Subject: [PW!] Shopping can be dangerous Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 09:56:35 GMT From: Marco262 <> Newsgroups: Lisa tugged on Darian's hand, making him lurch slightly. "Come on! Come on! You're holding me up!" Darian rolled his eyes and allowed himself to be towed along, occasionally misstepping trying to keep pace with her. "God woman, don't you have enough junk to drag along while we travel?" Lisa, of course wasn't offended in the least by this comment. She just looked back over her shoulder at him and winked. "Have I ever had enough 'junk', Darian?" She said his name with a purr and laughed as he stumbled, almost falling. His face took on a red tint as he glared up at her. "So where are we going anyway?" Lisa stopped her double march and released Darian's hand, peering around her like a prairie dog at the top of his mound. It had been a few weeks since they had left the Olivine Hospital, and were now wandering the streets of a town on Route 38 called Alder Town. Currently, they were running through the marketplace, which consisted of nothing more than benches and tables set under tarps lining the sides of the street. Despite this, it matched Goldenrod and Celadon in the sheer number of items for sale comparative to its size. People swarmed and heckled mercilessly, creating a veritable sea of humanity from booth to booth, bartering anything imaginable, from kumquats to teddy bears to mufflers. Darian watched Lisa crane her neck left and right over the heads of the crowd. Occasionally, she'd bring her arms up to shade her eyes, making her breasts rise in a way that Darian couldn't help but stare at. Her shirt lifted to show her healthy, tight skin around her midriff, and whenever she turned around, he could see her ample buttocks and thighs. God, I'm thinking like I'm buying a cow, Darian thought, bringing himself back to reality. But her eyes captivated him, more than anything... "It looks like there's a booth that's selling some clothing over there," Lisa turned around, catching him looking at her. She dropped her chin a little and look up at him with a coy smile. "Earth to Darian, hello?" He seemed to come out of his trance, because his eyes refocused, and his relaxed frown returned. She giggled and grabbed his hand again. "Well, now that you're alive again, let's go!" She pushed off into an even thicker part of the crowd, Darian in tow. * * * "Can we stop now?" Darian whined as Lisa continued to drag him through the thickest packs of humans, "I've been prodded and jabbed in places I didn't even know I had." "Alright, fine you big baby." She released her death grip on him and he immediately sat down in front of the nearest booth, like a marionette that suddenly had its strings cut. Lisa, for lack of anything else to do until they moved on, sat down next to him. She leaned her head on his shoulder. "We've only been going for about five minutes," she said. "Obviously, you weren't made for shopping." Darian just sighed, relaxing his muscles and releasing more of his body to the rejuvenating strain of gravity. "Ain't that the truth?" he groaned. "Mile long hikes I can handle, but this is like an obstacle course at top speed." "What do you expect?" Lisa rhetorized, "It is the week after Christmas." Yeah, exactly two days after, she thought. She thought back to the Christmases before last, mostly spent in Darian's hospital room, making sure he was well cared for. She'd dreamed then what Christmas would be like when he was awake. Maybe, she had dreamt, he would make her a present. Nothing special, just something made out of tinfoil, or paper, or a love poem. You can't expect much from hospital patient, now can you? But, two days ago, she was instead hiking through thick bushes and high grass, a far cry from her fantasy holiday with her love. He'd keep silent all day, except to ask her if she was tired or hungry. The luxury of watching him battle with his pokémon was restricted from her as well. He usually dealt with wild pokémon by throwing stones or swinging heavy sticks. Far be it for this silent, uncreative man to even think of buying her a present. But, for some reason, she preferred sleeping in the cold and damp of the forest with him to the warm hospital quarters. She smiled faintly at that thought. "It's really been that long?" Darian remarked, after a few moments turning her statement over in his head. He couldn't help noticing the sad sigh in her voice as she said the last part, and mentally cursed himself for forgetting about Christmas. She'd even given him that picture of them she'd drawn, which he'd unfortunately mistaken for a handkerchief, and had used it accordingly. It had taken him a while to figure out why she seemed so pissed off that day. He wondered now if she was thinking that and was still was upset about it, but he looked down at her and saw her smiling up at him, lost in thought. Se must've forgotten about it. Still, he needed to make it up to her somehow... "Okee-doke, no more dawdling around." Lisa stood up, tugging on Darian's arm. "We've got to Scooby-Doo along if we want to get the good prices!" "Scooby-Doo along?" Darian queried, as he allowed himself to be dragged to his feet. "Where the hell did that come from?" "Beats me," Lisa shrugged, not looking back at Darian as she towed him along again through the crowd. "Something my seventh grade teacher used to say all the time. Come to think of it, she was a real moron. I'm glad we were able to get her fired. Here we are." She stopped, much to Darian's relief, in front a booth sporting many types of colorful sun dresses. She looked over her shoulder and winked at him while she grabbed some dresses off