From: Return of the Pikamew ( Subject: [PW!F] The Blazing blue star! Return to Earth! Newsgroups: Date: 2001-04-12 07:45:06 PST (OOC: =D ) Beep. "Incoming transmission" The I'Bos lit up with buttons and displays across the HUD. The onboard computer, sensing that the pilot was unable to acknowledge the message, canceled playing it. "Sir." The female Mac-like voice began. "Sir, wake up sir." The pilot was sound asleep. "Sir, this is an emergency." Still nothing. "This requires your immediate attention, sir." Snoring echoes throughout the cockpit. "I'm sorry to have to do this to you, sir." The cockpit comes alive with buzzing, as the seat becomes electrified. The pilot, now fully awake from the shock of a few volts, began murmuring to him self and started pressing buttons to look busy. "Yes, yes! Very good! Your mother would love that dress, dear! No, it does not make you look fat! Your hair's fine! Come on, let's go!" The computer beeps silently to itself. "No! I feel fine with this sh-- what the truck?" The pilot started looking around, realizing he was not back home. "I'm sorry for that rude awaking, sir." It softly beeps, obviously laughing in a way only computers can. "Uh, yeah." "Sir, I just got word from exterior sensors, it seems we've flown too close to a nearby black hole. Due to the suction, I was unable to be notified beforehand." "So what's the problem?" "It took us about five years to get out of the gravity well, sir." "." "Although, we are near a planet, sir." The I'Bos Fighter pilot begins to look around, and spots a bluish-green world. "Isn't that Ea-" "Earth sir, yes." Finishes the computer. "By the cow, the clone's not gonna like my tardiness. Ok, bring us in., time to say hello again to the being who has never met me." "Yes sir, planetary shields at maximum, and holding. Strap in, sir. Beginning descent." The green fields, the blue ocean. Memories long since forgotten, began to flood Car'tos' mind as the craft landed in a remote field near Violet City. Car'tos sets out of his ship, and flips his yellow visor down to scan the topography of the surrounding area. "Hmmm, grass field here." He presses a button on the side of his helmet. "City. twenty miles to the south. another city twenty. steps to the north." Car'tos flips his visor up and takes notice of this huge building right in front of him. "How did I not see this?" "Because you're that smart, sir." Came the I'Bos' computer. "Quiet, you. Go into cloak or something. I'm gonna check out the city." "As you wish, sir." The white ship buzzed, and then its edges flashed a light blue. Car'tos waved bye, as the ship because transparent on the grass. Although Slightly visible, due to the fact that it only bends light around its shape, you'd really have to now what to look for if you knew it was there. "Whatever." Car'tos slowly begins to trek over the long grass blades, when he trips over something blue. Puzzled by this, he gets up and investigates. "Hmmm." He touches it, but feels rather hollow. He flips his visor down, and read outs show that, in fact, it's a living creature. "Heeeeeerakuro." Yawns the Pokemon. "Heracross? I've read about these! Here's my chance to catch one!" Car'tos franticly searches his person for a Pokeball, but fails to find one. "Oh shazbot, I forgot I left my only ball inside the ship. Compu-" "Already on it, sir." The invisible ship fired something what sounded like a cannon at the Pokemon 's direction. "Hera.?" was the last thing said by the Bug before getting hit on the head by Car'tos' arm. "Yeah! Now time for the Pokeball." Doing some kind of bicycle kick, he hit the ball right to the ground at the sleeping blue thing. It wiggled around a bit, but was no match for the Hyper ball. "Yatta! Ok, time to visit a PokeCenter for I need to buy some important stuff." Car'tos puts the newly acuairered Pokemon on his belt, and walks toward the direction of the near by city. "The City of nostalgic scents," Read the blue alien from the sign. "Hmmm, that reminds me of something... oh well. Hey! There's the store." Car'tos, who one would think looked a little out of place on Earth, wasn't even given a second look as he step foot inside the shop. "Welcome! How may I help you?" "Yeah, hi. I need to pick up some pokeballs." "How many?" "Um, about five." "Five Pokeballs will be 1500." "Uh, I have this old outdated red Pokedex. I'll trade you." "Here you are. Thank you!" "No, thank you." Car'tos bowed, and quickly made his way outside. "Heh, foolish human. Wonder what he'll think when he finds out that was cardboard. Heh." Hastily putting the new potions in his pocket, he spots the Pokecenter. Passing a rather large crowd of two people on his way, he stepped inside and immedestly felt the air conditioning. Looking around, he noticed they had changed