Subject: [PW!] [NC] Sprout Tower of Terror Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 00:14:55 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- Newsgroups: Marcia storms out of the Violet City Pokemon Center, angry that Nurse Joy has just fired her, "Maybe I should've left out the part about the talking Dragonite and his four Natu." She slumps down onto the sidewalk and sits there, wondering what to do next. Marcia sighs and says, "I just need something to take my mind off of all of this." Omelette the Blissey comes out to comfort her trainer, but before the Pokemon can even speak, Marcia sucks her into into her Pokeball, then places it on her belt next to the Pokeball Crobat's resting within, since right now she wants to distract herself from her misfortune, not talk about it with anyone. "Mommy!" Aerie runs out of the Pokemon Center, hugs Marcia from behind, and says, "I just heard the news. Should I go kill Nurse Joy for you?" "No, Aerie." Marcia shakes her head. Aerie shrugs, "Kay. Guess it's another one of those 'wrong' things to do, huh?" Marica nods. After a short pause, Aerie asks, "So, what should we do, then?" Since Marcia doesn't want to check if Aerie can be captured by a Pokeball, she just murmurs, "Something that'll take my mind off of what just happened." As if some author were controlling the events surrounding Marcia's life, a flyer is blown by a chilly breeze straight onto Marcia's face. Aerie grabs the flyer and reads it, "Cool! There's going to be a big Halloween costume party at the haunted Sprout Tower tonight. Mommy, I wanna dress up! I wanna go to the party! Let's goo!" Marcia doesn't fancy parties too much, especially since at the last large party she went to, the building was set on fire, but since she wants to forget her woes and because her daughter wants to go so much, she nods, "Let's go to the Pokemart to get ourselves some costumes. The sun's setting so we don't have much time." About an hour later, the elder sage of the Sprout Tower is at the front door of the haunted building, dressed as an executioner, greeting guests as they come in with a smile and a wave of his giant halberd. Many people who enter are taken aback when they see the normally peaceful man dressed in those clothes, but none of the guests have surprised the sage - until a blue-haired vampiress wearing a low-cut black dress adorned with red lace struts into the Sprout Tower. The elder sage's axe drops at the same time his jaw does, "Hello, and welcome to the Sprout Tower of Terror! I must say, miss, your costume is most beautiful!" "If you think my costume's great, wait until my daughter gets here." Marcia's blood red lips curve upwards in a grin, showing off the sharp fangs she's wearing. -Marcia (( NS: I decided that there should be some kind of Halloween event this year, so I thought this up. This event is NC for two reasons. One, so that authors can bring their characters dressed in costumes to the event without having to have them drop what they're doing in PW! continuity. Two, I'm going to randomly select a murderer and a murderee, then those present in the event will try to figure out who did it, similar to the "Not a Clue!/Clueless" NC event I coordinated in 1999. If you want to participate in this event, just reply to this thread by the night of October 30th, bringing your costumed character into the Sprout Tower. ))