From: Lady Timedramon ( Subject: Re: [PW!] The more things change, the more they stay the same Newsgroups: Date: 2001-04-03 12:02:06 PST Continue <> wrote in article <> : >"I don?t know," Damian shrugged "It?s all part of the illusion, I?ve >never been able to get it to look like this without them. Anyway, I >gotta go. Catch ya? later, George!" Damian waved as he left the room. > >"That?s just freaky." George commented after Damian left. > >"Wak" BR nodded. --------------------- In a gym in Saffron, the resident gym leader is noticing things have been rather quiet on her end. Lately she had sat down to read and found herself rarely interrupted. Now that she had finished her analysis of the strange book, she realized that she had maybe faced 10 trainers in the last month, where in the past she would have faced that number in a week. "Are that many people going to the Johto badge route?" she asked her Haunter. "Hawn hawn haunt." The Haunter pointed to Sabrina's computer. With a nod, the gym leader pulled up the battle records for the last 6 months. "I am noticing a pattern here," she said aloud. Then Sabrina turned to a small console with several televisions. While she could use her psychic abilities to see what was happening, it was tiring and impractical. She looked at different screens until she found the one she wanted. Two opponents were facing off. One was a cocky appearing boy of about 16. He wore jeans, a t-shirt, and cap. He was facing a gym trainer. Sabrina had only let her into the training rooms about six months ago, when she was certain this particular trainer was able to handle her own natural psychic ability. The trainer wore denim overalls with a yellow t-shirt. Over all this the trainer wore a yellow satin jacket embroidered with the words "Saffron City Gym Trainer." Her long, brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Her face was framed by a pair of eyeglasses. The boy was down to his last pokemon. "Heh, I've saved the best for last!" he exclaimed. "Go Gengar!" The trainer didn't even blink. Instead she sweatdropped. "What are they teaching you guys now?" With a sigh she called "Svengali, return!" "Giving up?" sneered the boy. "Hardly," returned the trainer. "Go Cherry Bomb!" The boy blinked in surprise at the sight of the Electrode. "Hey!" he protested. "There is no rule saying that in a gym, a trainer has to have exclusively one type of pokemon," returned the trainer. "You need to be able to expect the unexpected." Sabrina silently watched as the Electrode easily defeated the Gengar. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the strange book she had recently finished. The Gym Leader began contemplating her next move. >-------------------- > >"Have a seat, Mr. Fox." The older man told Damian. This man still had >a strong frame over which rested his well-tailored suit, complete with >a red power-tie. A full head of white hair with a relatively unwrinkled >face placed the man as somewhere in his late forties or early fifties. >His office was furnished extravagantly, including the leather chair that >Damian was directed to sit in with a hand gesture. <snip> >"One last thing," Ernest pointed at Damian?s t-shirt "You?re not >supposed to be telling anyone who made the items you?re being given to >test out. They?re still in experimental status, so there?s a bunch of >issues with that, including legal. Don?t tell anyone unless you have >to, okay?" > >"Yeah, I understand." Damian gathered up the items. "Thanks." As the >young man headed out the door he turned and asked "Do you think it would >be a good idea to try out the trainer?s backpack on Harvey?s chair just >as he?s about to sit in it?" > >Ernest shot back a devilish grin "Only if you call me first, so I can >watch." > >---------------------------------------- Sabrina walked into the local Brock's Cafe, along with the trainer. "So why did you decide to pull out your Electrode?" asked Sabrina. "He was becoming very cocky," returned the trainer as she slid into one of the booths. "He's one of those guys that thinks one pokemon can be used as a "defeat all" closer." "There may be no rule against using other types of pokemon Sarah Jane," said Sabrina, "and you may be my cousin, but I am still running a psychic gym. People come to battle psychic pokemon. And the Clefairy with psychic doesn't count." "You didn't say anything about my Starmie or my Gengar," returned Sarah Jane as she forced back her irritation and stared at the menu. "Starmie is half psychic. Dual types are allowable. Though ghosts are considered their own type, they complement the nature of a psychic gym. The new dark types are still something to be studied." "Then I only have a Starmie, an Exeggcute, a Hypno, a Gengar, and an Alakazam that I can use," returned Sarah Jane. The sad note to her voice couldn't escape Sabrina's notice. Sabrina knew her cousin still profoundly felt the loss of her Mr. Mime almost 5 years ago. "I have a proposition. I will need someone to handle several errands for me." "A convenient way to get rid of me?" Sarah Jane's eyes narrowed. "No," said Sabrina with a sigh. She found it difficult to maintain her icy exterior around her only cousin. "But while you've learned to handle your psychic abilities, I don't think you're ready to be a full time gym trainer. And for what I need done, none of the other trainers in the gym would be able to manage. Do you realize that, of all the trainers at the gym, you are the only one who not only has completed a pokemon journey, but who also has defeated the Elite Four and became a pokemon master. Lately, more and more trainers going to the newer Johto league for their gym badges." "You want me to go on another pokemon journey and test out the Johto league," returned Sarah Jane. "Exactly. Along the way, you might try hunting for some of the newly discovered psychic pokemon." "I see." "You won't be going alone. I will make arrangements for someone to accompany you," ended Sabrina. >---------------------------------------- > >"Hey, Damian, is that one of the Magnetons from the lab? I thought you >were only taking BR?" Keith asked Damian as the young man sat down at >his computer. > >"I am. I got this one during my first pokemon journey. It?s name is >Bulletproof." When Damian said its name, the Magneton spun around in >place over his left shoulder. <snip> >"Yes, one last thing. There is someone from my gym who will be >accompanying you on your journey. I don?t think you?ll mind too much, >since you also used to travel with her several years ago." > >With that pronouncement, a female figure entered the room near Sabrina. >Although she had changed since Damian had last seen her, Damian thought >he recognized her. "Sarah Jane?" > >His t-shirt now read "!" Gone was the headband she wore to keep her long brown hair off her face, the two braids replaced by a long ponytail. Her familiar overalls were covered partially by a jacket that read "Saffron City Gym Trainer." "Damian?" she said in surprise. "What are you... when did you...?" he stammered. "I've been in Saffron the last 4 years," she said. "I've been a Gym Trainer for a few months now. When Sabrina said she'd find someone to go with me to Johto, I never thought..." "My bosses at Silph were sending me to Johto to test out some equipment," said Damian in astonishment. "The bullet train will be leaving in the hour," said Sabrina as she stood. She walked over and handed Damian the Pokemonicon. Then, to Damian's total surprise, she whispered in his ear: "You had best take good care of my cousin." While Damian was still flabbergasted, she turned to Sarah Jane and said "Be careful. Keep me posted of your discoveries in Johto." And with that, Sabrina walked out of the room. <collapses from exhaustion> I haven't written a post that long in a while. I'm tired. I'll work on SJ's profile tonight. - Time Lady