From: Nick -New and Improved- ( Subject: RE: [PW!] The more things change, the more they stay the same Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-20 18:18:27 PST >"I know," said Sarah Jane. "Sabrina is expecting me to report on the gym >route of Johto." She turned to Hito. "Would you like to come with us? >Damian and I are supposed to be battling and catching pokemon while we're >here. I know you don't approve of that, but you're still welcome to come >with >us." > >"I don't know," said Hito. Should she go with Sarah Jane and Damian? They both seemed nice, even if they were products of their respective enviroments. But isn't everyone? She'd just been talking with the two about Pokemon personalities... Stop all the sick odd jobs she'd been forced to perform in order to survive without being a Pokemon trainer. Hito smiled as she thought of that perv at the mart being left in a bind, not meeting his hourly squeeze onto a fellow employee's tush... She would miss beating that @$$ up though... She'd Also be able to accomplish something she'd been meaning to do for a while. What better way than with two Pokemon trainers? "Alright, Hito spoke up. "I've decided to witness your arguments first hand. While I still don't believe in Pokemon battles, I won't get in your way. And who knows, I may even be able to convince you of the evils of Pokemon training." -Even if you do seem to be some of the decent people training Pokemon.- Hito neglected to say the last part out loud. After all, she didn't like people who try and force their beliefs on others, and she didn't want to be one of those people. Hito would go with Sarah Jane and Damian, at least for a while. And who would guess her real objective? >"So how do you want to start?" Damian asked Sarah Jane. "Do you want to go >and find a guide, or do you want to wing it?" > >"Let's skip the guide for now," said Sarah Jane. "We didn't rely on one >back >when we were on the Kanto route. According to my grandfather, new trainers >start out from New Bark Town in Johto. Either we start by checking out the >gym >here in Goldenrod, or we can start by going to New Bark Town and begin the >route from there." > > - TBC "I can show you the way to the gym here in Goldenrod, if you decide to go there first," Hito added. "However, since I grew up in Kanto, in Vermillion City, I know about as much as you two probably do about places outside of town." After a silence, Hito glanced back and forth between the couple. "Well, Where'll we be going?" TBC.....?