From: Rob ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Slowpoke Not So Well Newsgroups: Date: 2001-07-01 14:27:59 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > Sarah looks down, and indeed, a few locks of hair from her forehead > have tumbled down to whisk across the dashboard. Blushing, she pulls > her head away quickly, and watches Mimic vibrate a bit before > transforming into a dodrio with Cyndaquil on his back. > > Two of Mimic's heads have their eyes squeezed shut and their beaks > trying to suppress laughter, while the third remains undistracted. > "Go...on ahead...Mimic catch up," Mimic pants between drawing in > breaths for the other two heads. Sarah nods and cautiously climbs the small hill with Barbie the Mareep following willingly, not wanting to be left behind with Mimic or Cyndaquil. A conversation that Cyndaquil has started with Mimic becomes less and less audible as the shepherdess approaches the house that Mazey has carried Luthor the Slowpoke into. She sets one foot in the house, leans in through the doorway, and examines the interior of Mazey's home. She sees Luthor set on the house's hard wood floor, Mazey standing next to him, and an old man Sarah hasn't met, presumably Mazey's grandpa, across from Mazey, crouching next to the Slowpoke, examining him carefully. "So, grandpa," Mazey says, "What do ya think? Isn't this weird?" "A talking Slowpoke - I had a feeling the rumor was true, but it sounded too unbelievable, so I told the Hiker who reported one that he was probably hallucinating due to the draught." Mazey's grandfather says with his raspy voice, "But here he is... and he's actually talking about taking over the world, just like Anthony said." Luthor's scowls at the old man, then explains, "Luthor has no need to talk about taking over the world any longer, you senile old fool! Haven't you been keeping up with the news? Luthor has been declared supreme ruler of all sentient life in this galaxy and probably others! Just ask Supergirl, who satisfies Luthor's every desire." "Super girl?" The old man stands up straight, scratching the back of his head, "Is he talking about you, Mazey?" "N-n-no... he's t-talkin' about me." Sarah completely passes through the doorway. Barbie steps through too and ducks behind Sarah when she sees other humans. Sarah timidly adds, not looking directly at the old man who asked the question, her blonde hair obscuring part of her face, "A-at least I th-think he means me..." The old man steps forward, towards the fifteen year old girl, to get a better look at her, "Your name's Super girl? How does this Slowpoke know you?" "N-no, I-I'm... M-my name's..." Sarah glances at the man's face with her hazel colored eyes for a moment, then swallows her saliva before saying, "Sarah." Fortunately for Sarah, who had a hard enough time telling the little girl's grandfather what her name is, Mazey answers her grandpa's second question before the shepherdess begins to address it, "Oh, yeah, grandpa, this talking Slowpoke belongs to Sarah. I was just borrowing it, and I kinda forgot to tell ya that. Sorry!" "You own a very unusual Pokemon, Sarah." Mazey's grandfather says, wondering why Sarah isn't making eye contact with him, but aware that she's listening to him because she's pointing her left ear at his face since she's looking to the side, "How long have you owned this Slowpoke? Has he always had mental problems?" Sarah turns her head and faces the old man briefly, before turning her head away again, this time pointing her right ear at his face, "A-ac-actually... I j-just found him... and he w-wants me... asked me to p-put him in a P-Pokeball... b-but since I d-don't like t-tech... technology, I g-gotta... see Kurt f-first..." Mazey's grandpa smiles and crosses his arms when he says, "Well, Sarah, you're in luck. To see Kurt, all you have to do is turn your face a little to your right." Sarah does what the man instructs her to and when she finally makes direct eye contact with the man she's been talking to, she asks, "Y-you're Kurt?" "That's right." Kurt grabs Sarah's hand and shakes it, "It's nice to meet someone else who agrees with me that Silph can't reproduce the quality of naturally made Apricorn Pokeballs with their synthetic ones. Since you honestly appreciate the work I'm doing, I'll make a Lure Ball for you out of a Blue Apricorn for your Slowpoke. Lure Balls are especially good at containing Water Pokemon, so you won't have to worry about your Slowpoke escaping when you don't want him to. This will take a while, however. I need Mazey to find a ripe Blue Apricorn tonight, then it will take me the whole day tomorrow to forge it. You can stay in my house until it's done, though I suggest you go out and do something tomorrow during the day. I do not like being disturbed while at work and Mazey needs to work too." Sarah feels more at home since Kurt is being so hospitable, so she feels comfortable asking, "Say, Kurt, could you please g-give me an Apricorn Pokeball f-for my Cyndaquil too? I'd really l-like that." After making that request, Sarah glances out of the door, wondering what is keeping Mimic and her Cyndaquil so long... -Sarah