Subject: Re: [PW!] Sometimes it's not crazy to talk to yourself Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 22:04:15 GMT From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: Prodigy Internet Newsgroups: Rob wrote: > Xerox is standing before Doppler, pleading, "You must tell me what you know about my > origins. It is unlikely that my sister will ever remember, and I must know." > > "He's probably just playing mind games with you, Xerox." Marvin says, then shrugs, "And > besides, even if he's not, your past really doesn't matter - it's your present and future > that's important. Personally, I'd love it if I didn't remember all those boring years I > spent as an accountant." He bends down, grabs one of Xerox's pseudopods, and after a > Teleport courtesy of Famifax, Marvin, Xerox, and Famifax are gone, leaving Mimic, Doppler, > Drake, and Memuyo alone in the room. The silence did not last long. "Is Doppler going tell Xerox? Xerox right that Famifax probably no remember - Mimic *think* Famifax no reach that deep inside, but never can tell - but Xerox does deserve know." "Perhaps, someday...but she'll have to convince me she can handle the truth, first. Speaking of which, shall we?" Mimic nodded, then high-fived his brother. Their hands stuck at the point of impact, merging into each other a little bit and glowing. Drake blinked. "Err..." "Memory sharing," they replied in stereo. "Oh." They disengaged after a few moments. Dee paled, and looked a bit drained. "Mimic...e-*gad* but you had it worse than I did." "Mimic no so sure. Though Doppler own torture mostly self inflicted." "..." "Mimic think maybe why want go by 'Dee' these days, put Doppler days completely behind you." "Perhaps." "Well, then. If that finished, Mimic believe all three have further business back in Johto. Drake have shiny unown find. Dee have maybe-wife-to-be and child return to. And Mimic..." Mimic smiled. Dee looked at his brother, then snickered. "Don't let 'im fool you, Drake. He's just trying to make you think he's got some ulterior motive for helping you out. Truth is, he gets a kick out of helping itself." "Dop...Dee..." Mimic growled. "Yeah, I know. 'Don't admit to it, so you won't get taken for granted.' I don't think you have to worry about that too much from Drake. Speaking of whom: Drake, I won't force you to go if you don't want, but I for one don't want to stick around Kanto too much. Your and my masters, and all." Drake frowned. "You mean Sabrina...and Mewtwo for yours, I'm guessing." "Yeah. Sabrina and I never did get along too well, and I wouldn't be surprised to find that psi-intruder lurking around after the concert. And, truth is...I haven't been seeing that much of Mewtwo lately. Kinda been drifting apart. Last I heard, he was in Kanto, so..." "Right. I heard you came here with a date, though." "Eh, leave 'im. There was some other spirit - ghost, I assume - who wanted him when I was done; it's probably started on him by now anyway. If and when you'd like to head back, I can show you the old teleport route from here to Johto; it's a bit slower and far more tiring than the train, but it's very private these days." TBC?