their hooks. "You be a good boy and stay here while I go to the dressing room." She sauntered off behind the booth to disappear between two curtains setup up in front of a wooden stall. Apparently the dressing room. Darian shrugged lazily and turned around slowly, taking in the sights of his new location. Not much different than any of the other areas of the marketplace. Packed like a sardine by people, noisy shopkeepers, noisier children being dragged against their will by their stressed out mothers. "I hear ya," Darian sympathized, absently massaging his sore wrists. Inevitably bored, Darian wandered the nearest non-clothing related booth and scanned its contents. It could've passed for a junkpile. Random bits of metal, shaped to look like something useful, were arranged in semi-neat stacks, neighbored by plastic moldings of pokémon or famous figures. Piled to the sides of the booth were lifesized stuffed figures of the smaller pokémon found around the town. "Ah customer! You like, you can buy!" Darian's head snapped up so fast it made him dizzy. There, inches away from where he had been inspecting a one-inch tall Magneton a moment ago, was a dark-skinned man with a smile plastered on to his face. "Uh, well I..." "You buy lots! All for sale! Cheap prices! Good stuff!" "Listen, I don't want to..." "No for you? For other, yes? You have pretty girl make happy?" "Pretty girl?" Something clicked. "Yeah. Yeah sure. Something for my friend." The shopkeeper's grin widened and he opened his arms wide, like he was trying to embrace the whole crowd behind Darian. "We got what you see. Lowest price in town! Good for friend! She like cute pokémon, yes? Only 85 dollar!" He picked up a Cubone doll and made it dance around for Darian. "85 dollars? That's kind of expensive," Darian remarked to the Cubone. "What's that you got there?" The man followed Darian's line of sight to where it rested on an oddly shaped figurine. It was vaguely shaped like a Q but with the middle part filled in. It had a strange quality to it that made it shine in intervals. Intervals set to match the frequency of slow breathing. The shopkeeper's smile died away temporarily as he picked up the stuffed pokémon and inspected it with a baffled look. He realized that he still had a customer and put his smile back on. "Ah, you like? You can have? What price you want? 50 dollar?" "Well," said Darian, digging his money out of his backpack, "All I have right now is 5 bucks." "25 dollar then, you convince me." "No, you don't understand, all I have is 5 dollars." "You drive me crazy! 10 dollar! Final offer!" "I would, but all I have is 5." "Sold! You shrewd man! Buy plenty! Make girlfriend happy!" He shoved the pokémon into Darian's arms and took the 5 bills in from Darian's proffered hand in one swift motion. "She's not my g...oh forget it." Darian hefted the gift. It was a lot heavier than he'd thought a stuffed animal could be. He shrugged and stuffed it into his bottomless backpack. Zipping it up he turned back toward the "dressing room" that Lisa was still in. Approaching the makeshift stalls from behind, Darian noticed a sly movement around the front of it. As he came around to the curtained part of the stall that Lisa was in, he saw a fat man with greasy hair and an asthma problem nudging a mirror around with his shoe in the dirt in the two inches of open space under the bottom of the curtain. He was grinning pervertedly and frequently wiped his forehead with a stained handkerchief. "Whatcha up to?" The man jumped guiltily at the sound of Darian's voice, but calmed down when he saw the grinning teenager. He looked over Darian's shoulder and Darian looked with him. Despite the crowded conditions, the dressing room "doors" were shielded from view of any innocent glances by racks of excess clothing. The man smiled nervously back at what he assumed to be a fellow pervert. He glanced back down at the mirror. "I've got this really hot chick in here. Damn, her tits are nice. Beautiful ass too." He cupped one hand in the air about his shoulder level, and another one farther down to illustrate. Darian whistled softly and stuck his hands in his pockets. "Nice. Any luck yet?" The man shook his head and stared back down at the mirror. "Nah, she's just been holding the dresses up for size. Stupid broad. Whoah! Looks like she's ready to start taking it off! This must be my lucky day!" Darian nodded sagely. * * * A loud thump outside her stall made Lisa stop. She pulled her shirt back down over her stomach and pulled aside the curtains. Darian stood there, grinning at her. He had one hand in his pocket, one hand adjusting the backpack strap on his shoulder, and a foot on the back of a fat 38-year old's head, grinding his face into the ground at her feet. Broken glass covered the ground around his head like a halo. She looked back up at Darian in disbelief and confusion. His mouth was smiling, but his eyes were not. "We're leaving," he said, "Let's go." He pressed on the man's head one last time and turned around, walking off. Lisa glanced down and shuddered. She stepped over the sobbing man and followed Darian, replacing the dresses on their hooks as she passed the booth. * * * Queue, the Q-shaped Unown, awoke in the dark of Darian's backpack. He Questioned the few random objects in the enclosed space as to where he was, but they offered no answer, so he just went back to sleep. TBC... (OOC: Time for something different. Don't tell me that my story was good, what I did right, and what you liked about it. Tell me what absolutely sucked. Complain, bitch, and flame me, I beg of you. Get it out. Thank you. Hopefully this won't be my only post for another months or so.)