From: John Willemin ( Subject: [PW!] This Is a Call Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-29 14:51:57 PST (OOC: Any of you seen the VHS tape of "Clerks: The Animated Series?" Goddish, I haven't laughed that hard since I saw the Gonterman Shrine []!) "Gen gar...gen gen gar..." Thanatos the Gengar tugged at Kyle's shirt sleeve as the trainer idly watched television with Jessica. "What is it?" Kyle wondered. "Gar..." Thanatos held up the spotted egg that he had been taking care of in Espio's stead. He showed Kyle the large crack at the top. "Oh, man, it's finally hatching!" Kyle exclaimed. "Thanatos, put it down somewhere." Thanatos quickly floated into Kyle and Jessica's bedroom, levitated one of Jessica's multitude of pillows off of the bed, and floated back into the living room with it. He then dropped the pillow on the floor and set the egg atop the pillow. Kyle and Jessica knelt down on the living room rug to witness the miracle of life. It had been a month since Diedrich Starke and his musclebound accomplice Robert Bader had gotten caught in a botched kidnapping attempt, in which they had wounded Espio the Charizard and killed Atropos the Scyther. Currently Starke and Bader, each charged with a litany of offenses, were awaiting trial. Espio was recuperating slowly in the local Pokécenter, and Atropos, like Torrasque before her, had been buried at sea. The horror of the break-in behind them, Kyle and Jessica had been turning their attention lately to their upcoming wedding. After Kyle told Jessica about the newspaper photograph he had seen in the Pokécenter, the two decided that their wedding was going to have to be as clandestine as possible considering that, for all intents and purposes, Jessica was already married. As Kyle had deduced from the newspaper photo, Vincenzo Larufa had disguised his Ditto, Morpha, as Jessica, and had legally married her, with Jessica's whole family present. As a result, Kyle and Jessica were planning to elope, in a way. They still wanted the expensive garb, and a ceremony at a nice church, but with no audience other than Kyle's father. "I see teeth!" Jessica exclaimed, as a tiny pair of buck teeth poked through the top of the egg and started to break off small pieces of the shell. Kyle got up and was trying to find where he had put Jeanette Fischer's contact information when the phone in the kitchen rang. Wondering who knew he now lived in Seafoam, Kyle quickly grabbed the receiver and greeted, "Hello?" "Kyle? This is Bill." "Oh," said Kyle sheepishly, hoping he was in for good news. "Hi, Bill." Kyle heard the crinkle of newspaper as Bill started to explain, "I'm sorry about Atropos. Sandra was really upset about that..." Kyle cut in, "Who's Sandra?" "Oh...just a friend of mine. She was Atropos's mind donor, you know." "Mind donor?" Kyle asked. He continued to search for Jeanette's phone number, and in his search he came across the card that Sarah Jane Eckert's grandfather had given him. "You know about my consciousness-dubbing technology, don't you? It played a large role in Atropos's creation...and, um, Vorge's." "Oh...yeah," Kyle responded, vaguely remembering hearing something about that from Torrasque. "Well, you can take consolation in the fact that Atropos helped put that creep Diedrich Starke in custody. I can't wait to testify against him!" His voice suddenly dropped, as if he were afraid someone was going to hear him. "Now, I know Starke was after Jessica...but...does she know -" Kyle dropped his voice a bit too. "No." "Good, good. Let's be sure to keep it that way," Bill said, a bit nervously. "If we've learned anything from Mewtwo, it's that one generally doesn't react well to realizing they were born of science." He paused. "Anyway, while we're talking about Jessica...well, have you seen any of the tabloid headlines?" Kyle dropped his voice even lower. "Something with her and Enzo, right?" As he said this, he finally located the crumpled slip of paper with Jeanette's phone number on it. "Jessica always did a pretty good job of avoiding the spotlight, and that's no small feat considering how demonic the paparazzis here in Cerulean are," Bill explained. "But ever since this wedding with Enzo, she's been getting all sorts of press. Most of it bad." He paused again when he realized he was going off-topic. "Anyway, I know that whoever or whatever Enzo is married to, it isn't Jessica. So I was thinking you could bring the real Jessica here and we could blow the lid off of Enzo's little charade...andyoucouldtestoutthetimemachineIjustbuilt..." Kyle blinked. "Wait, what was that last part?" "Eh? Oh, I was just...thinking out loud." "Uh, I guess we'll visit. But first we've got some other errands to run." "Long errands?" Bill asked with a hint of disappointment. "Well, I really should pay a visit to my Charizard in the Pokémon Center...and then we have to deliver a baby Nidoran to Jeanette Fischer..." Kyle looked at Doctor Eckert's card. "And then I was thinking I'd drop a few of my nutcase Pokémon off at the University of Rosetta for psychiatric help." "Try to hurry," Bill said. "If you could see the kind of stuff they're writing about Jessica..." "My Aerodactyl is speed incarnate," Kyle assured him. "See you soon, then." "Yeah. Bye." And with that, Kyle hung up the phone. As soon as he did, he noticed Jessica standing before him with a slightly slimy baby female Nidoran in her arms. "Are you sure we have to give her up?" Jessica said disappointedly. "The agreement was that Jeanette got half of the offspring, rounded up," Kyle explained as he picked up the phone again to call Jeanette. "So yes." Jessica gently scratched the newborn behind the ear. "Awww..." Kyle reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a large bottle of Wild Cherry Pepsi. "And we've got some other things to do too. Delivering Pepsi to Espio, committing some of my Pokémon to a psych ward, busting a scandal, that kinda stuff." Jessica sighed, "Fun." (OOC: Will Kyle and Jessica make it to the future before I get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome trying to tie up all their loose ends? Stay tuned!) -------------------------------------- K * A * R * N * I * V * A * X Vaarok, mecha artist, on one of my drawings: "I don't particularly like that style of anime, but the chick is great. The dragon, on the other hand, looks unthreatening, alien, and stupid. There's no snout, no impression of anything other than starving apathy. The dragon has no menace." Me: "Sounds like my dragons and your mecha have a lot in common... =P"