Subject: Re: [PW!] [NC] Sprout Tower of Terror Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 20:38:47 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- Newsgroups: Nathaniel Knight wrote: > Some time later, he approached the Sprout Tower. He was among the many who > were shocked by the head Sage's choice of costume, but shook it off. The > sage simply welcomed him, complimenting him on the costume, and waved him > in. Tetsuo had no idea just how big a night this was going to be, and as he > grinned, several people shied away from the seemingly undead samurai, at > least for the moment. > > He looked around for anyone to interact with, and saw a blue-haired > vampiress. He apprached her, and spoke. "Hello there," he said. "Hi." Marcia grabs the ends of the dark purple Crobat-wing-like cape and brings her arms together to cover the cleavage shown off by her low-cut black and red dress, then she narrows her eyes, "I'm not in the mood to be hit on by guys tonight, especially not teenage kids, so go talk with someone else, you little zombi-rai." Tetsuo frowns, "I wasn't trying to hit on..." Before he can finish the sentence, Marcia the vampiress has already turned around and walked away. A little hurt that his intentions were misread, he looks around for someone else to talk with. When he sees a girl about his age dressed up as a ninja from head to toe, he's intrigued and he walks over to her, hoping that this girl will be more in the mood to talk than the last person he approached. He notices that the girl is followed by a young man dressed like an army private, and he hopes that this isn't a jealous boyfriend of hers that would yell at him for even looking at her. Tetsuo tries again, "Hello there." The ninja's voice is muffled by the mask covering her mouth, when she says, "Melmo, my mame's Mecky, moo mar-" Travis, the private, interrupts Becky by saluting Tetsuo and shouting, "I am Travis Backwater, U.S. army PFC!" When Tetsuo notices the realistic M-16 Travis is carrying, he really hopes that that this private isn't the ninja's jealous boyfriend, lest it be real, "...heh, nice gun..." On her way to the Sprout Tower's entrance, to ask the elder sage if her daughter has arrived yet, Marcia bumps into a distracted witch, knocking her onto the floor, "I'm sorry." Marcia bends down and offers her hand to Jutta the witch and smiles at her, showing off her fake fangs. "Many thank be to you." Jutta takes Marcia's hand and allows the strong vampire woman to pull her up to a standing position, "Your teeth look to be fangs. By any chance, you are from #Atlantis#?" She says the last word in Atlantian so that if Marcia's not from there, Jutta's secret won't be revealed. Marcia replies, "I haven't even heard of that place. Nice red contact lenses, by the way. I was considering wearing a pair with this costume, but decided not to." Jutta blinks her red Vulcan-like eyes, then sweatdrops as she says, "Contact lenses... right... that really what are they, not normal eyes, but contact lenses!" The silence that follows Jutta's nervous cover-up is interrupted when a young man at the entrance wearing ordinary clothing, a baseball cap, and a guitar shouts... "Newton P. Haights" wrote: > "'...STOP LOOKING AT ME, PIDGEY!...'" The elder sage begins to guffaw once Andrew finishes his bit, then points over to the nearby staircase with his axe, and says, "You said you wanted some candy, so go on up to the second floor - that floor has been decorated like a spooky haunted house and the resident Gastly are giving out tricks and treats to those who ask!" On his way upstairs, Andrew runs into Jutta and Marcia, albeit less literally than when Marcia ran into Jutta. He tips the front of his baseball cap to the ladies. "And what are *you* supposed to be?" Marcia asks, crossing her arms under her bust. Andrew looks around the first floor of the Sprout Tower until he spots a very short old man dressed like an Oompa Loompa with a purple Shuckle at his side. He runs over to the old man and asks, "Can I borrow your Shuckle a moment?" When Old Man Shuckle nods, Andrew grabs the purple Shuckle with one arm, then pulls that arm into his shirt until all that is visible is the purple Shuckle's head coming out of his sleeve. He zips back over to where Marcia is and begins to wave the purple Shuckle around, "Look at me! I'm crazy Shuckle arm! I'm a freak of nature!" He waves his free arm around, "I have one normal arm..." He then waves around the purple Shuckle coming out of his other sleeve around a little more, "...and one arm made out of a crazy Shuckle! NOW GIVE ME SOME CANDY!" "Give you some candy? Forget it." Marcia rolls her dark brown eyes, "Why is *everyone* at this party hitting on me? I bet they'll all stop when they find out I have a daughter." She glances over at the entrance to the Sprout Tower, hoping that Aerie didn't get lost on the way over to the Sprout Tower from the Pokemart. -Marcia