From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Slowpoke Not So Well Newsgroups: Date: 2001-06-18 18:22:26 PST Rob wrote: > On the road to Kurt's house, while entering the Azalea Town limits, > Sarah wonders why the heavy Slowpoke she's carrying with both of her > arms is so bossy, Mimic wonders why Sarah didn't leave the annoying > Pokemon back at the well to fend for himself, Cyndaquil wonders why he > keeps having the bad luck of meeting up with scary Water Pokemon, Barbie > wonders if Luthor is all part of the fiendish master plan she imagines > Mimic to have, and Luthor wonders why Sarah isn't flying. But only Luthor still has energy to voice his concerns. "Luthor demands haste!" The human and all three other pokemon look at him in mild annoyance. "Mimic no be opposed get there faster, if mean no have listen this longer. Sarah's choice." Her shyness forms her initial reaction, but her thirst and tired legs override before the words can escape her lips, instead substituting "Do it." It takes a few moments for her higher mind to regain control and be properly shocked at the tone of voice she just used on her friend, though by then she can not read his face since he has transformed back into the car from the cave. "Sarah get in driver's seat and put hands on wheel. Mimic drive, but prefer not have explain driverless driving to Officer Jenny." "O-okay..." She sets Luthor in the back, wondering why Cyndaquil - having already nestled in the rear - suddenly leaps to the passenger seat. Sarah then faces Barbie, who is eyeing the car with obvious distrust. Though Sarah thinks that Barbie distrusts motor vehicles rather than Mimic in particular, her solution is the same: the sheperdess smiles and kneels and whispers to her mareep, "Guard my back and keep an eye on that slowpoke. I'll be too busy looking like I'm driving, so I need you to shock him if he tries anything. Ok?" Barbie takes a second to wonder why Sarah seems more afraid of the slowpoke than his obvious master, but her trust of Sarah quickly wins out. "Reep!" Barbie nods and jumps onto the car's rear bench seat, behind Cyndaquil and in perfect position to attack Luthor. That done, Sarah steps into the car and settles on the driver's seat...only to shriek when a shoulder and lap belt leaps out and pins her to it! "Please? Remember, appearances." Sarah struggles against the seat belt to no avail. "What does tying me up have to do with anything?!?" "This law around here." "What? I've ridden in tractors and I *never* had to wear anything like this!!" "Like said, around here. Besides, tractor no is car: car go much faster, so lawmakers worried people fly out of cars." "Lemmegolemmegolemmego!" "Alright, alright." The belt releases and retracts. "But your fault if get pulled over." Sarah continues to struggle for a moment before realizing Mimic's concession. "Don't ever do that again!" "It law, Sarah. Can ask Kurt when see if no believe. Anyway, place hands on wheel so can go." "What, so you can handcuff me to them?" "Sarah! ... Alright, Mimic promise no handcuff to wheel. Happy? No was going to; no law about that." "Fine." She grips the steering wheel by its sides, just like she saw someone do once when driving a truck up to her childhood home, then squeezes her eyes and braces for sudden acceleration... ...only to open them five minutes later when she feels no movement. Her eyes tell a different story, though, especially when they see the gauge on the dashboard reading, "15". "Cyn! Cynda! QUIIIL!" "Do you know what he's complaining about?" "Mimic went much faster during race. But that racetrack, this not. Besides, slowpoke maybe around any corner. Plus, eyes in this form no can read; Mimic need you look for signs point to destination." Sarah is about to answer when a whistle distracts her. Off to the left, some construction workers - apparently on break - lounge around a half-finished building; upon noticing what appears to them to be a sweat-drenched babe of presumably legal age to drive, cruising in a car built for such, look at them, they hoot and wave. "Mimic strongly suggest ignore them." TBC?