From: Lady Timedramon ( Subject: RE: [PW!] The more things change, the more they stay the same Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-19 15:33:18 PST >===== Original Message From (Nick -New and Improved- ) ===== >"Pokemon have different personalities," Hito replied. "Just like humans, the >experiences that a Pokemon has during its lifetime help to determine what kind >of Pokemon it will grow into. I personally don't believe in sending Pokemon >into fight other Pokemon just for sport. If they choose to fight without a >human ordering them to, then they are choosing to fight of their own will." "None of my pokemon have ever voiced any objections to fighting," added Sarah Jane. "And believe me, they would tell me if they didn't want. Most of mine enjoy some sort of competition. Even if it's among themselves. My grandparents board pokemon for trainers. Even when the pokemon aren't with their trainer, they still practice and compete in the wild." >Hito would have continued talking when suddenly a crushing pain coursed through >her head. Dropping to her knees, she grabbed her head, and let out a low moan. >Lokon jumped off her head, and whined, wanting to know if her friend was all >right. Sarah Jane's eyes widened as she sensed some sort of psychic powers being used nearby. >"What's wrong?" Sarah Jane asked, concern filling her voice. "Are you okay?" > >"I... My head..." Hito gasped. "I... I've never felt pain this intense >before..." > >As Hito knelt on the ground, Sarah Jane felt a presence nearby. Turning around, >the saw a young girl, maybe about her age, with a Kadabra. > >"Great job, Kadabra!" Watashi Wa cried out. "This is great!" With those words, >she summonded her Kadabra back into the Pokeball, and hurried off. > >Watching her go, Damian turned to Hito, helping her to her feet. "Who was >that?" > >"A plot convenience," Hito replied. > >"Huh?" Both Sarash Jane and Damian replied, blankly. > >"She's a girl," Hito replied. "Her name's Watashi Wa. She's... not a very nice >person. I got on her bad side a few days ago." "That's a perfect example of someone doing wrong with a pokemon," muttered Sarah Jane as she stared off after Watashi Wa. "Pokemon are not tools to be used to harm people." She helped Hito to her feet. "Are you okay?" "Yeah. It will pass," returned Hito. "As much as I'm enjoying debating the merits of Pokemon battling," said Damian, "we both still have assignments to do." "I know," said Sarah Jane. "Sabrina is expecting me to report on the gym route of Johto." She turned to Hito. "Would you like to come with us? Damian and I are supposed to be battling and catching pokemon while we're here. I know you don't approve of that, but you're still welcome to come with us." "I don't know," said Hito. "So how do you want to start?" Damian asked Sarah Jane. "Do you want to go and find a guide, or do you want to wing it?" "Let's skip the guide for now," said Sarah Jane. "We didn't rely on one back when we were on the Kanto route. According to my grandfather, new trainers start out from New Bark Town in Johto. Either we start by checking out the gym here in Goldenrod, or we can start by going to New Bark Town and begin the route from there." - TBC - Time Lady