From: Continue ( Subject: Re: [PW] Things That Go Squeek When You Step On Them [ATTN: Pipian and Continue] Newsgroups: Date: 2001-07-27 14:54:39 PST "R. Tech Weaver - Biggest Dreamer" wrote: >"Kinda hard not to," Yolei said. People in other rooms began opening their >doors and looking around. > >"Mimic said there was a battle going on just outside," Lynkeru said. "We >should probably stop it before it levels the place!" The assembled group quickly made their way to the lobby. Drake smirked and said to 'Lynkeru' "Not-so-long time no see, eh Mimic?" Mimic nodded "Probably better time to catch up later. Even experienced Psychics get distracted for short time when dropping memories into others' head." Lynkeru surveyed the scene from the lobby window, instead of rushing outside. The others followed suit as soon as they saw her do so. "It's looks like a pair of trainers going at it with their pokemon." Mamoru commented first. "The one has a Snorlax, the other a Quagsire." Yolei followed up. "There appears to be several innocent bystanders that have been caught up in this." Lynkeru finished evaluating the scene by relaying what had been told to him by Indi. Drake addressed 'Lynkeru' "I've got an idea, but I'm going to need to borrow something first." The Dragonite then concentrated on Mimic for a moment. The others looked over in askance. Mamoru was the one to eloquently voice "Huh?" 'Lynkeru' explained "Drake mimicking Mimic." The answer didn't seem to clear up the confusion any until a black robe began to grow out of Drake. Within seconds, the Dragonite was replaced by a black hooded robe standing nearly 8 feet tall. The robe glided to the entrance with the rest of the group following it outside with them choosing to watch in anticipation rather than speculate. Mamoru and Memuyo hung back just inside the lobby, for their respective reasons, rather than be rained on with the rest that went outside. All could see the scene without obstruction now. The two trainers, both male, stood a few feet behind their respective pokemon. The wide street seemed to be under a half-inch of water and there were several unconscious Slowpoke in the area around the combatants. The amount of people nearby suggested that they had come in to intervene on the behalf on the treasured Slowpoke as they had previously. The fact that the people appeared to be too waterlogged to move suggested that they hadn't been successful. "Snorlax, Belly Drum!" the one trainer ordered. Obediently, the rotund pokemon began to pound on its massive stomach, producing a sound surprisingly close to a Taiko drum. A deep and authoritative voice issued loud and clear from the large black robe that was now easily visible by the combatants. "It is time for both of you to end this fight. This is neither the time nor the place for it." "No way!" the Snorlax's trainer replied "I've finally got my most powerful pokemon ready. I'm not going to let that Quagsire get another chance to recover!" Almost immediately, the skull of the kind of dragon only seen in sword and sorcery tales pushed out from under the hood of the robe. When it had finished moving out, it could be clearly seen to be larger than the robe itself. A long, serpentine spinal column then began pushing the head into the air as it issued from the darkness of the robe. As the skull reached higher up into the sky, giant skeletal wings and arms unfolded from the spine. When the skull towered more than 50 feet overhead, the deep voice came from it. "You will stop this fight, NOW!" The final command boomed out like the peals of thunder that had been absent from the pokemon-induced downpour. The tactic backfired as the Snorlax's trainer ordered "S-Snorlax, use a Double-Edge on that thing!" The bear-like pokemon hit the black robe with a massive shoulder charge, sending it, and the skeleton that it was attached to straight into a small shop right next to the Pokemon Center. The building collapsed underneath the force of the impact. Yolei's reaction was "That didn't work too well. Anybody else have any ideas?" "Yes." both Lynkeru and 'Lynkeru' answered in unison. Only one drew their sword, however. Meanwhile, the giant skeleton stirred in the rubble. Its eye sockets blinked in surprise. "That blob has to be almost as experienced as I am to hit that hard." Drake thought to himself through the excessive amounts of pain. Another thought quickly followed the Dragonite's previous one "Wait a minute, that kid had his pokemon hit me. How dare he!" The thought was echoed out loud. "How dare he?!" Everyone stopped dead in their tracks upon hearing the bellow from the wrecked building. When the skeleton rose from the rubble, its eyes were glowing red. "You and your furry butterball are going to be a smear on the street when I'm through with you!" the skull directed its yell at the one trainer. The black robe melted into the end of the spinal column and a black membrane formed between the bones of the wings. It quickly flew over the Snorlax and the giant skeletal hands reached out to grab the rotund pokemon from behind as the skeleton swooped in. The wings beat fiercely, buffeting everyone with strong winds as the Snorlax was lifted from the ground facedown. On the way up, the Snorlax struggled, but stopped when it found itself more than 20 feet off the ground. Anyone listening carefully could her something that almost sounded like a human saying "Uh, oh." Both skeletal hands shoved the Snorlax towards the ground. The impact caused a small indentation in the street, but the massive amounts of fat caused the bear-like pokemon to bounce back up. As it sailed skyward again, 'Lynkeru' commented "Would that be considered more powerful version of 'Slam'?" "I'm thinking more like 'Outrage'." Yolei added. When the Snorlax had bounced back up near the skeleton, the hands forced the pokemon down again. The second impact was close enough to cause the trainer to start running. The trajectory of the Snorlax was changed and Drake gave chase, bouncing the Snorlax like a basketball. All of those who witnessed this save Mamoru and Mimic stood transfixed for a moment. Mamoru spent that moment saying "Now there's something you don't see everyday." <TBC...> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately