Subject: Re: [PW!] To Find Azalea or not to find Azalea...That is the question we're asking... Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2001 02:10:03 GMT From: Amber Foxwing <> Reply-To: Organization: The NSJJ Org. {The Not-So-Juicy-Juice Organization} Newsgroups: > "Pi Pika? [Poccorinu?]" > Pocco nodded happily and the pair hugged. > As Amber watched the reunion, a cloaked figure entered the clearing. > Amber threw herself behind a tree, weak from the poison combined with > running. The figure walked as if it was angry, and somehow she > recognized that. She peered at the strange person as they sat down and > suddenly from all around her, Pikachu peered out and came to greet what > seemed like an old friend. They gathered around her saying, "Pi Pikachu! > [Big Pikachu!]" > Amber, puzzled, wanted to meet this "Big Pikachu" but feared the worst > if she did. Suddenly the figure threw back her hood and Amber almost > shrieked in surprise as the Pikachu girl hugged the creatures. Something > was still familiar about her though... > "Hey, Poncho, go!" > The little Pichu was released and she squeaked a musical, "Hello!" > THen it clicked. Amber weakly stumbled from her hiding place. > "V...Vixxen?" > In a flash, Vix was on her feet with her sword at the ready. Then > suddenly she relaxed. > "Amber? Is that you?" > Amber nodded and the two grinned and hugged quickly. > "I missed you since you moved from New Bark!" Amber said. "Did Dharak > find you?" > "Dharak? Who's Dharak? Did Shadoreon visit your dreams?" > "Who? No. It seems there's a lot at work here." > "Hmm. What kind of Pokemon do you have?" > "Here we are...There's Darkfang," She released the Houndour who dipped > his head in a short bow. He greeted her happily and went to play with > the mice. > "...Pocco..." > Pocco waved from where he was with his mother. > "...Cyanide, or just Cyan..." > The Natu struggled out of her hair and into Vix's arms. > "...Dabbler..." > The Gastly came out of his Pokeball and smiled. > "...Velocity..." > The baby Vulpix leaped out of her bag and ran around Vix three times. > "...and Nyura." > She flicked her own ear and Nyura said, ~Hi there, Vixxen.~ > "Plus my friend Jason. I wonder where he is?" > Then everything happened at once. > Four figures emerged from around them. Shadoreon hissed and approached > his spell gone wrong, the Boy and his Charmander pointed at her and > shouted, "THERE SHE IS!" and Jason came from behind him, yelling, "STOP > THAT!" Amber's strength drained completely from the poison and fell > back, unconscious. The Pikachu scattered except for Pocco and his > mother, and Vix leapt up, sword in hand. Amber's Pokemon turned to face > a different opponent, and Velocity and Cyan protected Amber. > TBC Shadoreon sped into Amber's Pokemon, flinging them this way and that, knocking them out. It turned to face (OOC: Actually, Shadoreon is classified as "AN OVERSIZED SHINY UMBREON". So there!) Vix who was ready to fight. It charged her and she whirled around, smacking it with the flat of her sword blad this way and that. Her blade actuall grazed its side and a smart blow to the head rendered it unconscious. It turned to Charmander and did the same but with out hurting it badly. She chased after the boy like she would run him through, and he ran, so she stopped when he was out of sight. Then she turned to Jason. Howling she sped forward ready to kill him and yelled, "WAIT!" This surprised her. She stopped. "Go away! My friend is hurt, she needs care, and no trouble from people like you and that kid!" "No, I'm Amber's friend. I'm Jason." Vix peered suspisciously at him and asked, "If you are the REAL Jason Bard, how did you escape Team Rocket?" "I starved myself for a few days so that I could fit through the bars." "Ok, I guess." She put away her sword and sat next to the unconscious Amber. Her face seemed to be blushing very deeply, but Vix knew better. "Pokemon who are poisoned get a high fever and their face turns a deep red," she stated. "She's poisoned, isn't she?" Jason nodded. "Do you have Antidote?" "No. Do you?" "No. My home is that way. I'm going to see if anyone has anything..." "Ok. I'm staying with her." Vix vanished into the trees and Jason knelt by Amber. He positioned himself and her so that her head lay on his lap. Slowly her eyes opened, very unfocused. "...Jason?" she asked attempting to get up. He pushed her back down again. "Save your strength...I'm here." Tears sprang to her eyes and she whispered, "I'm going to miss you!" Confused, Jason asked, "What? What do you mean? You're not going anywhere!" "You forget that I am not all Pokemon. Poison is as toxic to me as it is to any other human." Slowly her voice got hoarser, and her eyes began to drift shut. "What?! AMBER!" She closed her eyes, shuddered and lay still. He grabbed her head and shook her. "NO! WAKE UP! WAKE THE HELL UP!" She was silent. Suddenly a familiar and unwelcome voice appeared behind him. "What's wrong with Amber?" "She's dead!" Jason wept. Dharak checked her breathing and her pulse. "Good news. She is not dead." Jason brightened up. "SHE'S NOT?! SHE'S ALIVE?! SHE'S ALIVE!" "Just barely though. There is something I can do for her, but it is not much." His hand rested on her head and suddenly he said, "That's all i can do. SHe is still poisoned, it just is not toxic enough to kill. She also has gained little strength." "THANK YOU!" Dharak was gone. Hours crawled by and nothing happened. Amber opened her eyes and asked quietly, "Am I dead yet?" With a whoop, Jason gave her a hug and cried, "NO!" She scrambled weakly at his arm and he let go. She got on all fours and crawled onto Jason's lap and leaned her head and shoulder onto his chest. "I'm so cold," she whispered. He hugged her close to his chest. Her cheek burned hotly, and he could feel it through his shirt. She looked very unhappy though. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I had a dream that you hated me, and you left me to die here all alone. Please don't do that Jason!" He caught her squarely by the shoulders and looked into her eyes. "You should know by know that I would never do that to you! It was only a dream!" "But it seemed so real!" "It wasn't, and it won't be!" She nodded and laid her head against his chest again. He helped her up and let her lean on his shoulder. "Can you walk?" "I'll try..." Ackwardly she took a step forward and with a hoarse cry she fell. He grabbed her middle before she fell. "No," she sighed. "That's ok." He pulled her upright and swooped her up in his arms like a baby. She laid against him again, and realized she felt extremely happy to be close to him. She gripped his shirt as her mind started to get fuzzy. Her eyelids drooped and she whispered almost inaudibly, "Jason..." "What?" "I love you." TBC