Subject: Re: [PW!] To Find Azalea or not to find Azalea...That is the question we're asking... Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 02:22:13 GMT From: Amber Foxwing <> Reply-To: Organization: The NSJJ Org. {The Not-So-Juicy-Juice Organization} Newsgroups: "Marco262, I _am_ the WooMaster" wrote: > "Whoah there!" Jason grabbed her under her arms and laid her back down > again. "I think it's your turn to lay low for a while. I'll have DJ fix some > dinner. Would you like some too?" The last sentence was directed at Vixxen. > She nodded. > > "Sounds good. I'm starved." When dinner was ready, Amber ate her food staring at her plate. She didn't say a word. Her Pokemon had been Revived and were sleeping, and she was feeling ackward about what she said earlier. Vix was telling her everything that had happened since she moved and Amber nodded in intervals. "Well...?" Suddenly she jerked her head up, causing her to get a little dizzy. "Oh...I, uh, didn't hear that last part. Could you...?" "Do you feel alright? You've been quiet." "I'm fine..." Vix eyed her and shook her head. "Whatever." Amber put her plate aside and struggled to get to her sleeping bag. "I'm going to bed" she mumbled. She opened it up with difficulty and stumbled in. Soon she was asleep and the blush from the poison disappeared. TBC