Subject: Re: [PW!] They Only Come Out At Sunset Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 23:23:26 -0800 From: "R. Tech Weaver - Biggest Dreamer" <> Organization: CompuServe Interactive Services Newsgroups: "Rob" <> wrote in message > > Marvin puts his arms around Keaton and Kitsu and exclaims, "All right! Just head > south through the Ilex Forest and you'll be in Azalea in no time. It's been > really fun, you two! You can stay in my apartment whenever you're in Goldenrod. > I hope you find that gypsy you're looking for soon." He pats them on the back, > then walks off a distance, to give Famifax some privacy with Keaton. The > Pink-Bow-wearing gypsy rollerskates up to Keaton, hugs him, and says, "So, like, > when are ya gonna visits me again, bully? I gotsta stay here with sis and Marvy, > cuz they needs me for the magic shows an' stuff, but I luvsya so much I'll wait > for you!" > "Well, I, uh..." Keaton floundered. "Y'see, I..." "Keaton!" urged Kitsu. "TELL her!" "All right, all right..." Keaton said. He gently removed himself from Famifax's embrace and turned his back to her. "I can't visit you again, Famifax." Famifax was taken aback. "Why not?" she asked. "Because," he replied, giving a short pause to find the right words. "The life of a ronin samurai is a rough one. Survival is far from assured, and I shall undoubtedly cross paths with many enemies on my journey. For those enemies to ever know about what we share would put you and your loved ones in great danger. I care far too much about you to let that happen, dear, sweet Famifax..." From Kitsu vantage point, she could see that while Keaton's body langauge expressed regretfull brooding, his facial expression pretty much said, "Man, I'm good!" Keaton changed his expression to fit more with what he was about to say. He then turned around and held Famifax close to him. "Never forget me, my love," he said. "For I shall never forget you. Whenever the wind blows through the reeds, I will always hear the name... Famifax..." Keaton thought he heard a sniffle, then turned away from her again. He quickly donned a poncho and a sombrero he swiped off a nearby bum and walked away. "Farewell..." he said, disappearing into the crowd. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Kitsu slashed apart the bush in front of her in one swipe. She and Keaton had been trudging silently through the Ilex Forest for some time now. "Keaton," she finally said. "What you said back in Goldenrod, to Famifax, it was..." "Yeah, I know," Keaton admitted. "It was wrong of me to lie to her and I should've just..." "It was SO touching," Kitsu said, breaking into tears. "It's so sad how you can't see her anymore because you want to protect her. It's so... It's so..." Kitsu pulled out a handkerchef and blew her nose in it noisily. "All right, all right," Keaton said. "So it sounded like a badly-written romance story. Stop making fun of me already." "Okay," Kitsu said, putting the handkerchef away. "But you two did make a pretty cute couple. Maybe you should grow your own beard so you'd have a matching set." "Shut up," Keaton said, shoving her. Kitsu just giggled at him. "How much farther to Azalea?" "Not too far. Think those other guys have left yet?" "Maybe. I just hope they're not heading to Goldenrod." "Hey, maybe we could meet them along the way." And the duo trudged on, completely unaware that they passed Amber and company as they left the city. To be continued... -- Chet "Tech" Weaver's Revised Basic Sig Now with 75% less extraneous information! "Whoever said 'Ignorance is bliss' didn't know what they were missing!" -- Anonymous "No ride is complete without a clown in an electric chair." -- My brother AIM: PanGatomon, Rorschach Mask, NemesisWolfHelm