From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] The Ilex Forest Log Race Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-17 16:25:35 PST Rob wrote: > "I... I guess that'd help... Maybe we can w-wait a while..." Sarah > swallows back some of her saliva, nervous that too many trainers will > show up since she becomes increasingly more frightened as the group of > strangers around her gets larger, but willing to wait since it would > take some pressure off of her drained friend. 'Sarah' shrugs. "You wait; not Mimic's style. Tired mind calls for tired body, so one can rest while other works, then both rest together." 'Sarah' hefts one of the uncut logs, then another, then another, not even beginning to strain even when past the log carrier's capability. "How you think get logs back?" Sylvester blushes, hand behind his head, not phazed by the erratic talk since he guesses it is Mimic's way of conserving strength for the haul. "Well, ok, maybe I got a little ambitious." "..." "Ok, a *lot* ambitious. So I got carried away having my Farfetch'd cut logs off. The rest of the logs would've been here tomorrow." "And day after that, and day after that, and..." Sylvester's blush increases. "Eh heh...yeah, I guess. Sorry." "No problem...for now." Mimic begins marching off to the house. "But no count on luck. And fix log carrier so can help." TBC? [Ok, we've got the inevitable brute force entry out of the way. Everyone else is going to actually have to be at least a little creative to catch up. So, come on, let's see your ideas. ^_-]