From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] The more things change, the more they stay the same Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-20 23:33:02 PST Nick -New and Improved- wrote: > "I can show you the way to the gym here in Goldenrod, if you decide to go there > first," Hito added. "However, since I grew up in Kanto, in Vermillion City, I > know about as much as you two probably do about places outside of town." > > After a silence, Hito glanced back and forth between the couple. "Well, > Where'll we be going?" "Hey, hold on a moment." Another stranger, dressed in leathers reminiscent of a milktankboy, came walking up to the trio. "Did I hear ya say somethin' about needin' a guide?" Sarah Jane shook her head. "Sorry, we'll pass." "'Fraid I can't take 'no' for an answer. One of Sabrina's friends sent me. You're Sarah Jane Eckert, right?" Sarah Jane frowned at the casual mention of "Sabrina's friends" - that being a very small circle, whom she believed she knew - but let it slide for the moment. "I am. And you are?" He pulled on his hat, as if almost but not quite taking it off, and nodded. "Call me Dee. I've been asked t' keep an eye on you, at least for the first couple'a gyms. Said I might find somethin' I'm lookin' for, if you find what you're lookin' for." "Who said?" "One of Sabrina's friends. I'm afraid I'll have to keep which one a secret for the time being: he doesn't want Sabrina finding out, which is why he had me meet you here rather than in Saffron. Not that it matters: I've been in Johto for the past year anyway, so I probably would've just waited here anyway. Of course, now that I've found you, tell Sabrina if you want - there ain't much she can do from back in Kanto to keep me from following you around - though I'd appreciate the favor if you don't." "Why didn't you meet us when we stepped off the train?" "Didn't know which one you were on. Figured I'd just wait for your signal." Sarah Jane blinked. "Signal?" Dee smirked. #You haven't learned to hide your talents, ma'am.# She blinked again, backing up a step. Another psychic...and she was positive she had never seen Dee at Sabrina's gym before. But when she looked at him in her mind's eye, all she saw was a normal, maybe even psi-mute, human being. His smirk turned into a full smile. #Hey! That tickles!# "Sorry." Dee waved a hand. "Don't worry about it. You haven't had as much practice as I have. So, who're your friends, and where ya headin'?" TBC? [Giveaway hint: I posted "Dee"'s WG quite some time ago. And yes, Sabrina probably still hates his guts.]