Pokemon, Legendary or not, to come near him. The giant Bellsprout was awakened by a poor young musician known as Jason Bard, who was soon after Wrapped by the Bellsprout's vines. Mr. Bard was rescued when a mysterious middle-aged man named Cory arrived and commanded the giant Bellsprout to put him down and the Pokemon did so. We have security cam footage of this event..." The scene on the television cuts from the male human and female Jynx anchors to black-and-white security footage of the interior of the Sprout Tower... "JASON!" Amber, a young girl, kept screaming. She didn't want anyone killed! Suddenly a man was at the door. "Stop!" he said. Bellsprout stopped raising Jason to its mouth, the priests stopped what they were doing and Amber stopped screaming. The man approached the giant Bellsprout. "Bellsprout, put him down." The Bellsprout looked admiringly at the man and put Jason down. "Belllllsprout! [Cory!]" the Bellsprout boomed. "Now why didn't you wait until I brought you plant food? You can't eat any more trainers, ok?" "Bellsprout, sprout. [Ok, Cory.]" Jason ran over to Amber and untied her, Rivet and Fang. "Wait a minute, that Bellsprout is YOURS?" Amber asked, understanding the sprout's talk. "Yes. When I first started out, he was my first Pokemon," Cory started. "I gave him plant food and he grew really big, as you see. I couldn't travel with him, so I had the priests build a building around him to keep him from following me. Now I couldn't travel, because Bellsprout here wanted to see me everyday for more plant food." The scene cuts to a color close-up of Lola the Jynx. Next to her there's an image of a screaming Wobbuffet holding a bottle of beer. Lola explains, "Sprout Tower researchers, those dedicated to studying the structure, claim that this man named Cory is actually a psychic, possibly one who drinks too much and as a result likes telling tall tales. One researcher, Earl Durling, the head of Violet City's Pokemon Academy, explains that the Tower is very old, probably much older than Cory unless the man is preserving himself very well. If Cory really is too young to be telling the truth, then the only way he could've controlled the Bellsprout the way he did was using psychic powers. Cory was unavailable for comment. Drunken exaggerating psychic or ancient owner of the Sprout Tower's Bellsprout? You decide." The image on the TV screen then pans out to show Frank, the male human anchor, and Lola, the Jynx, in the same shot. Frank turns to Lola to comment casually on the previous news report, "Hey, Lola, did you see that girl in the security footage? She looked like she was part human and part Sneasle!" Lola says, "Sneasel." "What?" Frank asks. Lola explains, "It's pronounced Sneasel." "I say Sneasle." Frank lowers his eyebrows at Lola, but keeps on grinning widely like he's trained to do. When his eyebrows relax once again, he turns back towards the camera, "And now it's time for our weather forecast, with meteorologist Stone Treeman." The shot pans to a tall Sudowoodo in front of a green screen. Stone, the Sudowoodo, waits for the weather forecast to show up on his screen, then he points at an image of clouds, "Tonight it will be partly cloudy and humid..." When he moves his branch-like arm to the next image on the screen, his eyes widen and he freaks out, "AHHHH! THERE'LL BE RAIN TOMORROW! I HATE RAIN! Everyone, whatever you do, don't leave your homes! There will be light drizzling in the morning, followed by heavier rain, and then there'll be a STORM! A FREAKIN' STORM! I'd pack up my bags leave the city tonight if I were you, since there might be up to HALF AN INCH of rainfall! WE'RE ALL GOING TO..." Marcia finally changes the channel with her remote. While she flips through other channels, she wonders if Splash, who is in the back room, has woken up yet. -Marcia