the place quite a bit since his last visit to any Pokemon Center. A large crowd had formed to the side of the center. Not paying any attention, Car'tos handed his only Pokeball to the other Joy over the counter. "Thank you, sir. Here's your recite for the drawing. And your Pokemon. Please come again." "Thank you." Taking his pokeball, he hit the button, releasing his Heracross. "Herakuro!" "Hi Heracross. I'm your new master. You will obey me from now on. And as a sign of gratitude, I shall name you. How does... Atlur sound?" Heracross blinks in confusion as to what his name means. "Hera?" "Alright then. Welcome aboard." They were just about to step out, when suddenly a woman's voice was heard over a megaphone. "Your attention." Yelled the local Nurse Joy standing ontop of what seemed like a yellow foldable sleeping bag. "These are the numbers chosen for the drawing. Twenty three, seventeen, six." Will the winners of these numbers please come pick up your new Pokedex version 2." Car'tos looks at his stub. Twenty three. "Talk about luck. Nurse Joy!" He yells over the two other winners. "I got twenty three!!" "Congratulations to the three of you! Please come up to claim your prize." Making his way through the crowd, he orders Atlur to stay by the door so he could be ready for when they leave. The Heracross nods, and begins walking toward the door. "My, but you're a tall one! Ok, here it is. Now remember, this version of the Pokedex is in beta. So, there might be some bugs to it. But nothing mayor." Joy hands over the dexes to each of the winners, a Bug Catcher Boy, a Picnic Girl, and Car'tos. The bug catcher points his new dex at his Weedle. "Weedle." It talks, "Hairy Bug Pokemon. It attacks using a two-inch poison barb on its head. It can usually be found under the leaves it eats." "Awesome!" Exclaims the boy. Car'tos smiles, and turns around after thanking the nurse. "Atlur," He calls, "Come here, I want to see something." "Herakuro!" "Alright, stand still..." He points the red device at the bug. "Herakurosu. Ichipan Tsuno Pokemon." It began. "What the...?" "Fudan wa totemo otonashi-" "I think mine's broke." He gives it a quick hit with his hand. "...nani wa-while sipping honey, it chases off the intruder with its horn." "Great, I got the busted one. Whatever." He switches it off, and clips it unto a niche on his armlet. "Come-on, let's get going. There's stuff to steal you know." Going outside, he checks his chrono, "Hmm, still early. Ok, let's get back to the ship and see where to go next." "Herakuro!" Jumping over a rock, Car'tos spots his ship-or the place where his ship should be. With a question mark over his head, he looks at the ground and finds a small rock with words inscribed on it. "'Went to get washed up. Be back later.' I see. Why did I ever let my computer get a female personality? Well, there's nothing we can do now, come Atlur, let's go search around. I saw a cave not too far from here when I flew by. There might be some more Pokemon in there. During their trek over the grassy areas, Car'tos spotted several small Spearow and Pidgey. They were easily beaten by the much larger bug pokemon. Minutes later they arrived at the Ruins of Alph. Almost at once, Car'tos noticed the hieroglyphs. One stood out among the rest. Ducking down to examine it, his dex came up, "Announ. Shinburu Pokemon. Karadajitai wa usupperaku Itte-" "Quiet you." Silently he said closing the dex. "Atlur, Tackle that TIE Fighter-looking thing out!" "Hera!" Car'tos quickly leaped out of the way from the oncoming attack aimed straight at the wall. With a thud, the wall began to crack. The symbol on the wall glowed slightly. "Again!" Dust started to fall from the roof of the cave. The crack grew larger. "Once more!" Just as the Heracross was about to run into the wall, the symbol flashed, and appeared behind the bug that had now crashed through into an empty room. "Ahhhhhhknown!" Several energy balls encircled the odd shaped Pokemon. "Hera!" Atlur, holding his ground, turned around just in time to catch one of the energy balls in the face. He seemed to be electrified from the attack. But before another attack was felt, the Unown disappeared into a red flash inside a pokeball. It shook twice before it opened up again. "Shoot! Atlur go for a Horn attack!" The fighting type was about to leap forward, when two more Unown appeared in front of him. "Huh?!" Three more appeared in front of Car'tos. He was just about to start throwing punches when he saw inside the hole the Heracross had made beforehand. The walls had come alive with moment from letters on the wall. Car'tos had awaken the Unown. Didn't look like they were too pleased. "Ah crap..." TBC? Is this the end out Car'tos? Will he be able to escape the clutches of this Unknown danger? Maybe.