From: Worry (Nuh@uh.dummy) Subject: Re: [PW!] ATTN: Worry "The Next Step" Newsgroups: Date: 2001-07-30 18:30:20 PST In article <9k2n8c$2bl4b$>, "Insanellama" <> wrote: >"That's a pretty tall order for most, but pretty small by your standards, >anything else I can get for you? > >"The protection of whatever God you pray to, and a couple other things, but >I don't know what they are yet, we'll tell ya when we get there." > >"That's more like it." > >TBC? 'Fuck!" Jason yelled slamming the telephone he had answered down onto its cradle. "What's up?" Lisa asked "This little adventure just got ten times more dangerous!" Jason said angrily. "My man watching the Rocket base just told me that they have doubled the size of their presence there, and have flown in several scientist. He also has heard reports that Team Rocket has recruited two noted archaeologists. it seems they have discovered the entrance to the ruins behind their base, and are performing an all out assault on them!" "That's terrible!" Lisa exclaimed. "Team Rocket will raze the place and use the artifacts to fund their efforts. With that big an influx of cash, they will become even more dangerous then they are now!" "Not to mention that it will be almost impossible now to get through the ruins undetected, much less retrieve what we are after at the base." Jason added. "God damnit, that entrance to the ruins was to well hidden from the outside. there is no way in hell that team Rocket just stumbled onto it. So how the fuck did they find out about it!?" "Maybe..." Lisa said hesitantly." "Maybe what?" Jason demanded. "Speak your mind." "Maybe Insanellama turned on us." Lisa stated in a rush. "Either he has thrown in with Team Rocket, or to up his price for his assistance. or maybe just to make the adventure that much more challenging. You said yourself that he is an action junkie." "Not possible." Jason stated flatly. "First of all, Insanellama is a mercenary, but one with special ops training. Sure we have to buy his loyalty, but once paid for, it is solid as gold. He lives by a code, twisted though it may be. And though he is addicted to action and danger, he doesn't have a death wish. Alerting Team Rocket would amount to suicide. "And even if I am completely wrong, and he was capable of being turned, he just hasn't had the time. He was with us from the time he found out about the ruins until he left to make his arrangements. For Team Rocket to move out that much manpower, they would have had to discover the entrance last night. I did leave the plans out for him to discover, but Insanellama was exhausted and injured, there was no way he could have disconnected himself from the IV, gone over to see the plans, made a phone call to reveal those plans, and returned to bed to hook himself back up to the IV without waking me up where I sat in the recliner." "I beg to differ." Lisa stated. "He did manage to sneak up to you in that same chair and put a gun to your head." "Oh please!" Jason said exasperated. "I knew he was coming as soon as that grappling hook hit the rail. Even muffled by the closed door, the sound of metal on metal is unmistakable." For a moment, Lisa just stared at the man she was working with. Then, in an incredulous voice, she asked. "You knew he was coming?! If you knew why did you let him get that close!?" "Of course I knew." Jason replied scornfully. "You think Insanellama is the only man in the world to receive special training? While my training wasn't done as part of any armed force, the training I went through in the Orient is at the VERY least equal to his. As to why I let him put the gun to my head: I also knew that he wasn't coming here to kill you or I. His experiences with me both at our initial meeting and in that alcove let him know that I am as dangerous to fuck with as I know him to be. The dramatic way in which he excepted our offer was just his manner. He needed to prove to himself that what had happened to him thus far had been the result of the hard times he had fallen on. He needed to know he still had his stealth to rely on. "letting him put a gun to my head was a small price to pay to return him some confidence." Jason went on. "And whats more, he is aware that i knew he was there. He and I simply reached an understanding, an accordance with each other, before he took on the job." "Well, if you knew he was coming, and were awake and aware," Lisa asked suddenly in a rage, "Then what was that damn slap for?" "Number one, first and foremost, you were assigned to monitor the alarm. Whether I was awake or not, whether I was sleeping or up and about, your duty was to alert me to it going off." Jason stated firmly. "Secondly I was testing your reflexes to see if you would be in with us on the journey through the ruins or directing the distraction outside once Insanellama and I were in position. Your lack of reaction puts you definitely outside the base." Lisa absorbed that information a moment before replying. "Ok, so whats the next play?" She asked. "The next play is you calling the boss and telling him that I am going to abort." Jason answered. "Like Mr. Insanellama, I don't have a death wish, and this has become a bit to dangerous." "But what of the artifact?!" Lisa asked shaken. "If Team Rocket discovers it's true purpose and utilizes it, we may never get it back! The boss wont like that." Jason's eyes narrowed imperceptibly. He answered the young girl with: "I know that the boss wont like it, but he trusts my judgment. he would like it less if his Head of Operations, my assistant, and a relative innocent we recruited ends up