From: Nick -New and Improved- ( Subject: Re: [PW!] The more things change, the more they stay the same Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-13 19:27:55 PST >"Parents force their kids to eat vegetables when they donít want to, because >as far as they know itís good for the child." Damian countered. "Also, one of the >pokemon I captured years ago only came with me so it could fight to become >stronger, and I have one now who wants to fight whenever it gets the >opportunity. None of my other pokemon ever acted as if they didnít want to fight >when I asked them to do so. But, to be honest, I donít know how my pokemon really >feel. Thatís not my specialty." "Pokemon have different personalities," Hito replied. "Just like humans, the experiences that a Pokemon has during its lifetime help to determine what kind of Pokemon it will grow into. I personally don't believe in sending Pokemon into fight other Pokemon just for sport. If they choose to fight without a human ordering them to, then they are choosing to fight of their own will." Hito would have continued talking when suddenly a crushing pain coursed through her head. Dropping to her knees, she grabbed her head, and let out a low moan. Lokon jumped off her head, and whined, wanting to know if her friend was all right. "What's wrong?" Sarah Jane asked, concern filling her voice. "Are you okay?" "I... My head..." Hito gasped. "I... I've never felt pain this intense before..." As Hito knelt on the ground, Sarah Jane felt a presence nearby. Turning around, the saw a young girl, maybe about her age, with a Kadabra. "Great job, Kadabra!" Watashi Wa cried out. "This is great!" With those words, she summonded her Kadabra back into the Pokeball, and hurried off. Watching her go, Damian turned to Hito, helping her to her feet. "Who was that?" "A plot convenience," Hito replied. "Huh?" Both Sarash Jane and Damian replied, blankly. "She's a girl," Hito replied. "Her name's Watashi Wa. She's... not a very nice person. I got on her bad side a few days ago." TBC....?