Subject: Re: [PW!] [NC] Sprout Tower of Terror Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 23:01:28 -0500 From: Continue <> Organization: MindSpring Enterprises Newsgroups: Nathaniel Knight wrote: >> When Marcia arrives at the table, she puts her hands on her hips, faces >> Tetsuo, lowers her eyebrows, and calmly demands, "Apologize for what you >> said." >> >> Jutta sweatdrops and nervously blurts out, "All right, truth time... eyes red, >> not contacts! Before what I said not was for real. Sorry I am for it! Mean not >> anything!" >> >> Drake, the large robot present among the group gathered at the refreshment >> table, grabs Marcia's shoulder with his steel hand, "Considering the way you >> treated people and Pokemon in the past, I don't think anyone owes you an >> apology for anything. I'm watching you." On cue, one of his weapons reveals >> itself, "So behave." >> >> When Doppler sees Drake put his hand on Marcia, he walks over there, dragging >> Aerie, who is still hugging him and asking him what he's been up to, with him. >> >> Marcia growls when she sees Doppler arrive at the refreshment table with >> Aerie. She manages to slip out of Drake's hold, then crosses her arms and >> narrows her eyes at Doppler, "I don't need your help, Doppler. I never have >> and I never will." She turns her back to Doppler and faces Tetsuo again, >> waiting for his response. > >"...don't know what her problem is." Tetsuo complained to Becky as the adults >interacted. "In fact, she should be apologise to me because she was >eavesdropping." He went on sullenly. "Grand...." Tetsuo was adding before >being interrupted by Travis > >Travis had discretely pulled out his pokegear and with the sound turned down >low had been scanning around the group. As Tetsuo was about to possibly >further enrage the provocatively dressed vampiress, the normally laid back >Travis interrupted saying in a hiss, "Apologise to her!" > >Becky, knowing that the purple haired trainer was acting out of character >immediately grew concerned. "What is it Travis?" > >Still in a whisper, but close to hysterics, Travis answered, "I don't know who >she is, but did you not hear her call that guy Doppler? If he is who I think >he is, we defiantly don't want to pissing him off! And the robot there, the >pokedex is telling me that he is a Dragonite. A TALKING Dragonite. A talking >Dragonite that dares to threaten Doppler's woman! > >"We are sitting amongst power players here." Travis went on. "And I have a >feeling that we aren't even bit players in a grand scale story. So we better >make it right with them and get some distance!" Travis concluded, his voice >raising just a bit as a reflection of urgency. > >Tetsuo, even though he was from a small town, had heard of Doppler, as had all >in Kanto and Johto. His face grew pale and he nodded in agreement with >Travis's assessment. He was about to make a reply when he suddenly found >himself confronted by the now even more angry Marcia. > >"Did I say something wrong," he asked, backing up right next to the table. > >"You know what you said," she replied, staring daggers at him. "And I want >an apology for trying to hit on me too!" > >"But I wasn't trying to hit on you," he protested, his mistake fully >clicking. "And I don't see why I'd want to either. You're too old for my dad >to be interested in, if he weren't dead. I mean, it may just be the costume, >but you seem more like Ryoko than someone I'd *want* to hit on. So yes, I'm >sorry I tried to hit on you, but I don't think I should really apologize for >commenting on your age. You chose the costume, after all." He closed his >eyes and clapped his hands together twice, a traditional method of warding >off demons and spirits. > >"That was impressive," Travis whispered, leaning in. > >Tetsuo couldn't see Marcia's response, which was probably a good thing... Meanwhile, Travis heard one of the floorboards creak behind him. He turned and looked only to find himself looking at a metallic wall, then he looked up. Drake was looking down, not quite at Travis, but close enough. "I liked Professor Oak's previous pokedex description. The one that said Dragonites and Humans had equal intelligence." Travis sweatdropped "Oh, heh, yeah, right, that." "Yes, I did hear everything you said," Drake laid out "I'm managing to hear what everybody's saying here. It's this metal near my eardrums, who would've thought that would help pick up sounds." Becky seems a little incredulous "You have heard of speakers, right? They have those those metal magnets which send sound out through the air." For a moment, a deep frown creased Drake's robotic face. It was complemented by a glow from the red eyes. The glow faded almost immeadiately and Drake hit the side of his head, which was accompanied by a loud clang. "Ow! Remind me never to do that again. All the extra noise is putting me on edge and I'm over-reacting to some things, but no, I didn't know about that. Definitely something to remember for the future." Being a little less intimidated than Travis, Becky asked "So, were you here for something more than discussing what pokedex entry you like best?" Travis shot Becky a look for the tone of the question, but Drake didn't seem to pay it any heed. "Just looking to have some conversation. I figured letting you in on a couple of things about the 'power players' might be interesting." Travis eagerly swallowed the bait. "Like?" he prodded. "Like Doppler is the Doppler you've heard about, but he's been trying to steer the straight and narrow recently. And the one you've been calling Doppler's woman wouldn't appreciate that. She almost deserved what I said considering her pages in the Pokemon history books. I don't think it's fair to mention what's on those pages, unless we actually see her reverting to those days." "How about you?" Becky inquired. "The name's Drake, and so far my entry in the history books has mostly been having been around those that have more impressive entries, not to mention having my own entry a bit abridged..." Travis picked up on another hook. "Abridged?" "I don't know if you remember, but there were some time distortions about five years ago, about the time they reopened the bullet train..." <TBC?> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately