Subject: [PW!] The Glitter Wears Off Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 08:55:24 -0700 From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: SBC Internet Services Newsgroups: Rob wrote: > "I sure hope so, but after what happened earlier..." Marvin loosens his tuxedo's collar, "I guess I should > go check to make sure! You two just go to sleep whenever you're done playing on Xerox's computer. Mimic, > feel free to sleep in my bean bag - it's quite comfortable and Xerox never uses it even though I keep > telling her how great it is. Xerox's taken to turning into a pebble whenever she goes to sleep - she says > that she learned that it's 'natural' for Ditto. We'll drop by the Pokemon Center in the morning to ask > Sarah if she wants to go with us before catching the Magnet Train. Oh, and Mimic, can you do *me* a > favor?" > > "What?" > > "Please don't teleport, turn into a Pidgeot, or become a huge catapault to take us to Maiden's Peak." > Marvin's hands swing down to his cumberbun, where he rubs his belly, "I can still feel the queasiness from > the time you flew us from Maiden's Peak to Fuchsia City, so I'd much rather ride the Magnet Train. Don't > take it the wrong way, though - it's not that I didn't like what you did for us. Thanks to your speedy > delivery, I was able to hold an amazing show for a group called ATR with this beauty..." He walks over to > the Guillotine he gestured to earlier, pats it twice, and its blade falls down, slicing a cantelope that > was resting in the head-hole in half. Marvin sweatdrops, "I guess the safety wasn't on..." He shrugs, > grabs a slice of cantalope, and eats some while entering his bedroom. "Hmm..." Xerox glances at Mimic, noting his defocussed gaze. "If I may guess: you're thinking of something that will obey the letter of my master's request while violating the spirit of it. Specifically, you're thinking of becoming a Magnet Train when we reach the station tomorrow, just large enough for our small party, and intend to travel at speeds in excess of what even the train offers." "Ugk!" Mimic's wide eyes convey his guilt even without his voice. "How Xerox know?" "Mimic...*must* you be in such a rush whenever you travel? I will require the same amount of time to consider your request whether we are en route or arrived at the festiv-" #faster# "..." #fasterfasterfasterFasterFasteRFaStErfAsTeRFAstERfASTERFaSTERFASTeR FASTERFASTERFASTERFASTERFASTERFASTERFASTER "MIMIC!" ...# Xerox steadies herself, both from her own shout and from the ceased telepathic onslaught. Only upon reflection does she realize that each "faster" was said by a different voice, each one accompanied by the face of a Rocket wearing a mask of indifference or hatred. "Mimic sorry. Getting harder keep under control." "Those...were all your trainers?" "In sense, and only some of Rockets who did that. Mimic keep speed, keep power, use for good...but difficult. Mimic refuse give up, refuse let Mimic fade...but Mimic need cleanse, need separate power from evil grant..." "..." "Mimic sorry. Babbling again. Like said, getting harder focus sometimes. Especially when tired. Probably should go sleep soon. Say, Xerox...if accept, maybe Xerox be Mimic pokeball while do?" "Well, I-" "No worry. Mimic no intend-" Some time ago, Mobius101 wrote (while Mimic was imitating James): > James nodded and leaned over her. Maria seemed to go into shock all over again > as James started kissing her. She found herself putting her hands around his > torso and considered whether she should pull him closer or push him back. > Something still didn't feel right. But then she decided she didn't care, as > long as it was James....insane or not, who could really tell the difference? > As his arms tightened around her, everything became a blurr..... "-again. Just think improve connection." And with that, Mimic shrank into a pebble and dropped, *klack*ing off the wooden floor twice before coming to a halt. Xerox, while still as a stone, was anything but. Her mind reeled at that last image that had escaped Mimic's mind. Part of her demanded that it must have been some insane hallucination...yet it felt real, like a memory. A remembered hallucination? Perhaps...and perhaps if he had been more cogent, Mimic would have recognized it for what it was. Yet it did not feel like a hallucination...but the thought that Mimic would actually do such a vile thing... It is said that certain states of meditation, when they take the entire mind's focus, can trigger the same regeneration as slumber, akin to lucid dreaming. Only that state gave Xerox time to ponder what she had seen. TBC?