Subject: [PW!] Tetsuo's Arrival Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 03:40:16 GMT From: Nathaniel Knight <> Organization: Excite@Home - The Leader in Broadband Newsgroups: Tetsuo looked over Azalea Town, vaguely remembering field trips there in his youth. Now was his chance to be a trainer, something he'd never even found interesting before. But he had to do it. He needed to avenge his father's death. "Come on Frionel," he said, gesturing towards the Growlithe walking behind him. "We made it. We finally made it to the city. I think our first stop ought to be the Pokemon Centre, we can get more information there." The puppy pokemon yipped something back, and ran a few meters ahead of the boy. He stopped to look back, and Tetsuo nodded. "Yes, let's go." ----- Arriving in the Pokemon Centre, he looked around. It was surprisingly empty, although all of the power was functioning just fine. "Hello? Is anybody here?" He waited several minutes for a response, but got none. He didn't even know how to respond to the emptiness, so he just left. "Perhaps someone else in town will be able to help us. There is a Gym here, though... Somebody ought to be at the Pokemon Centre." Frionel yipped, aware of a danger his old friend, and now trainer, was not. He couldn't have explained quite what, but he knew there was indeed danger nearby. He could smell it in the air.