From: Nick -New and Improved- ( Subject: [PW!] The perfect wedding gift! Murasako! Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-21 19:35:54 PST Where was he now? It didn't matter. He had to find Murasaki. But where was she? So many were trying to stop him. But Splash couldn't let them. Everyone trying to stop him in his quest to find Murasaki would be punished. His vision had cleared somewhat. Or maybe less people were trying to be Murasaki. (After all, not many males look good when trying to be Murasaki.) But still, too many were dressed like Murasaki. It seemed like forever since he had last seen her. She'd been in his jail cell with him, and then the two officer Jennies (Jennys?) had forced her to leave him. Splash could still remember her agonizing cries as Jenny forced her out of his sight. Her perfectly sculpted wrist reaching out to grasp him one last time. He hadn't seen her since. But she was looking for him too. She had to be. After all, they loved each other. Isn't that all that matters? Since Splash had resumed his search for Murasaki, he'd realized that Murasaki would want a wedding present. And Splash had found the perfect one. He'd lifted it from a local Pokecenter when Nurse Joy's back was turned, it's naive trainer leaving it alone on the desk. Maybe it had been abandoned. Maybe not. He'd never spent the time to find out. The Krabby was a female. It didn't seem to understand how lucky it was, to be selected to be MURASAKI'S wedding gift! But it would. Splash had named the Krabby Murasako. It fit the future gift of Murasaki perfectly. Murasako had attacked Splash when he first stole it. As a result, he kept her in a pokeball most of the time. But she would come around. Especially after the pokemon met Murasaki. Everything would be perfect once Splash found Murasaki again. Now, the first thing Splash had to do was find Murasaki. But how could he accomplish this? Where could he be sure to find her? Minax knew. She always had that Murasaki finder. But finding Minax would be about as easy as finding Murasaki. He didn't know where either of them were. But Minax was a rocket. A high ranking one. If he could find another high ranking rocket, they might have a Murasaki finder too! It would be easy to find a Murasaki finder once he found a Rocket station. They'd have them for sure at there! He was still a Rocket, so they'd be sure to give him one once he explained everything to them. Shaking with excitment, Splash started running. He was in a wooded area, maybe apark or a forest, he didn't know -or care- which. He'd recently left a town before this, and he had to get back there. Running back, Splash failed to notice a tree root sticking up in his path until it was too late. He hit the ground hard, but that didn't stop him. He jumped right back up and started running again. His appearence didn't matter. All that mattered was Murasaki. Murasaki. TBC......?