Subject: Re: [PW!] [NC] Sprout Tower of Terror Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 03:53:51 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- Newsgroups: "Dr. Thinker" wrote: > > > "ELDERLY!!" Marcia shouted outraged. "GRANDMA!! I'LL.... > > > > > > At the door, Dee was disappointed. he had thought that finding His > "Wife" and > > > daughter was going to be difficult, but the challenge was taken away > when he > > > clearly heard Marcia's voice over the noise of the crowd. Pinpointing it > > > became very easy when the crowd went silent and hers was the only voice > heard. > > > With a sigh, Dee started making his way through the crowd, possibly now > >> on a mission of mercy considering what Marcia was saying.... Marcia raises her hand to slap Tetsuo for calling her elderly, but when she tries to bring it down, it's being held back by a particularly strong, feminine-looking male hand. She follows the arm attached to the hand all the way to the grinning face of a celebrity. She quickly realizes that the face belongs to teen idol Justin Timberlickitung, pop sensation Britney Spearow's boyfriend. She's surprised at the man's strength, since she always imagined he was a bit of a weakling, "Let go." "Guess who first." The teen idol flashes a charming smirk at Marcia, still clenching her wrist with his hand. Marcia fumes when she says, "Justin Timberlickitung! Now, let go of me! Why are *you* hitting on me, anyway?! You already have a girlfriend!" "Wrong." The young man frowns, then shrugs, "Try again. I'll give you a hint." He leans forward to kiss Marcia... ...but before he can, Marcia slaps him with her free hand and he releases her! She glares at him, "Doppler." "DADDY!!!" Aerie, the little girl dressed like a burned Joan of Arc, cheers when Marcia identifies Doppler and hugs 'Justin' at his waist, "I missed you sooo much!" > > Tetsuo was shocked at the ranting, and almost wished he'd never even tried > > talking to her. "Yeah, well, she isn't the most amiable of folks," he told > > himself. Raising his voice to speak again, he continued the conversation. > > "Oh well. So, err, Travis, was it?" He sighed as he got a nod. "And, > Becky, > > right?" She also nodded. > > > > "Sorry, it's just that I feel a little out of place here," he said. "You > > don't mind if I hang out with you two for a while, right?" > > > > "No problem," Travis said. "How about we go get some snacks?" > > > > "Sounds good to me," Tetsuo said, grinning. > > Jutta saw then heading the table by center column. Jutta decide to act him > and slowly walked to the location. She picked punch's ladle and dump some > liguid with into a odd plastic cup with the words, "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" on it Glad that Aerie's creating a distraction, Marcia turns around to slap Tetsuo, but the seemingly undead samurai has already left her side, along with Travis the army private and Becky the ninja. She looks around the first floor of the Sprout Tower for them. She sees "crazy Shuckle arm" run upstairs to entertain and get candy from the Gastly on the second floor, followed by a curious fox-like creature and a large man with Tauros features. She mumbles something under her breath... Next to Marcia stands a young man dressed like a Marowak, who's looking around the first floor, much like she is. Figuring it would be best to get on this woman's good side after he witnessed her angry rant, he says, "Hey. Are you looking for something? I'd be glad to help. I'm looking for my disguised Pokemon, myself." Marcia nods and asks, "Have you seen a punk undead samurai and his sarcastic little friends, a G.I. Joe and a female Koga wannabe?" "They're at the punch bowl." The kid in the Marowak helmet points over to a nearby table with his Thick Bone Club. Indeed, Tetsuo, Travis, and Becky are standing there. Jutta the witch and a rather large impressive-looking robot are flanking them, and they've all started to chat. The kid asks, "Have you seen a...?" But before he finishes the question, he notices that the vampiress is already marching over to the refreshment table. He shrugs and continues to search for his costumed Pokemon. When Marcia arrives at the table, she puts her hands on her hips, faces Tetsuo, lowers her eyebrows, and calmly demands, "Apologize for what you said." Jutta sweatdrops and nervously blurts out, "All right, truth time... eyes red, not contacts! Before what I said not was for real. Sorry I am for it! Mean not anything!" Drake, the large robot present among the group gathered at the refreshment table, grabs Marcia's shoulder with his steel hand, "Considering the way you treated people and Pokemon in the past, I don't think anyone owes you an apology for anything. I'm watching you." On cue, one of his weapons reveals itself, "So behave." When Doppler sees Drake put his hand on Marcia, he walks over there, dragging Aerie, who is still hugging him and asking him what he's been up to, with him. Marcia growls when she sees Doppler arrive at the refreshment table with Aerie. She manages to slip out of Drake's hold, then crosses her arms and narrows her eyes at Doppler, "I don't need your help, Doppler. I never have and I never will." She turns her back to Doppler and faces Tetsuo again, waiting for his response. -Marcia