Subject: [PW!] Thick Fog: EM-anifestation Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 From: (Nick -New and Improved- ) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: > "They're not going to kill him. They're probably not even going to hurt him...much. > But there are more important things to be concerned with at the moment." With that, > Doppler changes form, a gray cloak growing over and replacing the woman who was standing > there. The figure makes its way into the crowd much more subtly than Splash did. Hours later, Splash is still wandering around the now empty scene where the concert took place, searching desperatly for Murasaki. After the body guards had took him aside, they had made two things very clear. Neither of them was Murasaki, as was obvious by their total lack of psysical attraction to him, and that he was not to go near the entrance while they were there. And so, Splash had made his way back to where both Murasaki's had been waiting for him, only to find out that neither was there now. Realizing this, he began to search the grounds for her. Either of her. But she wasn't in the line, as every Murasaki he saw had no idea who he was. Figuring that she must have made it inside, as she had wanted to in the first place, he waited until after the concert had been over. He then went through the same process with the entire line of people exiting the concert. To no avail. Murasaki was gone. How could she have been gone? Just this very day, she had told him that she would be staying with him forever. She wouldn't be going anywhere. Why would she have lied? "She wouldn't have," Splash said aloud to himself as he paced back and forth. "Would she?" "No!" Splash heard as his foot snagged under a treebranch and send his body rushing towards the ground. "I didn't think so," Splash smiled, then went white as he realized something. "Who said that?" Looking around, Splash noticed that what he had tripped over had not been a treebranch. In fact, there were no trees nearby. In fact, what he had stepped on had been a living being. It blinked it's one eye at him and stared. "What ARE you?" Splash asked the one-eyed creature as he focused all his attention on this one being. "Are you the letter 'M'?" The creature did in fact look like the letter 'M'. In fact, with it's one eye closed, it could be passed off for a metal replica of the member of the alphabet. But it was, in fact, not metal. Answering Splash's question, it responded the only way it could. "Unown!" "An 'own'?" Splash wondered aloud, stroking his stubble. "What is an 'own'?" "UNOWN!" the shiny creature repeated angrily. How stupid was this human he had found? "Oh, an 'Annon'!" Splash cried, slapping his forehead in embarrasment. "Okay Annon, I've decided! I'm gonna!" With that, he reached into his pocket and quickly threw an empty Pokeball at the pokemon. Suprised, the Pokemon was sucked inside, but escaped moments later. "Unown!" "Darn. You'd be a perfect gift for Murasaki. I guess I'll have to weaken you first. Go, Murasako!" Throwing the only Pokemon he owned into battle, he expected the battle to go pretty quickly, with Murasako victorious. He was wrong. "Krabby!" Murasako cried as the red beam of energy took her form and promptly started to attack Splash. "Ow!" Splash cried as he pried her pincers off of his leg. "Don't attack me, attack Annon!" "Krab?" Murasako sweatdropped and looked at the man who had stolen her from her owner. What was an 'Annon'? "This!" Splash shouted, irritated and pointing to the letter Em. "Attack this Annon!" "Krab," Murasako replied, not wanting to help Splash. Lunging at her target, she attacked... Splash. "Damn it!" Splash cried, throwing the pokemon down to the ground. Picking up Em, he was more than prepared when Murasako attacked him again. With strategic split-second planning, Splash was able to slip the oblivious Em between the Krabby and himself, safely ensuring that the Pokemon would be injured. Once the Krabby had injured the Unown, Splash once again used an empty Pokeball on the Pokemon, although this time instead of throwing it, he simply pressed it against the shiny Unown and watched at it vanished from his grip and was sucked inside the ball. Holding his breath, Splash waited, and waited. It seemed that Em wasn't going to be coming out of the ball. "Thanks Murasako," Splash smiled as he recalled her into her Pokeball. In the moments before being sucked back into the ball, Murasako lunged at Splash, her attack falling just inches short of its mark before she was turned into a ball of energy. Holding both Pokeballs in his hands, Splash's expression turned grim. "What have I been doing? I should have been searching for Murasaki! Foul play must have befallen her. She wouldn't have left me otherwise. Even Annon agreed with me on that!" Behind him, Splash didn't notice a small circle, high in the sky, of Fog begin to appear. It had been waiting for a while. Waiting for that Ditto to leave so he could play with the human again. At first, playing with the human had been fun. Watching what it did to him had been fun. But it had grown boring. So it was time to play with the human again. Time to be entertained. Had someone been staring at the up close, they would have seen the faintest impression of a smile begin to form. TBC......? --------------------- Comes crawling back to AGNP with his tail between his legs. --------------------- AIM: ncnc123 e-mail: --------------------