dead. It will be as easy to retrieve the item after Team Rocket has opened the box as it is now, whether the item in in use or not." "But you are right." Jason went on after a moment. "The boss will be upset by this development, so I will call him myself. You go find Insanellama and update him on the situation. Bring him back here and we can plan what is next." Lisa nodded and left the room. Jason watched her go, then picked up the phone and dialed a number. "It's me," He said when the party picked up.... __________ Elsewhere a cell phone rang. Insanellama stared down at it as if never seeing it before. He had just hung up with his contact and said his own little prayer to goddish and was in the process of putting the phone away. The ringing took him by surprise as very few knew this number. he hit the button and put the phone back to his ear. "Am I addressing one with the colorfull name of Insanellama?" A cultured voice with an English accent asked. "Could be," Insanellama answered noncommentefly. he didn't recognize the voice. He began to grow nervous. "My name is Marcus Alexander Brightwater with Her Majesty's Secret Service." The voice stated. "You have been contacted by a man named Jason Langley about a job." This was not a question. Insanellama wondered what the hell he had gotten involved in. "There are some things you need to know." Brightwater continued. "What things." Insanellama asked "First off, let me assure you that we don't normally involve ourselves in petty affairs, especially not in Johto and Kanto." Brightwater stated. The disclaimer out of the way, he went on. "Mr. Langley's employer, however, is a major player in international affairs. It is in connection with investigations into his affairs, investigations he is well aware of by the by, that we became aware of you and your involvement with Mr. Langley. "About Mr. Langley himself," Brightwater continued. "He is a very competent individual. He has been actively recruited among the agencies of several governments, including my own. But he has turned all down, preferring the freedom of movement that working for a private individual affords him. He is quite happy being Head of Operations for his employer. "It is, however, that employer that draws our interest." Brightwater said. "You see, Mr. Langley's employer is none other than Yoshi Myamotto, an incredibly wealthy and quite insane relative of the current leader of Japan." "If he is rich, he is eccentric." Insanellama commented. "Oh no.' Brightwater corrected. "Insane is the right description. he appears eccentric to the world community, even as he influences events in said community. But out of the public eye, the man is a raving lunatic. Japan keeps that information under wraps so as to not bring shame to the government, but our agents have reported periods of schizophrenic rages, mad howling violence." "What has any of that got to do with me." Insanellama asked impatiently. "We just want you to know whom you are really working for." Brightwater stated. "We witnessed you climbing to Mr. Langley room last night, but the man is both competent and paranoid. We tried to listen in to what he was recruiting you for, but he has foiled every effort of ours to spy on him. When we plant a bug, he has an uncanny ability to find it. Distant listening devices such as parabolic antennae and laser carrier waves are defeated even more easily. Video surveillance is useless. "In short, Mr. Insanellama, we have no idea what Langley has recruited you for." Brightwater continued honestly. "And considering the rather tidy sum of money deposited to a numbered Swiss account, we don't expect you to tell us. We only ask one thing of you." "And what is that?" Insanellama challenged. "Keep the blighter alive!" Brightwater said firmly. "Our Mr. Langley has a very disturbing tendency to take a hands on approach in his dealings. The man just doesn't delegate! He is our only link to Myamotto. And while this current little adventure doesn't have the trappings of something effecting the world community or the interests of England, some other plots have. Just keep the man breathing. That is all. Good day, Mr. Insanellama" Before Insanellama could ask any more questions, Brightwater broke the connection. Insanellama turned off the phone with a million questions generated by the incomprehensible call. he was still deep in thought as a car pulled up to the curb beside him. "Jason needs to see you." Lisa called out. "There have been some development's." ________________ "I expected that." Jason said into the phone. Talking to his boss was always and adventure in and of itself. Jason had to listen closely as the man ranted about his bed sheets before hearing a question he could respond to. "Because that is what I would have done, sir. I would never trust the equipment provided by the person i was dealing with. Checking the account on a machine he trusts is not unexpected." the color of the moon was off last night, Jason was to investigate immediately.... Red neck ties would bring China down once and for all.... It takes a HUGE FUCKING GUN to fire a bullet train... Why not use our own resources for the weapons. Insanellama's sources may not be trustworthy. "I trust his sources, sir" Jason answered. "It is important for him to be involved in the planning stage, and his sources are closer than ours. We lost a lot of resources in our first attempt." Jason had to listen to three more minutes of ramblings before he heard a dismissal. Jason set the receiver on its cradle with a sigh. It looked like the mission was still on after all...... TBC?